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Still waiting to hear back on the Magic Runner Genie granting everyone’s “NO MORE INJURIES EVERRRRR” wish, but in the meantime Erin A how about a $50 RRS gift card?

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The second-to-last 5 Days of Taper giveaway is another product you’ve probably seen a lot around the endurance world and blogland. At OUaL you’ve heard about the magical Hood to Coast weekend, electrolyte-infused cocktails, and its monopoly on the inside of my handheld.

NUUN. (like “noon”)

And maybe you’ve heard about it curing hydration nightmares for athletes with sugar issues. Maybe you’ve seen the little tubes at your local sports store or their coolers set up at a race expo. Maybe you were lucky enough to run Nike Women’s and had the pleasure of having it served on the course.

Dear Race Directors – Feel free to follow suit. Band wagon’ing encouraged here.

Or maybe you’ve just heard people blab about it and you’re like, “WTF is this nun? noon? Whatever it is – WHAT IS IT?

(Backgrounder) : Nuun is a sugar-free electrolyte drink – they come in tubes of little tablets you just drop in your water and watch fizz up like alka seltzer. They’re slightly carbonated, low calorie, and come in a huge selection of flavors – some of which have vitamins and/or caffeine – making them great for both workouts AND all-day consumption.

Nutritionals, product comparisons, etc

Haven’t tried Nuun? I bet I know what you’re thinking…

  • I don’t give a flying F how many calories are in my drink. I’m burning like a billion on my long runs!
    • True. Calories ARE important during endurance workouts. Personally I prefer my fuel in solid form though – gels, chews, etc just work better for me. Plus keeping your hydration separate from your calories allows a more custom fueling strategy, with more options for dietary needs, flavors, caffeine, etc. But 20 milers aren’t the only time you’re hydrating. At-work water, easy cross training sesh, and the morning after a long night out will all get a boost (without the unnecessary calories) from electrolytes.
  • I have like the most sensitive stomach EVER. I’ll stick to plain water, thanks.
    • I’m not going to pretend to be an expert or even experienced w GI issues, but I can almost guarantee you won’t be any worse for the wear going sugar-free. Most sports drinks carry a boatload of calories and carbs – all from sugar. While it’s great for a boost and easy quick-burning fuel, sugar is a common culprit for sloshy stomachs. Give it a try – you need those electrolytes! – if you hate it I’ll send you a handwritten apology card.
  • “Fizz up like alka seltzer” scares me.
    • The fizziness took a little bit to get used to. I expected something smooth and syrup’y like the “__-ades”, but it didn’t take long to grow to love the lighter, crisp taste. Plus it’s great controlling how diluted the flavor is – during the day I drop a half tab of All Day in my water glass, for long runs it’s a tab and a half of Active in my handheld.
  • $6 per tube?!! You’re crazy. That’s like 1.4 lattes. Or a Powerball ticket.
    • The price tag kept me away at first, especially for something I wasn’t sure I’d like. But lets break it down : At 12 tabs per tube, that’s $.50 per 16oz drink, or $.031/oz. A single 20oz regular sports drink, “zero” drink, or coconut water will on sale will run you $1, or $.05/oz. Even by the pallet at a wholesale club, Nuun comes in under market cost (Sam’s Club Gatorade $.033/oz). PLUS if you live in CA you save that $.05 CRV tax, and HELLO YOU’RE SO GREEN avoiding all that bottle waste. There is no price tag on environmental consciousness.
  • Fine! I’m over your spiel. What flavors should I try?
    • Lemon Lime and Strawberry Lemonade are my go-tos and big crowd pleasers (not to mention terrific cocktail mixers). Kona Cola, Lemon Tea, and Banana require a certain palate I think, although I’ve learned those are by far the most diehard flavor fans. (I’m Team Banana and have been known to shove some under noses with an adamant “just try it!”)
  • Where?

OR – you could just win some. Here’s how :

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What’s up for grabs? The perfect gift set for either a Nuun Virgin or an Established Nuun’er – a mixed 4 pack of Active, a mixed 4 pack of the new All Day line (vitamin packed, half the electrolytes, perfect for day drinking), and a Nuun pint glass.

(I’ve been affirmed this is a non-exclusive beverage vehicle.)

