5 Days of Taper Giveaway – Road Runner Sports

And just like that we’re at Taper Hump Day! Thank god. The Taperworm is eating me alive.

The winner of yesterday’s Pro Compression socks & sleeves giveaway is (ps I’ll be sending a formal req for all your awesome color/style suggestions)…

Free leg hugs for you, Amanda Mae! I’ll be emailing you. Don’t spam me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Road Runner Sports used to be the convenient on-the-way-home running store I’d pop into every time I was low on Gu or needed a fresh pair of sneaks on the fly.

And they still are. The in-person stores and omg-they-have-everything web store get regular swipes from my credit card. With the 10% VIP discount (and 20% specials), fully-stocked shelves, and fast&free shipping, it makes it an easy choice.

* ps – anybody can be a VIP. I’m not actually important at all. It’s only $1.99 for the year right now (normally $24.99) so be responsible and sign up *

But RRS has become more than just a goods-provider – They’re like the neighborhood running community social committee. Fostering the sport, bringing runners together, and serving beer and treats at all their events.

Pleading the 5th on how crucial that last point is when deciding what gets penned into my calendar…

Girls Night Out

Champagne, cupcakes, bra fittings, raffles, new & old girlfriends

Adventure Run

Running treasure hunt with prizes, raffles, and legit good beer at the finish

If there’s an RRS near you I strongly urge you to check out one of their events. Seriously they raffled off like 7 pairs of Asics and a Garmin at the Adventure Run. Not to mention everyone’s so nice and it’s a great way to meet new running/drinking friends.

And if you can’t make an event or are too socially nervous to go without a friend bossily dragging you along (thanks, Sheila) then at least pop into the store to check out the racks, get your gait analyzed by a Shoe Dog tech, or get YOUR rack fitted for a new sports bra.

Yup I went there. Let this VS-worthy photo distract you from my sad 11pm puns.

they’ll “fit” you better than this. I was politely asked to step away from the Moving Comfort shortly after…

Don’t have a store near you? NIGHTMARE. You should move. Just kidding. It’s fine because this giveaway is made for EVERYONE, even the unfortunate souls in RRS-deadzones…

(but really you should consider moving)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For a $50 Roadrunner Sports gift card – usable in-store or online for anything your little heart desires, or to re-gift to a deserving run friend you don’t know what to buy for – answer this question :

  • You get one MAGIC RUNNER GENIE WISH – blister-free for life, never-dead electronics, picturesque race photos (in honor of Ms Painface), mandatory race day packet pick up, WHATEVER YOU WANT. What is it???

I choose an end to in-shower, surprise chafe marks. I can deal with a battle wound if I know it’s there, but that take-your-breath-away (not in a good way) pain of water hitting a hidden raw patch is a torture I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Sarah OUaL

* Comments close 11/28 at Midnight PST. Winner will be randomly chosen and another new giveaway posted tomorrow. *

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347 thoughts on “5 Days of Taper Giveaway – Road Runner Sports

  1. An RRS gift certificate?!?!?!? New running shwag funny money?!?!?!? My magic genie wish would be for never-die, immortal electronics because I love me some music and am crazy cat lady obsessed with distance/speed/time.

  2. i wish i could run my first half marathon in june 2013 under 2 hours :) that is my dream….i think i’m gonna run it in 2:15, but i definitily want to finish a hm in under 2 hours once

  3. Unexpected feet aches after a long run, either toes or arches etc. Never hurts during my run always surprises me after I get home and get my running shoes off. Maybe I have weird feet :(
    PS Thank for you for having a contest that does not involve Facebook!

  4. I wish that I could find the motivation to just get up in the morning and just run…without having the days that I have to convince myself to get out of bed! Sometimes it’s so hard! :)

  5. My magic genie wish is to BQ just once! Per my PR which was my last full in October,I’m 20 minutes off. I work hard but just don’t see it happening. So if that wish isn’t granted then I would love to run injury free for life. :)

    • 26.2 with Donna? that was a killer start last year. My throw away was a robe, so I couldn’t run with it the entire time. I stole someone’s throw away fleece when they were done with it. So yeah, i second that wish!

