5 Days of Taper Giveaway – Pro Compression

OMG did I love all of your mantras!! Go check them out if you’re scraping for some motivation or want to be inspired – great way to kick off taper.

The (random) winner of the Day 1 Believe I Am Training Journal is… 

Congrats Samantha! I’ll be emailing you. Say that in your creepiest stalker voice.

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On the second day of taper, OUaL gave to you… free leg hugs!

Pro Compression has made a regular appearance on OUaL for a long time now. Since my first pair back in March I doubt a week has gone by I haven’t had my feet stuffed in their squeezey goodness.

Compression gear helps improve blood flow, which in turn reduces fatigue and aids in faster recovery. I wear them before during and after every long run or distance race. Read more about the science’y stuff here and here.

And now they have calf sleeves, making flip flop’d and inconspicuous business wear compression possible…

There are a lot of options in the compression gear market and I’ve tried quite a few of them. But I continue to use, buy, and recommend Pro for a number of reasons :

  • The Quality – 22-26mmHg compression (anything less than that is essentially just a tight tube sock), that holds up wear after wear after wash after wash.
  • The Squeeze – Prepare for an upper body workout getting these babies on! You’ll feel the difference right away – but they’re comfortable enough to wear all day long. No ‘pinching’, indents, or cut off circulation.
  • The Fit – I’ve never had a blister issue (poly-nylon, NO cotton!) and these actually make it all the way to my knees, making them a worry-free long run & race outfit choice. (the size chart is simple and based on shoe size)
  • The Results – There are studies for and against the benefits of compression, of which I’m not really smart enough to understand. All I know is my legs love the squeeze during both performance and recovery, and they’ve never done me wrong. If there’s a benefit to be had and a myriad of colors to choose from, I’ll take them. Whether you’re a scientist, purist, or just love a good argyle, it’s hard to argue with that.
  • The Company – Local small business with standout customer service and 100% made in the USA. ‘Merica!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Want a pair of socks AND a pair of sleeves – in your color choice – of your own?? Maybe you’ve been dying to try some, are already a compression lover, or are sick of hearing your in-training significant other bitch about their tired legs? Here’s how to win :

  • “Like” Pro Compression on Facebook, then come back here and tell me what color you absolutely MUST have, whether they make it or not.

I want some with old school 70s stripes across the top.

Sarah OUaL

* Winner will be randomly chosen, comments close 11/27 at Midnight PST. New giveaway posted tomorrow. *

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468 thoughts on “5 Days of Taper Giveaway – Pro Compression

    • These legs want/need to be hugged with some Marathon Orange Pro Compression socks! If they made polka dot ones, that would be even better :)


  1. I already liked Pro Compression on FB (What’s not to like?!?!?) As for a color….. Hmmmmm tough one!!! Pink, pink, and more pink with navy anchors to anchor me to my runs on the road :)

  2. I have two pairs of compression socks…and Pro is by far the one pair I wear ALL the time! I really like Purple, and would really like a Turquoise pair!! Maybe they will make one!

  3. Consider it FB liked! The orange socks are on my Christmas shopping list for the hubs & I’d love to add some purple sleeves to my collection! We are a relay runnin’ household & compression is a must!!

  4. I liked on FB! I need some marathon orange to get me through these dark days of winter that have come to New England! Purple is on my list too!

  5. Neon green will be m next purchase if they ever come back in stock! Occasional Holiday designs would be fun…like red stripes with white at top to look like Santa boots :)

  6. I absolutely love the color purple! A purple chevron would be so awesome, but a solid would mean I could wear them with everything all the time!!! That would be the best!

  7. I already like them on fb. I started wearing them on long trips because I had a blood clot over a year ago, then wore them after long runs and now while I am running too. Always late to the party. I’d love the pink argyle, or purple.

  8. Liked them on Facebook. I have such “loud” running clothes, that I prefer basic black for my compression…so cool, I know.