How do you win? Just tell me…

  • You get to make ANY FOOD/FLAVOR into the perfect on-the-go fuel. Gel, chew, drink, Willy Wonka three-course-meal chewing gum, whatever you want. What is it?

Margarita shot bloks are a good stand-in until Nuun makes me my IPA flavor, but I’d love a squeezable PBJ. Crunch peanut butter. Starwberry preserves. Toasted wheat bread. If we’re getting specific (which we are, bc it’s my game and my rules)

Sarah OUaL

* Comments close 11/29 at Midnight PST. Winner will be randomly chosen and another new giveaway posted tomorrow. THE LAST ONE. *

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334 thoughts on “5 Days of Taper Giveaway – Nuun

  1. I would LOVE squeezable PBJ – yummy! Or maybe watermelon, the real flavor not the candy flavor.

  2. I’d like something that tastes like a legit slice of orange – not that fakey orange flavor most sports products offer.

  3. No flavor appeals to me mid run, so flavorless fuel would rock. Do they make water flavored blocks?

  4. Just chocolate please….and maybe a little peanut butter that doesn’t taste gross…and anything strawberry!

  5. I’m all about the pineapple…I used to bring dried rings with me for fuel. I would go for piña colada, but it would have to taste “right”.

  6. This one is hard because I’m one of those freaks who doesn’t have stomach issues and can eat whatever fuel I want for the most part without having a reaction (I just knocked on wood…Lord knows it’ll happen now). I cheated and scrolled through. I would second the Sangria one. By a lot.

  7. Now that it’s clementine season, I totally want Gu or Gu Chomps in a clementine flavor (that ACTUALLY tastes like clementines)!

  8. pick me! Pick Me! Pick Me! I love nuun. I also love your breakdown of how my love of nuun is best for my wallet as well, thanks for that ammo for the hubster :) If I could have anything shoved into a little packet I would make gels “heat sensitive”…i.e. my favorite gel everrrrrr is powergel (bc its more watery) tangerine. On a hot day it would be really nice if that gel were icy cold, yet still watery, and on a cold day (i.e. every day in cleveland from november – may) it would be super nice if it were hot!

  9. Brownie batter chocolate ice cream flavored!!!! I agree with everyone though, it has to taste real.

  10. I think it would be awesome if Nuun had a Margarita flavor. There are times when I’m just too lazy to chew blocks,and I really hate how they get stuck in my teeth.
    On a semi-related note, I would love an “electrolyte gum”. I feel like for a day Gatorade used to make gum, and it flopped. I love chewing gum when I run and if it added a boost that would awesome!!

  11. Most of the fruit flavors kind of gross me out, but citrus is always good. Since everyone already has decent orange, lemon and lime flavors, I’m going with grapefruit here!

  12. I choose chews with the texture of popcorn and flavored like pickles. I wish i could find a good crunchy run fuel

  13. It would be cool to get a blast of peanut butter fudge swirl ice cream, but not sure it would be a treat anymore. Seriously, I love raspberry and blackberry mixes. I’m a Nuun virgin, so maybe there is already that berry combo. I’d be on board with clementine too! Too many choices :) But, I’d love to become a Nuun fan.

  14. I vote cake batter gu. I’m pretty boring with my current fueling choices. Only tri-berry gu or berry sport beans sit well in my stomach. I converted to nuun earlier this year because of reading your blog (yes! it’s true!) and I’m addicted now. Nuun every day!!

  15. I’m usually all about a peanut butter/banana/chocolate situation, but the other day at Trader Joe’s, I fell victim to (errrr, ate the entire box of) one of their holiday treats: Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Salted Caramel Truffles. Shazam! Party in my mouth! So obviously this flava explosion would work really well as a shot block, too. Thank you for hosting!

  16. I know vanilla Gu exists so a twist on that..with sprinkles!! Or Lost Coast Great White (great beer!) in Clif shot blocks

  17. Mango hammer gel…is that weird? I love any and everything mango, so I don’t see an issue!

    Do you like the grape nuun?? That is my absolute favorite! I could seriously just drink it for normal everyday hydration!