  6. Magic genie wish? No chafing. Ever. That would be amazing.

    A close second would also be a wish for perfect weather at all races. I can suffer through weather like normal people on training runs, but wouldn’t it be great if it was in the 40′s, overcast and precipitation/wind free for EVERY race?

  7. A few months ago, I would have said cute running shorts that don’t ride up – but then I met Oiselle Rogas. So now I’m aiming for no more calf muscle knots – like EVER. Rolling that shiz out hurts.

  8. My magic running wish would definitely be that my digestive system is put on hold during runs. So many awkward moments in my life have resulted from desperation stops during long runs.

  9. My magic running wish is for every run to feel amazing and to feel like I can run forever. Also, the chafing wish is pretty spot on as well, those suckers burn!!!


    Jk. I spell better then that I just got really excited by the magic genie wish. Seriously, I’ll take all the DOMS and other aches that come along with running but being sidelined suuuuuuuccccckkkkss. So no more, never again.

  11. magic genie wish–always having someone to appear to motivate me to run and keep me company. i have found i work/exercise best with a buddy and feel bad making the hubs slow down to stay with me :P and none of my friends are runners…..so yeah, a constant running companion would be nice (or lame, whichever you prefer :P)

  12. Yes, the surprise chaffe spots are not a nice surprise!! I would eliminate my chronic shin splints :( They have eased up drastically due to smarter training but still not gone completely.

  13. Perfect running weather for every race! Or at least weather-controlled tents at the beginning (I am such a baby about being too cold while waiting at the beginning!)

  14. I’d have to say my wish would be that every race packet would give me that boost to get up the hills and push myself not to give up ad walk.

  15. My wish is perfect beautiful feet on which blisters magically never appear on, toenails never turn black, and plantar fasciitis mysteriously goes away.

  16. I wish for my stress fracture to NEVER return! The rush I get from running is something I have never ever experienced before, and my life doesn’t feel complete unless I can pick up my feet and run!

  17. I wish RRS would come to Tennessee! I’m always so jealous of their events I read about. My magic running wish would be an end to my mysterious hip pain that never goes away. Oh, and only downhill race finishes.

  18. My magic genie wish is to never get side stitches again! They constantly haunt me on my long races.
    I need a roadrunner sports near me! Guess I have to move to Cali! lol
    We only have 2 running stores in Charlotte and they are okay but Roadrunner Sports seems to have alot more going on!

  19. My wish would be an endless supply of post-race bananas. I have run to many races that upon my finish they were out of food. If there cannot be an endless amount of oranges or bananas, I would like to wish for a banana monitor who smacks the hands of runners taking 3 – 4 bananas at a time… save some for the little (slow) guy!

  20. I wish for a never ending supply of my favorite running sneakers. I love my mizuno wave riders – especially when they’re new and they’ve got a lot of miles to run!

  21. This is easy, END ALL RUNNING INJURIES! Being able to push myself with with worrying about knee and groin pain would be my version of utopia.

  22. Magic Genie….I wish that I would actually wake up when my alarm goes off for a morning run. I try and try and try again but snoozing in my warm bed always wins over a cold morning run. I guess I’ll always be an afternoon runner!

  23. I wish to know the perfect outfit to run comfortably in for every weather condition and temperature. I spend way to much time trying to figure out what combination of clothes to wear.

  24. Magic Genie Wish – I wish that I’d never lose another toenail. I lost the nails on my what I guess are my ring-finger toes after my first ultra 2 years ago and they’ve never grown back properly. And that lovely feeling you get on a long run when you notice something moving in your sock and you realize it’s that busted and bruised nail finally falling off.

  25. I choose an endless supply of any and a shoes magically in my closet…or let’s be honest, area by the front door, because they dont make it past there and in my closet they would just stink up my clithes

  26. My wish is that I could I have my garmin, IPOD, fuel, water, etc. with me on all of my runs without having to actually carry/wear any of it. Guess I am going to have to settle for my husband riding alongside me on my long runs for now!

  27. My wish is that I could run FASTER!! Oh and that I wasn’t such a chicken (after I got bit by a dog) and ran outside more than on my treadmill! Ok, that was 2….am I DQ’d ;)

  28. Perfect race conditions every time! No more random downpours or record heat/cold temps! I have to give a +1 to the instant recovery and Nuun as the on course drink :)

  29. My wish is for a Super Sugar Running Fairy Godmother Best Friend. She would pay for all of my running gear, entrance fees, flights, hotels….everything. And, since I’m not asking for much, she would wake me up every morning with the perfect pre run fuel, tell me what we were running, run with me, be my coach, give the best massages…um you know…just everything that makes it easier to just run!

