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I can’t believe it’s the last day of taper. Or that I actually managed to get all these posts up and on time. This has been super fun and I’m sad it’s over – mostly because that means race weekend is here and I’m simultaneously scared shitless and ready to freaking run 26.2 miles.

Anyway, my newest superbly-hydrated friend is…



Congrats Jennie! I’ll email you with details on how to claim your Nuun gift set and also the details for my flight to SLC because holy crap that sounds so good. See you soon.

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And on the last day of taper, OUaL (with the help of some birds) put an end to poofy diaper butt.


the running shorts metamorphisis

I really didn’t expect the Rogas to have such an effect on the way I looked at running clothes. I was perfectly content with my brand medley of clearance rack finds – purchased solely on color or discount, with no thought to fit, functionality, or durability.

But then I got a peak of them at the Marathon Trials.

I knew nothing about them other than how great they looked. No idea about the fit, material, or that the woman running in them was actually the one who designed them. All I knew was they were like no other running short I’d seen, and I wanted them.

So I badgered @Oiselle pretty much daily begging to know when “the awesome pink shorts from Houston” would be available. $44 was more than I’d ever spent on non-shoe running gear, but once I got those Violet Rogas in my hands I knew the splurge was a worthy investment.



It was love at first touch, first wear, first debut run. I was a goner – officially on the Roga Revolution and never looking back.

The fit is super flattering – a slim cut that is somehow neither too-tight nor too-baggy – and the material is tissue’y soft with just the right amount of stretch. The yoga-style waistband adds detail and eases even the most paranoid of muffin-top fears.


I was a little self-conscious of the more figure-hugging cut at first – I never ran XC or track and the thought of “shorties” or “bun huggers” or spandex in general makes me a little nervous. Not that the Rogas are anywhere near that level of skimpiness, I was just “aware” of the missing extra material swishing around I was used to. (Oiselle does have a Long Roga if you prefer extra coverage)

That didn’t last long.

They come in great color combos, and I’ve got it on the inside track that Spring13 has some incredible new colors and PATTERNS in store…



from Oiselle’s FB

Plus, on top of everything else, I swear to Runner’s World these things don’t ride. No more tugging material out of your crotch mid-run!

Looks AND functionality? Major win-win.

As far as sizing/fit goes, I’m a universal Medium in pretty much all brands/styles, and the Roga is no different. (Keep in mind I’m 5’9”, so everything gets a little extra leg and seems a little shorter than normal.)


In medium Nike Tempos for size comparison

Every one I’ve seen in them (and after Totally Trials, I’ve seen a lot of roga’d booties) looks incredible. Regardless of how firm or flat, how Shakira hip’y, or how much space there is (or isn’t) between your thighs. Whether your main race concern is chub rub or catching the lead pack, you’ll love these shorts.

They’re magic. I want you to see for yourself.

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Yup, up for grabs for the final 5 Days of Taper is a pair of Oiselle Roga Shorts. AND, because Oiselle is awesome and always looking out for their fellow runners, they’re going to throw in a matching tee to go with them!


Here’s how to enter :

  • I want to hear your MOST EMBARASSING run story. Wardrobe malfunction? Portapotty faux pas? Snot Rocket gone awry? Spill it. (if you’ve got too much good juju to have a story, just make one up)

I had a portapotty opened on me at HTC, have let out seemingly-silent farts on the gym treadmill, and took a tree branch to the face while turning to wave to a friend. But popping a pull-the-spandex-to-the-side squat at Eugene (so ladylike) and being “congratulated” at the finish by two dudes that passed me during it takes the cake. Not that I had any energy to care or be embarrassed at the time.

*** Update *** Now everyone can be saved from the diaper butt! Oiselle is offering 15% off any Roga (long or short) order with code “ROGAREV” now through Race Day (12/2). Booyah, saggy ass.

Sarah OUaL

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368 thoughts on “5 Days of Taper Giveaway – Oiselle

  1. One of the most embarrasing things that that has happened to me while running was I was running with a guy I just started dating for the first time on a Saturday morning…completely was more absorbed that I was actually running with him and missed a curb that we were jumping onto buy maybe a centimeter or two and next thing I knew my face met the pavement…horrible. thank goodness to my reflexes because my hands fell in front of my face first and sustained most of the injuries…but i felt like such a huge *ss. lol

  2. Oh so many to choose from…. My most dramatic was the mass knee trauma but that was way too cool to be embarrassing so is have to say either the time that I was leading the freshers run, being the elder etc then decked it dramatically (almost flipped over…)or the time I came off of the track at an athletics type meet and was almost sick on the cutest boy from the other team’s shoes…

  3. so many stories :D

    but here’s one: one day i was in really bad temper and just running with earphones on and not paying attention to my environment….and then i almost spit in a little girls face when she and her father were cycling behind me *shame*

  4. I got a few but I think the worst one and most embarrassing one was RnR Pasadena… I puked ON the finish line mat right in front of the race photographer that was sitting on a stool…poor guy…

  5. Well shoot. Ran in a diaper the first mile of RNRSD. Had a little bit of an issue my previous race, so wore my toddler’s diaper just to be safe. Good thing I did because I got to the race late and didn’t get a chance to use the bathroom. Found a port a potty at mile 1 and ditched the diaper. Still had 4 more pit stops along the race course though. Oh yes, go me. :) Love those darn shorts lady!