  18. Peanut butter and jelly gu. Peanut butter and banana gu. Pretty much peanut butter and anything gu.

  19. There is a restaurant here in Salt lake city that serves a bread pudding french toast with fresh strawberry syrup and whip cream, after big races that’s all I want, I would die if it came in a chew form.

  20. ketchup-flavored energy gel. just kidding! pancake w/ maple syrup flavored blocks would be amazing.
    gu makes peanut butter gels – you could mix one of those with a strawberry banana for pb&j with banana…

  21. I love me some Nuun! My go-to is the strawberry lemonade, but I may have to try the banana. Maybe Nuun could create a coffee/espresso flavor…that could be tasty!

  22. hmmmmmmmmm. how about french toast flavored energy bites or some sort? i hate gu consistency so how about just gu that doesn’t feel like melted silly putty sliding down my throat?

  23. I love all the fruit flavors, but some good speculoos flavored fuel would be holy cow amazing.

  24. Just ordered some Tropical Nuun – will be my first time trying it. I love the Tri-Berry!!! And love the crispness of Nuun over those “other” “sports” drinks…! I would love a vanilla panna cotta flavored gel :-)

  25. Banana peanut butter chocolate! Best pre-run snack, would make an awesome during run flavor too!

  26. Lavender gelato flavored. Um, it’s the most amazing flavor ever. :-)

    I am currently drinking the grape NUUN, although I think the Strawberry Lemonade is my fave so far!

  27. I’ve always thought that Nuun should make a full on margarita flavored tab like Crystal Light’s mocktails. That would rock out on long runs and any other time of day.

  28. I have the berry nuun and have been dying to try the strawberry lemonade. I love bee stingers chews for long runs. Fuel that tastes like candy for the win!

  29. I love the basic lemon lime! Lemon lime anything, chews, nuun, gels! basic flavors for me, nothing too fancy!

  30. So many exciting giveaway! Thanks! Good luck this weekend!

    I want a squeeze packet of chocolate, coconut and almond so basically, I want an almond joy flavored gu.

  31. I love the PBJ idea! I think the GU’s already taste like jelly, just add peanut butter. I could be a double pack divided down the middle.

  32. Peanut butter and honey – but for the later miles in a race that sounds great… I have no clue what would be delicious after mile 22?

  33. If they made a Young’s double chocolate stout gel I would be all over that. Or a nice Mimosa flavored Nuun, I think it goes well with Nuun’s subtle fizziness.

  34. I would love an IPA flavor (preferably of the GLBC variety!) but until then how about salted caramel nuun?

  35. it’s unoriginal b/c i saw people post it in earlier comments, but root beer something sounds really good!! thx again for offering these giveaways.

  36. oh nuun, how i love thee. i’d go for cider, or key lime pie. maybe with mocha. wait these wouldn’t taste good together? ok, separate would be fine

  37. I always eat half a banana with pb, so maybe something with banana, pb & nutella gel? Although probably disgusting as a gel!!

  38. I would love a variety of coffee-flavored chews! There could be mocha flavor, latte flavor, etc… But I’m with other commenters, authenticity would be vital here!

  39. I want something that tastes like an actual Starbucks latte. Every coffee flavored thing in existence is most definitely *not* coffee flavored.

  40. I have never used any sort of fuel for a run so I don’t know what flavors I would like. Nothing sounds good mid-run! I have been dying to try some Nuun, though!

  41. Oranges are my go to fuel for a long run so I would have to say orange shot blocks with gu inside (kind of like gushers) that taste like real oranges!

  42. When I am running I like anything to taste like rootbeer or maybe even cinnamon – cinnamon might kick in the energy – cinnamon Nuun

  43. Oh, that’s easy! I’d like French Fries in pill form. Luckily my family has realized my craving for them when racing and usually have some McyD’s waiting for me at the finish :) Oooohhh but I would DIE for it in pill form. Popping one at mile 23 of the marathon would be awesome.

  44. I am a die-hard Hammer Gel Apple Cinnamon fan, and am sure hoping someone comes out with a ShotBlok or GU Chomp in the same type flavor.