  30. LOVE me some Magic Runner Genie Wishes!! This is super tough; however, since I’m coming off an injury, my wish is to run PAIN FREE for the rest of my life. Bonus wish: I want time to stop whenever I want to run. I don’t care if its deadline day (like yesterday), I want to go run 8 miles at lunch. I don’t care if my toddler is screaming and hanging off my leg, I want to go run at 4am in the morn. I don’t care if my hubby is working on SAT, I want to go run with my F’N Runners for the SAT morn group run.

  31. The sneak attack chafed spots can definitely go away…but since I am running in the super cold lately i would also take NEVER having frozen fingers and toes. Sometimes thats just so painful!

  32. That’s a tough one. I think I would magically have all my stretching, foam rolling, tennis ball sitting, sticking, etc. happen for me without actually have to DO those things. All the benefits…none of the time spent.
    Happy Taper Hump Day! Hopefully you got the crazies all out yesterday and now you are getting excited/pumped/ready! You have put in the time, miles, etc. It may not have been ideal, but you WILL still get that BQ. BELIEVE!!!!

  33. I would want perfect running weather every time no matter what the season. No snow, rain, wind, or anything else that comes in PA seasons!

  34. My magic runner genie wish would be perfect weather conditions during my morning runs…and maybe endless amounts of running gear and outfits in my closet!

  35. Magic runner genie please take away all the joint and muscle pain after a hard/long run. After my half I couldn’t even go up and down stairs!

  36. My Magic Genie wish is that I would be transported to the street in full running attire each morning at 430 am. No decision to get up involved .

  37. Tough one…but I would wish for never ending beer in the beer garden, brought directly to me so I didn’t have to get up. And if the server happened to be an attractive shirtless man, I wouldn’t complain.

  38. I would be the happiest runner ever if it was always my ideal running weather whenever I wanted to go running. Cool (but not cold), temperature, little bit of sun, and no rain. Ahhhh, yes please, Genie homie.

  39. Genie would bring cool temps to run in the a.m. in the warm (ok…hot as Hades!) sunny South and warm up to a magical 80 degrees in the p.m. with no humidity please!!

  40. My Magic Genie Wish is for no more running injuries. I want to run injury free forever. That’s not too much to ask for, right?

  41. I wish for perfectly cool fall days- or the ability to not sweat so I can cease my tomato faced/sweaty girl antics in my cube after a midday run…

  42. I wish that in every race I never get the “ohmygodicantdothisanymore” feeling. No matter the distance, I always feel like absolute crap in the second to last mile.

  43. My wish would definitely to be invincible from injuries and pains……I love running even when it hurts, so running pain free would be a dream!

  44. Just one magic runner genie wish? I need more than one! I wish I would be able to wake up early enough to run before work in the morning! (Seriously, I’m going to need more than magic for this to happen!)

  45. I would like really strong abs and really flexible legs without doing any of the work. But I have no problem banging out 10 miles before work, because, ya know, that’s logical.

  46. I wish for painless running. I guess getting old is taking its toll but I have a lot more aches and pains in my left leg more often than I prefer.

  47. I’d like a fuel fairy… you know, someone to run next to me and carry all of the water/electrolytes/Gu/blocks/WHATEVER I might decide I want for me.

  48. I wish to be teleported to wherever I am running or racing at 5 am every morning, ready to go. That would be so much easier than hitting snooze 6 times, forcing myself out of bed, dressing myself,etc…

  49. Dear Magic Runner Genie- Please make all inner thigh chafing disappear forever? Kthanks. (yes, i am in shape, and yes, my thighs will always TOUCH!)

  50. my wish would be for perfect running weather on race day (duh!) – overcast, a bit on the cooler side (50 degrees), little wind. surprisingly, i haven’t experienced too many craptastic weather days so hopefully that trend continues!

  51. For my Magic Runner Genie wish, I wish I could always run injury-free!! I don’t mind working hard, but I hate being sidelined from plantar fasciitis, ITB pains, etc.