  6. My most embarrassing moment isn’t during a race. I was just trying to go for a run in my neighborhood, but something I ate was not agreeing with my stomach that day. I would run about 6 houses before stopping and running back home to go to the bathroom. That happened like 3 times in a row Finally one of the guys outside in my neighborhood was like “COME ON! RUNNING ISN’T THAT HARD! JUST KEEP GOING!” as I was hunched over trying not to die. I shouted back at him quite irritatedly “I have a stomach ache!” He clearly didn’t care and walked back into his house with a look of disgust. TMI??

  7. Not too much embarrasses me as a Mama to 4 boys, but for some reason, riding the Metro back home after the Marine Corps Marathon, stinking of sweat, pee and who knows what else really bothered me. :)

  8. I think mine is easily the first time I tried “distance” running on the treadmill. I was so proud of myself for making 0.71 miles without stopping at a solid 5.5 mph – only the moment I stopped the treadmill, I collapsed on it. Blacked out. I then proceeded to pass out five times in the two minute walk from the machine to my dorm entrance. Nobody at the gym seemed to find this weird.
    Finally, as I passed out again outside my dorm, a friend brought me water and swiped me in x) How I ever chose to stick with running after that, I’ll never know, but I’ve finished a half since and am training for my first full marathon!

  9. After three babies, “leaking” while running was a problem. I was headed out on a run with 2 new running buddies and not thinking I threw on a pair of grey Capri pants. Needless to say by mile 5 it was quite obvious I had wet myself and I still had 9 miles to go. Didn’t wear those pants again until I had surgery to fix that problem :/

  10. New reader here, found you through SkinnyRunner!

    Those shorts look AMAZING, I need some!

    It feels sort of awkward to introduce myself through an embarrasing story, but here goes…..I always have to pee while I’m running, its ridiculous. I guess my bladder will never be the same after having 2 kids, gee thanks girls! Anyways, during my 2nd half marathon right around mile 7 I had to pee. I passed a porta potty, but because my pace was feeling so good at that time I decided I’d stop after we looped back around. Well, when I past them I again there was a line. I knew I was going to PR and I really didn’t want to add minutes by waiting in line, so I said screw it. Well, as I tried to bring it in hard at the end I totally peed my pants. Not like dripping down my leg pee, but my shorts were wet. Thank god they were black! I barely said hi to my hubby, I sent him right to the car to get my new pants! It was so embarrasing, but now its sort of funny. And I finished in 1:37, 11 minutes faster than my first!

  11. During my first Marathon almost a year ago now; it got insanely humid unexpectedly; at mile 20 I started barfing and couldn’t stop….I was laid out flat on someone’s yard barfing, and then I realized I really needed to pee and legit crawled to the curb popped a squat and peed; Despite my protests the medics came at this time and transported me to MedTent and I had to take a DNF and only received a nice scar from the IV and blood all over my running skirt.

  12. My most embarrassing runner story probably happened when i went out running on a bike trail about 20 minutes from my house where there is literally zero bathroom facilities. My stomach started revolting about a mile from my car and I ran into the woods and did business. As I was about to be done, I realized a farmer in his tractor had witnessed the entire thing. Super ladylike.

  13. We should be allowed to submit this anonymously! My story centres on what I bought was sweat and therefore ignored – but was really tampon overflow. This was in the first couple of miles of a half. Race photos are sweet.

  14. Oh my, I’ve been lusting after a pair of Rogas for a while but haven’t been willing to put down $44 for them. Pick me!

    Last winter, I was running through a parking lot (b/c there was no sidewalk, so I chose the parking lot versus the busy road). I was totally in the zone, listening to music and not paying attention…and tripped. I wiped out HARD…torn tights, bleeding knees. I almost cried. And then I realized I’d wiped out right in front of a group of high schoolers. Mortifying.

  15. I’m a mom, I have popped a squat in so many places along the roads that I’m no longer embarrassed. And that’s embarrassing.