  9. I now “like” pro compression on facebook! I’d love love LOVE a pair of purple marathon socks! And it’d be even better if pro had an awesome teal color to match a lot of my running gear :)

  10. I “like” them on FB….I already have hot pink goodness, but think I must have purple….or maybe pink argyle…or maybe every color they could ever make…..I love these socks so much!

  11. Liked them! I would love some sort of polka dot sock because I love polka dots! But in the meantime I’m coveting the purple!

  12. Liked them! I need a pair of royal blue socks. My soccer teams from youth through college were all royal blue and I feel lost competing without that color!

  13. i already like them and would love some black with lime green ones. possibly like the ones that say “bad ass” and have an arrow pointing up, except with compression. win, win.

  14. I love the hot pink argyle! Although I think it would be really cool to have old-school white baseball socks with a solid blue or red stripe down the side.

  15. This totally wouldn’t match any of my running clothes, but I would LOVE cream and crimson stripe socks, just like the striped warmup pants worn by the Indiana U. basketball team. Go Hoosiers! :)

  16. I follow ProCompression on Twitter and Facebook. I have a pair of the orange and just ordered green. The color I’d love is white with some horizontal red and blue stripes at the top a la 70′s tube socks – think Dazed and Confused!

  17. I would like day glow yellow or orange. I already have tie dye neon pink and basic black sleeves. There is nothing like making a neon vomit statement when you are running.

  18. I liked them on facebook today. I have worn them for months based on blogger recommendations and love them! I have the colors I want but I need to stock up on boring white for nursing school.

  19. I would love some holiday designs…red and white striped for Christmas races, orange and black for Halloween, orange and brown for turkey trots. So fun, I already have 3 pairs but would love another!!!! Plus calf sleeves for work, genius!!!

  20. I have these in hot pink and love them! I think I need black next! Or if they could make some polka dots that’d be cool, too.

  21. Liked on Facebook! And because I’m always running in the dark, I would like them in black with reflective strips! Someone should get on that idea.

  22. I’ve totally been wanting these since I saw them on your website. Liked them over on Facebook and I think my leggies need hugged up in some bright color like their neon pink or orange.

    For me, running means dress in as many fun colors as possible at one time. ;)

  23. I liked their Facebook page. I love the pink argyle ones but my size sold out during the big sale. I think striped ones in “seasonal” colors would be cool. Red and green, orange and black,etc!

  24. FB fan, of course! I want turquoise! And dare I say houndstooth print? I would totally wear the houndstooth with ballet flats to work. Classy print = totally work appropriate, no?

  25. I liked Pro Compression on FB. :) I would LOVE the marathon purple!! If I could pick a new color it would be teal.

    I have calf sleeves on now under my work pants. :) I only own 1 pair of boring black in a different brand so I would love to win and try out Pro Compression!

  26. I already like them on Facebook and would lovexto have hmmmm purple or orange, the only 2 colors I don’t have yet:) love pro compression. Great giveaway!0

  27. I am in love with all neon colors! I love the brightness of them…when I saw you all with the bright green ones on the Ragnar relay pictures, I immediately went to pros website to try to get some but they didn’t have any. :(

  28. Pro Compression and I are already pals on Facebook!! I already have the pink socks and have been wanting some sleeves!!! I would definitly like a neon green pair for relay races and I agree… some old school 70′s looking socks would be cool!!!

  29. Loveee the marathon orange. Not only do they look super cute, they would help me stand out when running after dark (aka 4:30 p.m., thanks Daylight Savings).

  30. I love all neon colors!! I would love to have a pair of the bright green ones!! When I saw the pictures from Ragnar, I went straight to pros website to try to get them but they were one available! :(

  31. I already like them on Facebook! I think a neon yellow would be fun! I think I remember seeing it on their website before, but they must’ve sold out? :)

  32. Awesome giveaway, I’d them on FB. I love Pro Compression and would love to have every color. I really want a pair of the argyle though.