  52. I wish I could learn to run and work out in the morning! My work hours are crazy and I just can’t convince myself to run at 8 pm when I leave my office.

  53. Runner Genie wish – No blisters ever again. No matter the distance, yes 3 miles is long enough to get blisters, no matter the shoe/insert/socks/glide I get blisters EVERY TIME I run. :( I refuse to tape up for every run…way too much work for shorter runs. I have scars all over my feet from the blistering.

  54. If we are talking about genie wishes, I wish I were the fastest female runner in the world. I don’t think that has a chance of ending as badly as the most powerful genie in the universe in aladdin. :P

  55. Perfect race day weather all the time. Slightly overcast, with a hint of sun and a wonderfully comfortable temperature. Imagine a life. Imagine a run!

  56. My wish would be for daylight whenever I have time to run, particularly in the winter months! This whole darkness when I leave for work and when I get back thing is really cramping my style.

  57. More time for running! Work schedule means I have to fit it in pre-8 am (or sometimes skip due to late nights at the office) — would love to be able to fit in longer runs before work!

  58. My magic runner genie Wish: To never have stomach issues, need to stop to use the bathroom, or worry about what I eat before a run. I have a normal digestive system 95% of the time, but for some reason a long run brings on serious stomach troubles (knock on wood I was good my last 2 marathons but also avoiding fueling with anything other than water and powerade–not so smart). Maybe it’s runners anxiety?? Whatever it is, I’m sure the magic runner genie can fix it :)

  59. My wish is to workout six days a week without being sore! I know soreness is good but I skip workouts one day and that day turns into a week and so on after my first half marathon- not good

  60. All runs would be awe-inspiring and awesome. I will not miss the dreary drudging through a couple of miles, just to get in a couple of miles. (Yes I realize they are necessary, but they still stink.) Also I would like to get rid of the fear I have in running distances. (I’m sometimes scared I won’t get through a mile, even though I did a 5K the weekend prior).

  61. My magic genie wish would be to never lose the mental game. It’s my biggest running struggle and it’s a total game changer every time.

  62. Oh magic genie of grantig runnig wishes, I WISH to be injury free for all my future runs as well as free entry fees to any race I want (travel too) Hey, I know you said one wish but it was one in a long run on sentence.

  63. Dear Runner Genie…I wish that I’d never get hurt and sidelined from running ever again. To take the worry of getting injured away. You can include side-stiches as an injury, right?

  64. Dear Magic Runner Genie,

    I’d love to never have another over-use injury again. KThanks,

    One obsessed-with-endurance-sports-but-lacking-actual-superpowers-girl

  65. I would wish that I never have to suffer through plantar fascitis again. Took me six months to fully heal and the most painful injury I have had so far!

  66. I wish to be injury free and able to run for life! If that’s too much, I’ll take a lifetime supply of custom running shoes :)

  67. Magic Genie wish: To be injury-free for the rest of my life. It’s probably a little greedy of me, but I really hate injuries. (I’ve had on going Tib problems for the last year– I feel your pain sister.)

  68. My wish would be that I could run long distances and never hit “the wall” and that my knee wouldn’t act up everytime :)

  69. My wish would be to have strong mental strength with every run. I often let my brain convince me to slow down or not push as hard as I could/should.

  70. A little bubble of perfect running weather that surrounds me every time I go out. 60 degrees, barely overcast skies, a light breeze every 10 minutes or so…

  71. I would wish for the perfect running partner. Someone that pushes me a little and keeps me consistent. Plus I would just feel so much safer than I do running alone. My husband is too fast for me and I always feel like a failure when we run together because I will be struggling and he is breezing through.

  72. My wish is for shoes that just magically fit my feet perfectly from the moment I first put them on, never wear out, and support my “biomechanics” so that I never get injured. Short of this wish, though, I guess it is always fun to shop for new shoes, so a gift card to RRS would be great!

  73. My wish is for my mind not to give up before my legs. I always struggle through the last couple miles, no matter the distance of the race, just because my mind thinks it should be over, but my legs still have lots of gas!

  74. May my wish be granted for my inner thighs not to love each so much. They’re constantly needing to touch, how immature PDA is that?! Get a room, thighs! You know, it’s not even for vanity’s sake like for that “thigh gap” thing. I just want it to go away for running. lol

  75. My one genie wish would be just to naturally be faster. No more killing myself on a track- just to naturally fall into a faster rhythm- we can dream right?!