  16. I thought I had taken care of business before leaving my hotel for a LR (18 miles?) out of town on an unfamiliar path and basically had to hold my backside to the public bathroom in time. *Awesome*

  17. Falling. Always falling. Busy intersections? Sure, why not let there be a manhole I trip over, sliiiiide across the asphalt then JUMP up with bloody knees and hands and keep running as though nothing ever happened.

  18. It had to be tripping over a speed bump in my neighborhood because I was staring sideways at something (and I don’t even remember what it was). I busted my phone screen because I was holding hit and had scrapes on my face and legs. Sexy!

  19. LOVE the one pair of Rogas I have. Seriously I’ve never run in shorts before because of chafing and they DON’T RIDE UP EVER. it’s insane.

    Anyway my most embarrassing run story would have to be double wipeout day. As I’m jogging home with gravel already in my knees and blood on my palms I hit a crack on the sidewalk and go head first down. I’m so WTF at this moment that I stay down for a second and this man hops off his porch and yells OMG THAT LOOKED SO BAD!

    It felt like insult to injury. ;) but in the end I’m thrilled my most embarrassing run story has nothing to do with poop!

  20. I had an ill timed portapotty stop during RTB relay once. My teammate ran into the transition & I was nowhere to be found. Upon realizing my mistake – I snatched the snap bracelet from my friend & in an effort to make up lost time, I took off in a dead sprint… in the wrong direction. Oops.

  21. I had a portapotty opened on me by a guy at the last race I did. I thought the lock on that one worked the same way as the portapotty I’d used earlier and it didn’t…Not fun.

  22. one that ranks up there is taking a faceplant across the finish line at the district track meet in highschool….no WAY was I going to let that other girl outlean me and beat me! (and she didn’t I won, and also won some awesome track rash). Or when I went out for one of my first runs post baby and had to stop IMMEDIATELY in the ditch by a bridge to pee….or risk even more embarrassment upon my return with wet bottoms…I don’t THINK anyone passed me in that divine moment….

  23. I was on track to break 4:00 (3:54) for the first time in my marathon a few weeks ago up until mile 24 when mt stomach had a different story….spent about 15 minutes total on a porta pot at mile 24 and mile 25 and then finished in 4:13…definitely embarrassing having to explain to my friends and family who were following my times.

  24. I went for a run at lunch time in college wearing a skimpy spandex/sports bra combo (thinking I looked really hot (NOT!)). My college had a school wide lunch hour every Tuesday so as I crossed the quad, everyone and their mom was leaving class to go to lunch. The quad was only a block from my apartment so I wasn’t too far into my run, when I completely ate it just as I was about to cross the street. Full on face plant, first generation ipod nano flung in the air…with EVERYONE watching. I quickly got up, said awkwardly out loud, “Stupid Sidewalk!” and continued on my way. I was too embarrassed to go back to my apartment, plus I really needed to get that run in. A couple miles later I look down to notice my knees had been/still were gushing with blood. I grabbed some leaves to wipe it off, kept running, and seven miles later arrived back to my apartment with blood all down my legs. My roommate was horrified!

  25. I fell on my face n mile 10ish of the Vermont City Marathon. Right in a huge crowd of runners. Got back up but ran the rest of the thing with a pulled hammy from the fall!

  26. The one that comes to mind was a total sidewalk face plant… I was finishing a training run strong, could see my house up ahead, maybe 100 yards away and then splat. Luckily it was evening and there were no kids around to hear my explicatives but my husband got a good earful.

  27. Definitely need some new run clothes! For my last marathon, I went with split shorts and the result was a plethora of race pics of my white butt flapping in the wind.

  28. End of Philly marathon last year I had a breakdown. And not like oh my body aches I can’t move a step, like I just broke up with my boyfriend and at mile 23 stopped dead in my tracks and said “I cannot possibly do this anymore” in tears, audibly. There were two girls standing around their friend who had passed out who looked at me like suck it up sister, I can’t promise the day got better from there (but I did BQ at the race this year, so I’ll hope that erases some humiliation)

  29. I ran a particularly hilly (read: awful) half-marathon as a tune-up for NYCM (which never ended up happening) and wasn’t having a very good race. I realized around mile 10 that I probably wasn’t going to hit my tune-up goal of 2:10, which was already a major blow to my pride (my PR is 2:02). I really had to pee, but didn’t want my time to be even more horrible after a porta-potty stop… so I decided the last 3.1 would be spent alternating a run-walk so I could walk while peeing all over myself. Horrible.

  30. Oh so many GI emergencies I could tell you about…
    Late evening run last summer, no porta-potty in sight, decided to squat in some bushes to pee (it was sundown, few runners around, thought I was safe). Nope, a pack full of high school guys runs by and I’m BUSTED. They were like ninja runners, I swear. I don’t know how I didn’t hear them coming….