  45. Nuun Pink Lemonade is the love of my life! I would love a cream cheese icing favored gel. Like the best part of a red velvet cupcake that you feel good about eating…however, you could find me squeezing it into my mouth on the couch….watching Honey BooBoo

  46. I would wish for peanut butter or chocolate that actually tasted good in a gel form. Most just make me want to puke.

  47. Ok this is going to sound really weird but I would love it if they made a gu that taste like nothing. I haven’t met a flavor that doesn’t make me at least a little nauseous, and with my gi issues, the last thing I want is to puke my gu.

  48. I always have peanut butter toast pre run so that in fuel form would be yummy as long as it isn’t too thick don’t want it to dry your mouth out mid run

  49. Salted Caramel Latte….I love some salt. And some Starbucks. Or a decent fruit punch flavor.

  50. mid run i don’t prefer any taste, so if i had to choose something, it would have to be very subtle – maybe cucumber water -ish? wow….i’m boring.

  51. I’ve carried a small pbj sandwich on trail runs and it’s always soo satisfying! I think I would want ice cream as my on the go fuel. Specifically, chocolate, vanilla and caramel swirl!

  52. I would love red velvet cake with cream cheese icing (or what one person said above, just the icing!) to be magically created into the perfect on the go fuel.

  53. Beer flavored, as long as it wasn’t nasty since it wouldnt be the real thing. Or something spicey, like jalepeno or buffalo flavored!

  54. I would dig an apple flavor as long as its not super sweet. I am pretty much addicted to nuun and would love to drink my DIPA’s out out that pint glass!

  55. I wish everything were available in tart cherry (not artificial cherry). Tart Cherry Nuun would be awesome sauce. I’d also settle for Beer flavored Nuun– but that could be a can of worms because it would have to taste like GOOD beer. ;)

  56. I don’t want to enter this one….but I agree, wheat bread, peanut butter, and I am going for the honey….perfect flavor!

  57. I’m going to have to try the margarita shot bloks some day soon….My first thought was: Margarita-flavored chew/drink…..followed by either clementine (great suggestion above!) or grapefruit!

  58. Starbucks double-shot flavored gel. I toss a can in a ziploc bag with ice for my special needs bike bag during Ironman races for that last half of the bike pick me up, but that would be awesome to have it accessible and easier to carry.

  59. Cliff kid’s Z-Bars are the BEST. The oatmeal cookie one is amazing!! As far as the Nuun goes, I would definitely go for the Strawberry lemonade, but I would love it if they had Strawberry Watermelon flavor.

  60. Buffalo Wings. Not kidding! Why not have my favorite post-race food to fuel me on the run as well?

  61. Pinapple Upsidedown Cake flavored NUUN (or shotblocks)!!! I like the pineapple roctane… but during a really long run there is only so much GU you can take, need something solid or low calorie just for electrolytes!

  62. Choc Chip Cookie Dough chews….or salty caramel!! How did I not know about Strawberry Lemonade Nuun!? Did I miss that in OUaL Mixology Class??

  63. Thanksgiving foods in a squeeze gu. Mashed potatoes with gravy! Sweet potato casserole! Green bean casserole! All the comfort food! Yumm!

  64. I would want a pina-colada flavored nuun as my fuel. How have they not created this flavor yet???

  65. Great question! The first two things that popped into my head were mocha latte or a good Napa Cab. Btw, have you been checking out the weather for this weekend? I am running CIM as well and it is not looking promising up there..

  66. I love christa’s idea – pizza shot blocks! Sounds fantastic. I’m now seriously hungry after reading everyone’s comments.

  67. I’m all about the fruity flavours – give me a worthwhile strawberry, orange or lemon-lime and I’m a happy girl!

  68. As someone who’s started using caramels to fuel on long runs, I’d love a less-sticky caramel flavored chew. Don’t forget the sea salt!

  69. MMMmm I like candy like tasting fuel… my favorite are the watermelon sour patch kids! I used to only be able to find them at the movie theater which helped limit my consumption… but now I know where to find them in stores… It is dangerous

  70. Red wine or sangria flavored for sure…to remind me what’s (hopefully) waiting at the end of the trail :)

  71. Pickle flavored!! Or if that’s too crazy, I would go olive or banana peppers. And that salt would be so good for the hot and humid 20 milers… :-) And thanks for the price breakdown…I never want to spend the money on nuun, but it actually sounds like the cheapest electrolyte option!