  76. Easy – no more stress fractures. I have had them in EVERY bone south of my hips (including my hips…) and I would run with abandon if I knew I would never get another one!

  77. My magic genie wish would be to have the motivation every morning to get up and run. But I would also love to not have to deal with ITBS anymore :)

  78. That water & gu would appear whenever I needed it on a run. I hate, hate, hate carrying anything on a run (especially in my hands), & have been known to run 20-milers on a 2-mile out & back trail to avoid carrying water.

  79. Magic run genie wish – for my “comfortable” pace to be about an 8 min per mile pace. a girl can dream. oh and model looking race photos wouldn’t be too bad either :)

  80. I wish it was always between 40 to 60 degrees outside for the 1 to 4 hours of the day I want to go running. I can’t take this neg. 2 bullsh*t.

  81. Love this store and would LOVE to win.

    My wish would be endless time and ambition to train and be ready for the Old Goat 50 in 2014, was going to try for this year but got knocked up instead. Go ahead, google the race you know you want to, it’s TONS of fun you should look into it ; )

  82. That my feet would settle on a pronation so I could quit bouncing between stability and neutral shors. Good thing rrs has a great return policy!

  83. To never have mother nature urge me during a run if my coffee didn’t kick in that morning. Terrible, I know! But it’d be so nice :p

  84. I’d ask my genie to deliver my little sister for every “tough” run. Sometimes my tough run is an easy three-miler mid-week but I’ve never had a bad run with my sister by my side. She is an important running partner!

  85. My magic runner wish would be to always want to go for a run when I have time to run. None of this “I’d rather sit on the couch in my underwear watching reruns of House Hunters” bullshit.

  86. I would choose not having to run in humid weather 80% of the year in southern Mississippi. Is cooler weather too much to ask for? ;)

  87. How about for the treadmill to always have somethign nice to look at….at TV or nice scene at just the right distance away so you are not worried you are going to kill yourself while running and looking at something other than your feet…Go running wish genie, Go!

  88. I wish all new runners would automatically have slower finish times for their first races than my “good” race times. I hate when new runners are faster than I am after years of hard work and training and “studying” up on running, haha. I’m a hater.

  89. I would wish for well-placed water fountains in all parks/along all trails where I do my regular running. Clean bathrooms would a lovely bonus!

  90. My run wish . . .to be able to run faster without havign to put in all that extra effort of speed training!! Right now i think i top out at your cruising speed!

  91. I wish I could run really fast, not get tired and have no chaffing. Not asking for much! Also, I live in Sac and am running the CIM relay Sunday, just a warning, the weather is looking ugly. The are expecting about 2-3 inches of rain during the race right now and it’s going to be windy. I just want to warn you. Sorry.

  92. I wish for no more injuries! Especially this darn achilles tendonitis that’s got me sidelined right now. I don’t mind soreness or even some pain, but I hate injuries that keep me from running!

  93. My wish would be for the sun to stay out longer during the winter so I could do my post-work weekday runs outside in the light (instead of inside on my treadmill because its dark out).

  94. My wish would be to naturally be a fast runner. I was going to say that every run should feel like omg i love running it’s so awesome —- but isn’t the days where you have awesome runs after a few bad ones what makes it so addicting?!?

  95. My wish would be to never get injured. Somehow I hurt my back this weekend and it is so effing debilitating. I’m never making fun of my dad hobbling around like an old man for a hurt back ever again.

  96. My wish would be that I never have to pee on long runs no matter how much water and Nuun I consume. I swear I always have to pee within 5 miles and am holding it the whole rest of the way. Not a fun way to run.

  97. My wish is to be a mentally tough badass / “I can conquer anything” type runner. I tend to be a complete headcase during races and talk myself out of goals I know I can reach!

  98. Magic Genie Wish – First and foremost would be no more injuries! Ever! But if that’s too much to ask, then I’d wish for more motivation to get out of bed when it’s cold and dark and so darn difficult!