  31. i thought i was alone in the cardio room at my gym one early sunday morning. so i was singing out loud to my awesome playlist and low and behold there was someone behind me on the stairclimber the whole time. i probably sang about 4 or 5 songs out loud. and i am no whitney or mariah…whoops!

  32. I started a run and was steps from my front door when I faceplanted on the sidewalk and was a bit of a bloody mess! I also somehow managed to cut the leg on the door of a portapotty at a race and had to run with a bleeding leg the whole time. Apparently I am a klutz!

  33. My weak bladder has led to quite a few embarrassing issues. I don’t know how y’all hold it for so long! Between over hydration before a long run or race and race-day nerves, it feels like I’m always in line for a porta potty!

  34. Face plant in the middle of a busy park not far from my house. Limped it home with blood on my knee and face. Very much looked like I’d gotten into a fight. Great giveaway!

  35. I don’t think I have been running long enough to have a horribly embarrassing story, but I look forward to joining the club sometime soon! Right now, I mostly get strange looks from my new york friends (i recently moved to FL) when we are catching up on face-time and I am wearing knee high neon pink compression socks and sticking my legs! They worry about my mental sanity….

  36. Nothing too embarrassing but I run with a running group every once in awhile so I kinda know some of the people. Over the summer we were running and chatting when my stomach started to revolt so when we passed the public toilets on the route I just ran from the front of the pack and straight into the bathroom. Luckily it started raining so no one was hanging out afterward to ask me what happened.

  37. admittedly, after your original review of the rogas, i bought some for myself. they are life changers. even for “skinny-except-for-thighs” emily.

    so biggest embarrassment. JUST happened. Turkey trot. just a 5K this past week. I hadn’t raced a 5K in well over a year, so I knew that I should be able to PR. Likely by a lot. When I crossed the finish line 3 minutes faster than I ever, I was beat down. Done. My uncle who was pacing me turned to hug me after we finished to congratulate me, and my peanut butter toast made a dramatic reappearance. All over his shirt.

  38. I had to pee while running on a trail with my brother. Evidently peeing behind a tree and talking to him brought out a new level of awkward. I guess its just a weird story, not embarassing….well maybe for him it is.

  39. HS cross country practice, easy midweek shake out run around town, everyone goofing around enjoying an easy day….

    Me, being miss social, had my head turned flirting with the awkwardly skinny and cute senior boy behind me…

    Me SLAMMING my body into a mailbox, knocking said mailbox clean off it’s post, knocking all wind out of myself and crumbling to the ground.

    Reallllllllllllly smooth. Also my chest was so bruised I could wear a bra for days and lived in a baggy hoodie.

  40. In high school cross country, I was once running so hard in a race that I lost bladder control and just peed. The worst part is I wasn’t even fast, I was just running fast for me during that race… So it’s not like I won the race or anything to make it worth it for me to PEE MYSELF. But I did PR!

  41. I peed a little during my last half. I was on my way to a major PR and was NOT going to stop! Thank goodness I was wearing black shorts, lol!

  42. I spit a lot when I run (is that weird) and have most definitely hocked a loogie only to have it fall on my own shoe, pants, shirt, etc. And one flew off and hit my sister once. That was awkward.

  43. During my 5k PR race I ran so fast that I pee’d a little. Once I crossed the finish line I had to finish the job SO BAD that I just sat in a grassy area and just went. But hey, I PR-ed :)

  44. Once I went for a run while trying to convince myself that I was not sick. Turns out I was sick and about a mile in I couldn’t stop myself from vomiting in my neighbors yard. This might not have been so bad really, but turns out their entire family (looked like about 4 generations worth) were enjoying the nice spring day on the covered porch as I vomited next to the mailbox. Classy.

    Super nice people though. Offered me a drink of water and to drive me home.

  45. during my first (failed) attempt to become a runner (years ago before i got married), a hot guy was behind me and in my efforts to keep tabs on him i forgot about form, rolled my foot out to the side, and then KEPT RUNNING to save face. i couldn’t walk for 5 days.

  46. most embarrassing running story: having to make a seriouss pit stop in a “natural area” that was really a rough borderline between a park and someone’s back yard…sorry parks, but if you are going to lock your BRs at all hours of the day then what do you expect?? yuck i hate this story.

  47. Not only was I the absolute slowest member of my Ragnar Chicago team, I also met up with GI issues during my second leg. This was the first time this had ever happened to me, so of course I’m freaking out, walking, humiliated as all these kind runners speed by saying “Keep it up!” “Almost there!” and “Are you okay?” Definitely my most embarrassing, though not even close to the only one.