  33. I have three pairs of ProCompression socks (black, purple and pink argyle) and one pair of sleeves (white). My collection will be complete with a pair of green socks that I can wear in our annual St Patrick’s Day 5k!

  34. FB “liked” them and followed them on Twitter awhile ago… thanks for introducing me to them a few months back! I’m slowly building up my supply, but would love some pink argyle or anything brightly colored! Anything with a fun pattern sounds awesome to me – it’s like a little party for your calves!

  35. I’d love purple!

    Ok, what I’d really love is purple with neon green and orange stripes, because the louder the better!

    I like ‘em on Facebook! (And thanks for the giveaway!)

  36. Bought my first pair a few weeks ago and LOVE them! I’m thinking a bright tie die pair would be fun. Yeah I’m like a 12 year old…don’t care!

  37. I already have their pink socks and purple sleeves (thanks for the discount codes!), so I would probably kick it old school and get basic, bad black.

  38. I liked them on fb! How awesome is argyle? Maybe I will go for a long run Christmas morning and plan my Christmas day outfit of recovery around them ;)

  39. I liked them before, does that count. They used to have a lime green pair but I didn’t buy them and now they don’t have them dang it, they need to bring them back for a minute so I can buy some!!

  40. I already like them on FB. I would love something with some pattern to them, other than argyle. Maybe some chevrons or simple stripes or polka dots? But in the world of plain I really wish they’d release a royal blue marathon sock!

  41. Next on my list to buy is the purple pair. It’s a toss up between the pink and orange as my current favorite pair that I own.
    Every sale that comes across I have emailed to anyone who may be giving me gifts this year (ie parents and siblings). I’m hoping for a Christmas full of compression! :)

  42. I already like them on Facebook! I LOVE Procompression! I have 3 pairs and every time there is a promo code I buy another pair! It’s definitely an addiction!

    I really want a pair of purple and orange socks!

  43. I liked them on FB – and I would love to have a pair of the orange socks, but I need the sleeves more (in order to be able to get away with wearing them at work!)

  44. I liked them on FB a while ago!! I would love a pair of the argyle pink socks. I have the neon pink and black pair, but would also like the sleeves because I too love to live in my flip flops.

  45. I have both the pink and purple socks and LOVE them! No lower leg fatigue at all after a long run. I think the argyle patterns are so fun though…and would love to see them in bright colors. My husband has asked for a golf pair for Christmas!

  46. I already like them on FB….after all they are a great company with some pretty cool products. How about some reversible sleeves/socks? Wouldn’t that be a treat? I say that because my go to color for everything is GREEN but BLACK is also in the back of my mind so they’d match every running thing I own. Not that I match half the time when I go out for a run anyway. Red top and Turquoise bottoms match right?

  47. I don’t just like them on Facebook, I LOVE them! I already have pink, black, and blue argyle but I’d love the orange or purple socks!!

  48. Liked on FB. I’ve been wavering on ordering a pair of purple and black. I would LOVE if they made something with horizontal stripes!

  49. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NEON YELLOW?!!? (Or were they green? Maybe they were neon green.) I’d say the orange is a close substitute…and/or the pink.

  50. I’m kind of a sucker for anything turquoise so that’d be my vote if we we’re wishing upon colors… In real tangible life I like the neon green. :)

  51. I love me some pro compression (like on FB too!) They are awesome because they are actually long enough and skinny enough for my narrow feet and calves. I have 2 pairs, black and blue so I think I need to punch it up a little and add some bright pink, I do love the argyles too though!

  52. Woot! I liked them on Facebook. I am DYING to try them but I am too cheap to breakdown ;) I want hot pink with black stars!!! Or black cuz I am kinda boring like that!!

  53. I have liked them on facebook for awhile now – great customer service on there!

    I would like to add their red marathon socks to my collection for my Christmas runs next month!