  72. Pad thai flavored, for sure–I could eat good pad thai multiple times a day, for days in a row without getting tired of it!

  73. I’ve been considering experimenting with gummy bears as fuel when running… Not sure if that would be bliss or a serious choking hazard… Any thoughts on that? Anyway with regard to Nuun I am definitely a fan so it would be great to win! Thanks!

  74. chocolate and raspberry bars. but i do love me some nuun (and can always use more even though i have a shoebox full of nuun tubes under my bed — shhhh don’t tell anyone). and yes, you made me a team banana convert. thank you.

  75. I think peanut butter for sure. Something you can easily consume while running and doesn’t require lots of chewing. Or maybe cake batter?? Love the sweets

  76. I’m in the “all flavors are gross during running” camp, but margarita shot bloks have treated me alright so far, mostly because they’re salty. I almost wish they’d take out the fake lime flavor and leave only the salt. Pretzel-flavored shot bloks? But, you know, without actually having to eat a pretzel.

  77. I adore Nuun! I’m so happy I tried it. Plain water on my running tummy does not feel good, it doesn’t settle very well. But Nuun is wonderful. I carry the tablets with me on races, I wish race directors would bandwagon on your idea!

  78. Pineapple or piña colada!!! Or something carbonated, I love carbonated sensations even though a lot of the drinks are bad for you.

  79. i can’t get strawberry lemonade out of my head now that you mentioned it! I’ll have to try that flavor next for sure :)

  80. Remember when you could slice the top off a lemon, stick a peppermint stick in it, and drink the minty-citrusy juice? Yeah. That’s what I want in my fuel. YUMMMMMMM

  81. Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chunk Ice Cream – if they could make it a gel I’d never stop running!

  82. tart frozen yogurt – just the plain kind…. or maybe Pinkberry Pomegranate. but, for the record, the only reason I didn’t say sangria was because it has been said many times above in the comments. hopefully some of these blox/bean/gu/drink makers are reading… sangria would be a sellout!

  83. Ooooh, NUUN! I love Nuun, so does my hubby.

    I would normally say strawberry lemonade, but wait, Nuun already has that flavor and it’s delicious. So instead, my vote is for an energy bar that tastes like the soft doughy warm pretzels and beer cheese dip from the brewery HUB in Portland—just ask Emily (sweats) how delicious these babies are!?! Oh man, in the middle of mile XXXX I could see this being a delicious pick me up for my tummy.

  84. Minty nuun would be awesome! I had mint GU and it was a bit like eating toothpaste, but it was a good weird.

  85. I am not very creative, but what I really like is water. The taste of water, so if they could make one that really didn’t change the flavor of your water that much…or at all, that would be a HUGE win for me!

  86. How about snickers flavored!! My kids suggested that for a candy cane flavor the other night – i think it would work great for GU!

  87. I’m thinking outside the box and I’d love some lasagna on-the-go fuel. Why are there no savory fuels?

  88. Pineapple always sounds really good to me on longer runs. More specifically, the pineapple ice cream from the Tiki Room at Disneyland!

  89. All that fake sugary stuff sticks in my mouth sometimes between water stops, so why not a cheeseburger and fries gel???

  90. I second the replace “-ades” on course. Lemon Lime gatorade is the worst. First half marathon I ran = mile 11 pitstop due to the horrible stuff. Loveeee some Nuun. Triberry is delicious and I drink it all the time.
    If they made a Lucky Charms flavored fuel I’d be all over that.

  91. Something like my favorite peanut butter Dark Chocolate Dreams (mix of dark chocolate and peanut butter) from Peanut Butter Co would be a great flavor. Strawberry lemonade sounds delicious but I also like mixing iced tea and lemonade so that would be nice too!

  92. Since it is fall and I am slightly addicted to “fall flavors” I would say that Gingerbread or Pumpkin would rock!!!!!

  93. I do love that Gu now has PB but your PB&J idea sounds amazing. Although it doesn’t sound all that appetizing on the go, this is make believe so I’ll say an egg and bacon fuel. In 2 races recently I’ve smelled bacon at like the 10 mile mark. That is soooo cruel!