  48. I was running with a new crew I running buddies in a neighborhood across town. Things were going great and I was lovig the group, hoping this would become a regular thing. Close to the end of the run, it was gettig dark and I spotted a familiar looking dog and then looked up to realize I knew the owner and say hi, and promptly forgot to pick up my feet for the curb. Face plant. Awesome embarrassment on both ends. Luckily that crew still lets me run with them but does like to warn me if we run into curb + cute dog combos.

  49. I haven’t had anything happen to me yet, but have had some narrow misses with gi issues where I made it to a restroom just in time. Am sure I’m due for a major embarrassment story soon.

  50. I REALLY want to try those shorts! I owe you for my current addiction to the Oiselle clothing line, I have two of their shirts and love them!

    Most embaressing moment: Sad to say I went out for an early morning run, only about 3 miles, loop out and back. I made it 2 miles and then my stomach started to churn and I knew I had to get back home but before I could make it, it happened, yep, accident city in my nike tempo shorts, I had to walk home like that about a half of a mile and of course I started to pass other people and all I could do was give that shady smile and keep on trucking it home. Needless to say those shorts are long gone! So unbelievably embarressing!

  51. I don’t have anything uber-embarrassing, plenty of falls and plenty of poop issues but don’t we all, fortunately none of them have been too bad or with too many witnesses. My worst fall was tripping over my dog and doing a complete face plant in front of a house where a ton of construction workers were.

  52. My first run of the season this spring after the snow melted (I live in the lower Adirondacks in NY) I was running a trail by the Hudson river and noticed some high school boys filming. I ran by them feeling like I was hot shit as I hauled ass up a steep hill. As I passed them I heard them snicker and figured it couldn’t possibly be because of me. Yeah, it totally was. My cheapo brand shorts had literally ROLLED up my thighs directly to my crotch, AND I had run right through their shot, so they had it on film. Way to make a girl feel good about her thighs. I clearly need to invest in some better shorts

  53. Other than a lot of snot rockets gone wrong the most embarrassing was probably when I got tripped at the start line of a 10 mile race and face planted in a giant group of people. Not wanting to waste time I ran bloody and bruised and didn’t go to the medical tent until the end of the race. In the medical tent while getting bandaids and ice I got a lot of oh are you that girl that fell at the start line. Yep that was me.

  54. I want to try these shorts. I will share an embarrassing moment that I encountered of a fellow runner during a race, as it beats anything I could share. At RunDisney there are people handing out vaseline on sticks by the medic tents. The first time I did it I spent every time I saw them trying to figure out what in the world it could be. At my second RunDisney event, I encountered someone who decided not to spend as much time thinking about what it could be. He just took a stick and put it right into his mouth. Then he used to his teeth to make sure he got every last bit. I looked at him in passing and shouted, “that’s vaseline!” He promptly spit a few times in a row, but I was glad I didn’t miss that moment. Poor guy.

  55. During a local 5k I realized halfway through I had to pee really bad. I tried to hold it as best I can but every runner knows how that turns out. When I crossed the finish line I kept running past my husband towards the bathroom. The most embarrasing part was I couldn’t find the light switch and sat on the toilet cover because it was down.

  56. Most embarrassing would be fall on my face on the sidewalk while running right next to the morning rush hour traffic. I’m not sure if I just didn’t pick my feet up high enough, I wasn’t awake or I hit something on the ground, but one minute I was running and then next I was on the ground cringing at the raspberries I knew I had on my knee, shoulder and hands. Worst part? Not one of those rush hour cars asked I was okay. Better to play it safe and pretend like no one saw became my motto.

  57. How about the time I was at the gym running on the treadmill after a 9+ hour day in the warehouse and turned to glance at the clock making sure not to miss our first Zumba class and my foot clipped the side and slid right off leaving a nice skin mark on the tread. And the mid 40’s lady dressed for Zumba in a cutoff mickey mouse sweatshirt and 80’s spandex comforted and told me not to worry it happens to her all the time. I wonder if my skin mark is still there…

  58. My most embarrassing running moment was during a short treadmill run at my old gym. My stomach was cramping and I could tell I was a little gassy for whatever reason. Unfortunately, despite my silent prayers for a silent fart, what came out were SEVERAL farts, one right after another. It sounded like gunfire or something–and was loud enough for everyone to hear, including me, with headphones on! I was too mortified to do anything but stare straight ahead and keep running…and pray that others had their music on louder :/

  59. I need those shorts.

    Most embarrassing….whilst marathon training, years ago, in London, I made the mistake of going to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet the night before. It appears I can eat a lot because I had to poo 20 times during the 18 miler…behind bushes, trees, bins and by the end, anywhere I fancied. I came back minus my gloves (!) and much thinner than when I left.

  60. My first run in my new Skirt Sports Capris. I confidently passed an older couple who was out for a walk only to realize just a few feet later that the capris were riding down a little lower than I thought and the nice elderly couple out for a morning stroll had a fabulous crack view.