  54. I love ProCompression! I have worn their Marathon socks in every race I’ve run this year. I am also totally obsessed with the Low sock – I have like 8 pairs. I really wish they had a Christmas sock – like a red & white stripe, green & white stripe, or red & green argyle! Christmas 5K season is upon us, and what can I say, I am really lazy when it comes to dreaming up festive race attire!

  55. I love PRO Compression!! I already “like” them on FB (Amanda Fritz Carey). I’ve been wanting a pair of the red calf sleeves. Pro Compression doesn’t have them yet but its on my wish list.

  56. I just liked them on facebook, I dont know why I hadn’t before!
    I would love to have a pair in royal blue or lime green.

  57. I really want to try these, I have some Sugoi and Asics compression socks, and Zensah sleeves but I don’t find any of them quite squeezy enough. I would rock the heck out of some marathon orange sleeves or socks, even better if they made orange argyle. They’re on my Christmas list now!

  58. I Liked them on Facebook. :) My favorite color is turquoise so that would be my choice (or boring black, since that matches everything) Great giveaway!

  59. I have a few pairs and was so excited when the argyle came out – unfortunately I was too slow to order them in my size! I’d LOVE it if they came out with a royal blue.

  60. I love bright, neon colours, and I wish they made something in a bright blue or a teal colour. However, I just recently, as in yesterday, ordered pink & purple off Left Lane Sports for 50% off – can’t wait for them to get here. So, I’d go with boring old white if I won another pair from you!

  61. I liked them on Facebook. I just got a black pair and love, love them. Color wise – I love the neon green that is pictured in your Ragnar relay pics. Great giveaway.

  62. I liked them on Facebook. I already own a pair of their pink ones, but I love me some argyle. Teal ones would be pretty sweet as well.

  63. I have been running at 23 weeks preggo and my legs are so tired all the time. These would be amazing.

    I liked them on facebook and I dream of black and white polka dots. But until they make those I would get black or pink.

  64. I already have several pairs, but every time I go to buy a pair, they’re out of the purple! So I would definitely get the purple (if they’re available)!

    P.S. i’m in my last week of taper too! Good luck this weekend!

  65. This summer I couldn’t decide between the baby blue argyle and the pink, so I got them both. NOW THEY EXIST IN PINK ARGYLE AND THEY MUST RESIDE ON MY LEGS NOW OUAL! ;)

  66. Pink! In fact, pinker than pink! Wearing compression socks with my dress and boots before the Vegas RnR half marathon this weekend! It’s the “new style. 4 and 3 and 2 and 1, when I’m the mike, this sucker’s won.” Lil Beastie Boy action there for ya!

  67. I’ve liked Pro Compression on FB for awhile now…thanks to one of your other posts. I originally bought the plain ole white ones, but find myself jonesing for a pair of neon yellow or green with dots. I have the leg sleeves on my Christmas list, but who couldn’t use another few pairs? With marathon training, I’ll need them!

  68. I tend to stick with pretty subdued colors for my running clothes, so it would be fun to have the pink argyle socks to punch it up a bit!

  69. I am head over heels for the neon yellow. There’s something about a glimpse of a bright color during a long run that just gives you a kick in the pants to finish. But I would definitely love to have some purple in my sock world.

  70. I love ProCompression socks! They are my favorite!!!! I would love to have a hot pink pair with pugs on them! Hahaha! I love my pugs!!!! But the hot pink ones with the black stars are awesome as well!!!!

  71. I love the purple but I think your idea of the stripes at the top are AWESOME! I would also like aqua… I just bought some red ones and have worn them in my first full and a recent half. I would have kissed them afterward but they were a smidge stinky

  72. I like pro compression on Facebook already although I don’t have a pair yet. I would love the pink ones! I think they should make a red and white stripe dr. Seuss/ where’s Waldo look!!