  99. No more freakin’ imjuries. Ill push it, Ill do the work, Im willing and ready But the speed bump of injuries gets me everytime! So bibity bobbity boo and alacazam get the heck outta dodge injuied body parts

  100. definitely no more injuries! i would love to be faster, but that’s something i can always work on – and there’s no joy in being fast AND injured!

  101. I wish I would wake up at 5:30am every day, BEFORE my alarm, with a smile on my face and a chipper attitude ready to run! #nomoresnooze

  102. Magic Genie, please grant me this one running wish: that my stomach grow a steel lining and not be so sensitive when running long distances.

  103. My wish would be for in-ear headphones that stay in all the time without me having to mess with them throughout the run! So annoying!

  104. Banishing the running nose when running in the cold – inability to breathe properly has killed some of my winter runs, plus its super attractive to be constantly wiping your nose while running.

  105. My wish would be for perfect race weather. The storm that is about to hit for CIM is making me nervous! 4+ hours in a downpour won’t be as fun :(

  106. No tummy troubles on any run, no matter what. I’ll deal with my IBS all day long, even on vacations, if that meant I wouldn’t have to plot out every single run to never be more than 1 mile from a bathroom (or secluded bush) and waste time during longer races visiting the porta poties.

  107. My wish is for no more calf pain/tightening. It doesn’t happen every run, but it does happen often enough that it’s a pain (haha) and there’s a lot of walking as I try to loosen them back up/”walk it out”. And yes, I’ve tried compression, doesn’t really help whatever my problem appears to be – doesn’t hurt, just doesn’t help much either.

  108. I wish for my stupid psyatic nerve to leave me the hell alone! I kind of need my butt and lower leg to stop being numb and achy all the time so that I can run. Girl needs her run!

  109. My wish is to it get rid of the marathon crazies at mile 23- I stop caring about everything- times, goals, plans- I just want it all to end!

  110. Magic Genie? Make me be able to pile on the miles as fast or slow as I want, with no IT band pain. Also (my genie is granting me an extra wish apparently) magically update my running playlist with awesome tunes so I don’t have to keep doing it!

  111. I wish I could get pre-run endorphins so I know how good I’ll feel after. Why is it so hard to take the first step EVERY TIME even though I always feel great afterwards.

  112. my wish is for IT bands to not be so bothersome! i’ve been plagued with IT band issues since high school and would love for them to just disappear so i could run, run, run! :)

  113. I’m with you on the unknown chaffing — omg it hurts so bad in the shower! My other choice would be insta recovery benefits of an icebath without ever having to take one.

  114. I wish I could run BQ fast and there was an extra hour(s) in the day to actually get long runs in (and that I could run in a( relatively) flat area,when it is not dark outside, and it is 55 degrees). Not too demanding ;)

  115. My magic genie running wish…that when I train for my first full marathon in the next few months (holla CLE!!) that my toenails will not die and fall off. Is that too much for a girl to ask for? ;)

  116. One wish??? I’m going to have to go with perfect sports bra fit for every run – no budging, no chafing (i feel you on the shower spray sneak attack hatred) , no stretched out bras I should have already tossed ;)

  117. My wish is for plenty of parking super close to the start line. Nothing worse than the long sprint to the start line when you are running late!

  118. I would wish for an infinite amount of ports potties at the beginning of races so I never had to worry about being able to potty one last time before the start of a race :-)

  119. my magic genie wish – to always have time to run, no matter how crazy busy my day is. aka i need a lesson in time management – it’s not like i have kids or even a dog or anything!

  120. No more broken bones as a result of running. Seriously, three in as many years is ridiculous. (This wish may also reflect my level of coordination. Whatever.)

  121. I just wish my electronics would grab a signal fast enough to start my run when I want to. I’m not sure Wyoming gets satellite reception ;)

  122. It’s either injury-free FOR LIFE or never having to wake up at ungodly hours and drive to/fight for parking at races. Let me wake up around 8:30 or so, leisurely enjoy my bagel or breakfast smoothie and stroll across the street to the race start.

  123. No niggling pains ever! Those little twinges that come at mile 2 and make me question how hard and far to push the rest of the run. THE WORST!

  124. so close to your deadline! i am stealing your words though… “blister-free for life.” this also includes any form of blister, such as chafing, thus preventing your in shower surprise chafes. really, any hindrance-free potion for the rest of my life would be wonderful. i would share it with everyone.

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