  61. Where do I start with me and embarrassing run stories :-) Funniest one was when I was running on a trail with my friend and I warned her not to trip on a tree root that was up ahead. I of course proceeded to immediately trip over it and landed pretty much face first in the mud. Luckily I was unharmed other than a bruse to my ego and some bloody scratches.

  62. So at the last 5k I ran in… I may or may not have ran into one of those lane dividers.. You know the things adhering to the ground that are reflective and show the lanes? Well if you aren’t paying any sort of attention they’ll sneak up on you, you hit it just right with your foot, and promptly face plant. Hard.

  63. my most embarrassing run moment is probably slipping on an ice patch and sliding down a hill during a half marathon last year, right after being told to be careful on the ice. at least I only took one other person out with me…and I still PR’d by 6 minutes!

  64. I’ve been lusting after the Roga for a long time! I used to wear really poor quality sports bras for a long time. One time I was running with my fiance and some very boisterous Bostonian man started yelling obscenities at me out the window. Tom says it’s because my boobies are always bouncing up and down. Humiliating. I’ve since found better sports bras and hopefully the girls do a better job staying in place.

  65. Most embarrassing run moment is a toss up between falling off the treadmill and popping in inappropriate places. As a 15 yr old I flew off the back of treadmill in front of half of my soccer club, not mortifying at all for a socially awkward teenager. And then more recently I have had to make two deposits in random fields when there were no open bathrooms around, gotta love country living!

  66. Just like all runners we are always worried about the pre run bathroom trip. Well, on one of my scheduled long runs, 18 miles I thunk I had to go #2 like 5 times and I was in the middle of no where with no bathrooms in sight:( let’s just say I did my best to hide in the 1 foot high bushes but another runner totally saw me. OMG the horror. At least I had toilette paper!

  67. Love, love, love Rogas! My most embarrassing running moment occurred on mile 12 of a 15-mile training run – behind a bush – sans tp – only to duck out a few minutes later and see that some friend’s had decided to drive by at that very moment.

  68. My most embarrassing moment was a short 5 mile run with my husband. I had drank too much coffee and thought I’d be fine until we got home to take time to “go”. I barely made it 15 minutes into our run before extreme stomach cramps stopped me in my tracks. There was no place to go and I almost pooped myself on the way back home. I made him leave the house while I spent a good half hour losing what felt like a good 13 pounds in the bathroom. I would have died if I hadn’t made it home safely.

  69. My most embarrassing run would have to be having my front zip sports bra undo itself mid-run. Nothing like trying to covertly zip it back up in public!

  70. Definitely has to be the first time I went running with my super fast, super awesome running friend. We headed out for a 14 miler that I thought I could keep up with. While I was dying to keep up I kinda forgot to watch my feet on a trail in the rain and ended up going down hard core in the mud. I jumped up thinking I was fine (albeit slathered in mud like a pig) and 1 mile later realized I’m not only clumsy, but old and achy :( PS I lost my Rogas (for realz I think the washing machine at them with my fave sweatpants – tragedy)

  71. I ran my first 5k in a brand new running skirt(I know, dumb idea). I somehow managed to run the race while pulling down the skirt the whole time and finish five minutes faster than I had ever run that distance before. It was pouring rain and what I thought was water running between my legs was actually blood from chaffing. It was awesome. I haven’t worn a running skirt since. I need the rogas!

  72. I recently ran the Philadelphia Marathon. I switched corrals at the expo and lined up super excited to start. During the car ride to the race, friends and I had been discussing bathroom issues during races and whether or not we could physically force ourselves to pee/poop while running. Little did I know, today was the day I’d find out. Thankfully, I was wearing black shorts, no one caught any pictures of the act, and no chafing!

  73. I can’t think of any really embarrassing stories from running…but there was the time I was running trails with friends and I did a full Super Man flying after I tripped on a root. That sucker hurt so bad, but my pride picked me back up and finished with my friends.

  74. I puked in a lady’s backyard during a cross country race in high school and the homeowner saw it. She came out to see if I needed help and I crawled away. And that is how I learned not to eat a big bowl of cheerios before a race!

  75. I stupidly wore new run capris during a 5k race. I should have known from experience that capris with no drawstring usually doesn’t work out for me. I ended up spending the entire 3.1 miles holding the waistband up. That was NOT a PR.

  76. During the run leg of my second ever sprint tri I got lost. Like, really lost. I ended up running nearly 7 miles before I found the finish. I’m still not sure how that happened.