  73. Let’s be honest – I want a tie dye pair. Who doesn’t want to be COMPLETELY mismatched while compressed?!

    Although, I am extremely excited about the stripes situation!

  74. I already liked Pro Comp on FB. I have a pair and love them!! I’d be good with polka dots or stripes the brighter the color the better!

  75. I liked them on FB and I’d love to see bright polka dots or hearts on the black socks. And I really want just a plain purple or orange pair too.

  76. I liked Pro Compression on FB. I already have a pair and love them. I’d love an aqua colored sock (light turquoise). It is my favorite color! But I’m also liking other’s ideas of stripes and chevrons!

  77. I would love to have some of these for my first-ever relay in January: Miami to Key West BABY!

    Since my team is from Baltimore, MD… I’d love to have some Ravens logo socks and sleeves… or straight up purple! Ca Caw!

  78. I liked on FB. LOVE purple but also like your idea of the old school stripes – purple with stripes? The sleeves are great for hiding under “regular” clothes and flips, especially after the longer distances and your feet are sore and gross and want nothing to do with shoes.

  79. PURPLE! I already like PRO on FB (and Twitter) and have fallen in love with their stuff. I’ve been drooling over them for awhile but haven’t pulled the CC trigger and given in. I wouldn’t be mad if they also had a unicorn or some glitter on them either.

  80. Liked on Facebook. These are easily the best compression socks I have used. I would like the Marathon Orange or the pink agile…I am a man that looks good in pink.

  81. Obviously Cheetah being the world’s fastest land animal. Constant reminder to go faster and prey on some competition now and then!!

  82. Liked them on Facebook…Would LOVE to have some zebra print sleeves (like the arm ones in your pic) and some hot pink polka dotted socks! My running gear has an awkward amount of hot pink in it :)

  83. I love the lime green y’all wore for Ragnar! That color thrown in with navy stripes or polka dots would rock! And I liked them on fb.

  84. I have ‘liked’ Pro Compression for several months and have a pair of black socks. I think I would choose bright pink for my next pair!

  85. LOVE the purple and white, it’d be even cooler if there were stripes involved:) These look like they would really help me with training. Sweet giveaway!

  86. I am very much in love with the purple. If they had stars on them perhaps in neon yellow that would be all kinds of amazing. But just purple is good too. Liked them on FB.

  87. Compression socks really can make all the difference. I only have sleeves and would love some socks. Since pink is my signature color I’d love to have some beautiful marathon pink socks!

  88. Liked on Facebook. My only compression sleeves just aren’t tight enough. For colour I’d pick one of my favorite colors – turquoise or dark grey.

  89. I would absolutely DIE for a zebra print pair…Like a black sock with gray stripes? ohhhh or even better neon pink stripes!! i LOVE them on f book

  90. I liked (loved) them on Facebook and I would love to have the hot pink ones… wait, already do and LOVE them. Next up would have to be zebra print… who doesn’t love that?!

  91. I have black, but would love a purple pair! It’d be even better if it was purple with yellow stripes cause that’s the colors of my good ol’ alma mater, University of Washington! Go Huskies!

  92. Love ProCompression! Of the colors they make, I would love the orange (already have black and purple!), but if I could choose any color, definitely green!!!! A neon like you guys wore at Ragnar or a Kelly green!

  93. Liked them on fb, would love a purple pair (just bought the brown argyle with your code recently, perhaps in the future they would have purple argyle?)

  94. I’ve been on a Pro Compression binge lately – now have the marathon socks in black, hot pink, white and purple. But I still realllllllly want green! And yellow. And maybe blue…and all the other colors in the world. Seriously, I LOVE THEM SO HARD.

  95. lime / citron / bright green / whatever we are calling it these days! i say it is for the visibility factor, but i just like the color.

  96. I’d love Yankee colors… grey and navy blue or pinstriped with blue and white. But Since those aren’t available, give me a simple and sleek black!


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