“It’s Time” (christian bale batman voice)

“Do you want a beer?”

“No, I’m going running”

I wasn’t planning on running again last night, and actually I’m not sure what prompted the quickfire “no” to Brian’s beer-proposal, either. A beer sounded delicious. But I lost track of time earlier and missed Spin, and couldn’t find a yoga class with a teacher I liked, so if I was going to work out, an 8pm neighborhood run was going to be it.

I laced up, pulled on a dirty sports bra (laundry day), and since it was dark and, again, laundry day, some compression shorts. Aint nobody need to see 5’9” thunder thigh jiggle if they don’t have to. But under the safety of the moon, my hot pants and I headed out for a yet-to-be-determined number of miles.

stride shorts

chicken is to the egg as stride shorts are to fast runs? I didn’t take the SAT

The first few steps were a little creaky and stiff per usual, and I waited a few more strides before deciding whether this was going to be a crapshoot and racked my brain for what I could blame it on: late night, no warmup, ran hard yesterday, fish for dinner, white socks… you name it, I had it ready for excuse doling. That old saying, “never judge a run by the first mile”? I really should start remembering that.

As luck would have it, my legs warmed up and turned over with ease, I felt light and springy and my breathing was freaky smooth. I waved at other runners and bobbed my head to my music. Garmin – we’ve rekindled our love affair but are taking it slow – beeped at mile one and I felt like I’d found that magical stride, where it feels fast but manageable. I suspect that’s what tempo pace is supposed to be, but it’s been so long since I’ve done a proper workout I can’t recall.

Another mile ticked and the fatigue started slowly creeping in. I still didn’t have a mileage plan but a few minutes later found myself at the 2.5mi turnaround.

“5 miles yesterday, 5 miles today? Might be pushing it… But I feel good… OH I LOVE THIS SONG!”

Without intention I kicked it up a gear, and again at the next mile split, and again one more time for the final stretch home.


return of the garmin screen shot! rejoice!

I’ve been very hesitant in these past few weeks to read too much into good runs, thinking they were just a fluke and an injury set back could be just around the corner. That coupled with my overly-cautious “comeback” plan had me thinking it’d be 2019 before I finally got the balls to start pushing and really running hard again.

But with the positive progress I’m seeing from the body work with Dr Dreyer, and likely the couple pounds I’ve dropped (amazing the correlation between good food in=feel good on outside) I’m feeling great and maaaaaaaybe ready to start putting stuff on the calendar. Oiselle Team Camp is mid-August, so right now that’s my only focus – hello no one wants to get dropped in front of their idols – but if I know myself and Oregon running at all, I’ll be all hyped up and chomping at the bit for a big fall race.

Let the scheming begin. Where are you racing this fall? Any big-time recommendations?

Sarah OUaL

‘Run to Beer’ (a skit)

SET SCENE: 6pm, Sarah on couch scarfing down “dinner” (eggs and tortilla chips), Brian leaving for softball.

B: “We’ll probably get to the bar around 8 – see you then?”

S: “Yeah, I’m gonna let this digest a bit then head to the gym across the street for elliptical’ing. I’ll walk over and meet you guys.”


S: [pulls half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s from freezer]


S: ‘alright stomach, you’ve got 15 minutes to digest, then we’ve gotta go to the gym. sorry for the cramps in advance’


S: [dozes off in a post-ice cream nap]


S: ‘fuck! I’d only have 20 minutes of gym time if I left right this second. Is it worth it? The elliptical sounds awful, anyway. Impromptu rest day…?’

[google maps (that’s a verb now) distance to bar]

[laces up, sticks ID in tights pocket, takes off without thinking twice or considering dairy-churning stomach]


B: “Geez, you literally just came over from the gym, huh?”

friend: (looking at sweaty head) “Is it raining??”

S: “I RAN HERE! EVERYONE, I RAN ALL THE WAY HERE. 5.4 MILES – FURTHEST SINCE RAGNAR! BARTENDER, BRING ME A DRINK! And a giant glass of water and some paper towels, please.”


B: “Are you running home?”