  77. Oh gosh… Running tends to create lots of embarrassing moments for me. My most embarrassing moment occurred when I was running on a trail near work. I was a little gassy throughout the entire run. When I was one mile away from my car, I let out another fart. Only this time… It wasn’t a fart. It was a massive explosion in my shorts. TMI? So not only did I have a saggy butt look because of Nike tempos… My shorts were also full. I high tailed it back to my car and tried to appear nonchalant to everyone I passed.

  78. my mouth was particularly full of spit one day during an 18 mile run and i thought i would be cool and just spit to the side without stopping running. instead the spit flew out of my mouth and then i ran directly into it and it hit me square in the face. spitting/running FAIL. nevermind that the guy that was also doing a long run that i had been passing back and forth all morning happened to run by at that very moment.

  79. I normally run during my lunch break at work. On day, I forgot a sports bra ( it was winter so I thought I could get away with it with the amount of layers I would have on). No luck, you could totally tell I didn’t have one on and passing through security on my way back to work was really embarrassing. Ugh!

  80. Yeah – I had to pull over and poop in the middle of a race…with no portopotties…luckily it was a small race and I was in the section that went through a trail-ish area (and not the subdivision full of large houses). If I hadn’t been able to laugh at myself, I might have cried.

  81. Mine just happened last month! We had done the Rugged Maniac, so I was covered in mud, and it was freezing, so I needed dry clothes. I ducked into the port-a-potty to change, but apparently didn’t get the door latched. Right as I’d stripped down bare so I could towel off, someone flung the door *wide* open, and there’s my cold butt hanging out for all the world to see!

  82. So I’ve never been big on race nutrition, but word to the wise: don’t EVER eat a whole pineapple the day before a race. It will lead to an awkward awkward visit to some poor unsuspecting suburbanian homeowner’s front hedge. Kind of wanted to send them an “I’m sorry” gift after.

  83. in a high school cross country meet, i slipped on an ice patch and took out the three girls (two of my own teammates) running alongside me. to add insult to injury, we got trampled by a small group of runners behind us. my coach didn’t know what happened and freaked out on us at the finish line for our poor performance. she was kind of awful anyway, and i was too afraid to tell her what had happened. another team’s coach heard what was going on, came over, and started yelling at her – apparently he had seen the whole thing. this just made it worse for us after he left!

  84. Ahh I like this one. Either the time in high school track when I realized AFTER my hurdles race that my shorts were ripped up the side and everyone got a nice view of my undies (no sewn in underwear in my po-dunk high school uniforms, and DEFINITELY no bun huggers in the early 00’s

    OR the time a couple years ago I was on my very first run in the snow (about half an inch) in Philly, took a corner at a REALLY busy intersection during rush hour and totally slipped and ate it. Caught several business men laughing their asses off…good times.

  85. Definitely my favorite of the giveaways! Most embarrassing story? There’s a lot to choose from. Most embarrassed that is well documented is the time I ran a race in new shorts that rode up so bad you couldn’t see them after my longer shirt. I look pants less in all the race photos!

  86. this may not be that embarrassing, but at one of my 5k races I was wearing nike tempo shorts and they kept riding up for all the world to see my inner thighs. i’m a pear shape and will forever have my thighs touching when i run. that is why i need these shorts! they sound like they will help my problem ;).

  87. My first run with my boyfriend and I was spending more time picking out a wedgie (nike tempo) and having the unladylike running farts (that I blamed on my poor defenseless dog). To this day I try and avoid running with him at all costs.

  88. Just 2 weekends ago during my long run, I ran by a couple doing the nasty against a picnic table — totally out in the open. I stared at them, they stared back at me (but didn’t bother stopping)… Most awkward encounter ever.

  89. Although I’m quite clumsy in real life, I’ve been lucky enough to have it not occur while running…until this summer. I was on a very familiar 6 mi run and out of nowhere completely faceplanted on the road. My hand and arm were dripping in blood, but I was two miles from home and didn’t have my phone with me so I continued on, holding my arm as drivers passed, hoping they wouldn’t notice. Once I got back, I took pictures and sent them to my husband as my ‘injury of the day’. That road was repaved soon after, so I like to think there was actually some uneven pavement that caused my fall…but probably not!

  90. I was running after working a super long day/night at work. It was one of the first warm days in March and people were out everywhere. I was listening to my ipod all the sudden my feet were no longer under me and I hit the pavement, shoulder, knees, hands and face were bleeding. I heard people asking if I was alright, I jumped up and kept running, turning at the next block. I was running near UVM so college students were everywhere!

  91. In high school and college I used to fall on my face a lot, my knees are just beautiful. Probably the most embarrassing though was one day in a random small 5k when I was 15 or so I was running and thought I had a runny nose. Only to realize it was bleeding all over the place and I was basically covered in blood like an axe murderer. My mom almost passed out when she saw me.