  94. I would love a bloody mary flavored nuun or clif shot. I do a lot of my long runs on the weekends after going out the night before. Maybe the flavor would have the placebo effect of a little hair of the dog?

  95. I think a flavor of chips and guacamole would be awesome, or diet coke–also a great choice.

  96. Margarita shot blocks with some ETOH in it and some caffiene, low calorie. So I get the buzz, the energy, without the calories and can dance/kaorke the Saturday night away. Oh and maybe throw in some electrolytes too so can I recover from the Saturday long run done earlier in the day :) Or perfect for the post-run party bashes!

  97. Watermelon! But the trick is it would actually have to taste like watermelon — cold and kind of slushy. (Runner-up: cherry cola)

  98. a really convincing chocolate chip cookie dough or vanilla cake batter and i’m sold. maybe i should just eat vanilla cake batter for fuel?

  99. I’d like a choc covered pretzel taste in a gel form! I crave sweet and salty when I run, but too hard to choke down!

  100. I’ve been wanting to try nuun! Um, not sure how I could make it work, but I would want donut flavored.

  101. Cheese pizza! Which, BTW, I have been known to take cold, cut into pieces on long bike rides. I don’t know how well that would work on the run though, so I’m gonna need that magic runner genie to make it happen.

  102. Hmmm… it would have to be my favorite drink in Cabo: the Miami Vice. Half strawberry daquiri, half pina colada. Yum. Then I could run and imagine I’m drinking in Cabo.

  103. I agree and think an IPA flavored one would be great! Or perhaps bacon, because let’s just face it, everything is better with bacon.

  104. During a race I am not picky but I would like to try something like an “orange soda” flavor or strawberries and cream shot block!

  105. Pomegranate-lime or cranberry-grapefruit, but they’d have to taste like the REAL fruits (as so many others have mentioned).

  106. I love your writing style!

    Anyway…would a hamburger flavored chew be gross? I recently had mint chocolate GU…at first I was like, gross, last thing I want on a long run is something chocolate flavored…but OH MY GOD IT TASTES LIKE FROSTING IT’S SO DELICIOUS AND WAY LESS CALORIES THAN THE REAL THING. So yeah, hamburger chews.

  107. You know those Lindt truffles that have the melty gooey centers? I’d like those to count as serious endurance fuel, please :) Maybe Gu could come up with something similar? “Chocolate” exterior with chocolate Gu inside? I’d buy some!

  108. I would die for enchilada flavor…. Or maybe I’m just hungry for dinner. Meh, I’m going with it!

  109. I’m going to have to go with a Red Velvet Cake gel or Watermelon chew! And Team Banana all the way!

  110. I would love to see sport beans in the flavors of sweet tart jelly beans at easter, or they could just sell those jelly beans all year.

    Ps: I’m dying to try the banana , but the only store near me doesn’t have banana and I have’t bit the bullet to order the 4 pack yet!

  111. so glad i am not the only one to say wine flavored. i have the strawberry lemonade, though i really want to try the kona cola and lemon tea!

  112. Pina colada GUs! I didn’t even know Nuun made an “All Day” line! Super stoked for that!

  113. Something that tastes like biting into a juicy grape . Nuun does a good job with their grape flavor (I feel like grape is usually waaaay to sugary) but that fresh pop of eating a grape would be ideal mid-run! Someone also mentioned the juicy pear jelly belly flavor, which would be awesome!

  114. I would run long runs every day if I could get a gel that tasted like Jeni’s Salted Caramel ice cream.

  115. Squeezable peanut butter and chocolate, or almond butter with chocolate. Really, any nut butter with chocolate works for me.

  116. Probs some sort of deli sub. Yellow mustard. Even though it sounds really gross in gel or chew form.

  117. I haven’t tried nuun, but have tried other drinks tabs. A cinnamon brown sugar combo could be nice for the winter months sounds nice….but I can’t be sure. A mocha tab WITH caffeine would just be perfect.

  118. cabernet!though I think I would want the alcohol in it too….would love to try the nuun! i’m so bad about hydrating during runs!

  119. I’m with you on the pbj…one of my faves. Although, I’d probably want blackberry or raspberry jam flavored!

  120. Chocolate chip cookie dough. But, it has to taste like the real thing. Now I’ve got to go out and try some Nuun!

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