Not sure I’m willing to test it, but I’m thinking running on a belly full of beer isn’t that much worse than a belly full of ice cream.

Sarah OUaL

Life, Lately

I already have a post with that title but I don’t care because I think it’s catchy, it’s an easy to read and write format, and it reminds me of my (once almost obsessive) girl crush Chelsea Handler.


That time my sister, Lauren, and I met Chuy at the Chelsea Lately taping. Visitors to Casa de OUaL get only the top-tier star treatment, you know.

So anyway, here’s what’s been going on in my world.

Jinx, You Cocky “Never Get Sick” Motherfucker

For like a week I battled this tickle-the-back-of-your-throat-until-your-eyes-well-up-and-you-finally-dry-hack-to-make-it-stop cough that just would not quit. During that time I claimed with all the conviction in the world I wasn’t sick, “it’s just a tickle thing” and slept on the couch because oops Brian wakes to nonstop night coughs easier than I do. The day it finally eased up I went to bed early, so eager for a full night of sleep for the first time in like, 9 days. I woke up at 3am barfing my brains out with food poisoning. Oh and Brian was out of town. Being miserable and whiny without anyone to acknowledge your pity party in person sucks. Almost as much as trying to walk the dogs when you can’t keep bodily fluids where they belong. All that aside, the worst part is that I must’ve given it to myself since I hadn’t eaten out the days prior, and can’t pinpoint the culprit. I’ve been living in fear of eggs, romaine, peanuts, tomatoes, yogurt, bottled water, clementines, and canned tuna since.


sick 2

nurse dogs, or “seriously woman when can we go outside for more than 60 seconds at a time?” dogs?

Feeling Better? Ok Good [CRAAAAAASH]

This Monday, I finally woke feeling healed of all my cough, faucet nose, and food-scorned insides, and jumped out of bed before my alarm ready to conquer the world. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, makes life more rosy than spending extended periods of time laid up in bed against your will. I skipped off to my chiropractor for some more body work and let him go to absolute torture town on my hamstring, after which he gave me a gold star for both pain tolerance and injury progression. I’m down to as-needed visits instead of every-other-day, and am feeling loads better. I left the office so cheery (uncharacteristically and obnoxiously, I should add) that I wasn’t even dreading my next stop – the dentist. I got in my car, a head-bobby singalong song came on and I rolled the windows down to let the outside world contagion my good mood, when BAM!


if you know me, the idea of me having a smily sunshine license plate is probably too much hilarity too handle

Hey guys, did you know you have to wait for oncoming traffic to clear before you can make a u-turn? This guy didn’t.

No one was hurt and the damage was minor luckily – no, not luckily, it was all minor because I was able to slam on my brakes from 40mph to almost a complete stop and steer away from a direct collision because I pay attention to the road and know how to drive a damn car. I knew it was only a matter of time and odds before one of the idiotic drivers plaguing our streets took me as a victim, and I guess I should at least be grateful he had insurance. Anyway, it still sucks to deal with. Plus the asshole totally took the sunshine and rainbows out of my happy sail. And he didn’t even say sorry.

New Trails

One of my favorite parts of mine and Emily’s drive across the country last summer was the hunt for places to run. Spotting a trail or bike path from the road, pulling over, lacing up, and starting the watch before a second thought even clicked. Endlessly scouring Google Maps for a green blob with enough little trail lines to log a few miles. Running right-hand laps around a hospital in Rapid City because it seemed the only “safe” place during Sturgis.

Those runs – even though they may have been painful, boring, or uneventful – I’ll remember forever. The adventure added so much more than the miles in my training log.

I’m trying to instill a little more of that adventure into my runs now. Sure, sometimes they’re a bust and I end up driving to the gym when a spontaneous route ends up super sketchy or non-existent, but sometimes they’re just what the burnout doctor ordered.


this path

this IG comment was intended to be about life in general, but the literal application is too much to deny

Lesson learned: Always keep a sports bra and running shoes in your car. You never know when a pretty little trail might reel you away from your plans.

Sarah OUaL