  92. I had a movie like slip and fall while running with a large running group. It was icy out and I hit a patch and swear it felt like I skidded on the ice flailing my arms for 100 feet (in reality maybe 6 inches) only to be unsuccessful in my attempt to stabilize myself and fall flat on my ass. I had a bit of a butt bruise but was otherwise unscathed, so I guess it could have been worse.

  93. Most embarrassing: did my first ever open water swim in a filthy pond, followed by my worst 11 mile run ever. I was out at the pond with a friend, and because I took so long to finish my run, she had to drop me off at the subway station instead of taking me all the way home. Three teenagers who were on the train with me spent the entire ride asking each other what “that nasty *ss smell” was. It was me, covered in pond scum and sweat. Longest train ride of my life.

    Second most embarrassing: running a half marathon in Moab earlier this year with winds so bad that they kept blowing snot out of my dripping nose and *into my ear.* The race photos were GLORIOUS.

  94. I was getting a run in on the treadmill and my local (very small) gym. All of the treadmills faced the group exercise floor, and a very large fitness class was going on right in front of me. So, naturally, that was the day I fell on my face. I slipped right off that dang treadmill face first, in the middle of my run. The entire class stopped what they were doing and asked if I was ok, some even running to my rescue. It was literally like one of those videos you see on the internet of someone falling off a treadmill. Needless to say, I haven’t fallen off a treadmill since.

  95. There are so many but my favorite is when I was running in a big group in Forest Park and someone tripped and fell pretty hard. About 10 min later I was making fun of/renacting the scene and I ate sh** myself. I was bleeding from my knees, head etc,,, I totally deserved it!

  96. Over Thanksgiving I flew to Midland, TX to visit my relatives. I completed a morning run around this man made pond in the next neighborhood. There was another girl running around the pond with me at a much faster pace than I was going! You had to run on the sidewalk in order to run around the pond and the sidewalk is just large enough for two people to pass each other. If you swirved a tiny bit, you would fall into the pond. I stopped to adjust my music and snap a quick picture and did not calculate the other girl would be coming up on me fast. I stuck my arm out to take a picture (phone still on armband cause I am too lazy to take it out) and in the split second I came millimeters away from clocking the girl in the eye! Luckily she is super fast AND has cat like reflexes. WHEW!

    There are more embarrassing stories but that is the most recent. ;)

  97. I was running 12 miles in Central Park in January last year. I had already done six miles and was excited to finish up the run. I was running by the Central Park Boathouse when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a flock of birds start to take off. I thought nothing of it and figured that, like most birds, they would avoid people. But one little bird decided that my head looked like the perfect place to fly – THWACK – it flew directly into my head and almost knocked me down. Several people asked if I was all right as they ran by but all I could do was laugh. Perhaps I should have gone home and gotten the bird out of my hair, but being halfway done there was no way I was going to stop!

  98. I often run with a friend from work, so I bring all my gear and change in the bathroom. Except for when I’m too sleepy in the morning to remember to pack everything – and of course one day I forgot bottoms. Lucky me, I design underwear and sleepwear for tweens. So I headed out in one of my latest creations – neon cupcake printed sleep shorts. Totally legit looking runner, right here!

    Can’t compare to a good poop story, but I’m happy NOT to have anything to report on that.

  99. I ate it really bad avoiding a flooded sprinkler area! I went up a wall and when I jumped down my tired leg collapsed under me! When I got back to our meeting spot and was trying to tell my friend how I ate s$it, she kept thinking that I needed to go to the bathroom and pointing to the one near by. I had to tell her ‘no!! I fell! I ate it!’

  100. During the 2010 Chicago Marathon, my sports bra chaffed my chest so bad that I literally had 2 huge boobie blood circles on my WHITE shirt. The chaffing itself was confined to the area where the band rubbed underneath by boobs, but combined with sweat, it looked like my boobs were a bloody mess. I was blissfully unaware of said chaffing, until a couple nice runners offered me tissue. I couldn’t figure out why, until they tactfully told me I had bloody boobs. For the last 8 miles or so of the race, the crowds could only comment, “Ouch,” “oh my god, that poor girl!” “that looks painful,” etc. I can handle the weird looks and sympathy – but not the awful chaffing. Needless to say, that sports bra is no longer in the rotation.

  101. Baltimore Half Marathon 2011. The race got the best of me and I hated everyone and running. I took out my phone to text my sister who was a few miles behind me about the massive hills coming up and I looked up just in time to have to hurdle (or attempt to hurdle) a 3 foot cone and fall flat on my face. It was really fun dragging my body to the finish.

  102. This might be a gimme, but during a crowded race I was the girl who ran INTO the orange cone covering a pothole in the middle of the road, tripped, flew several feet, got up to keep running, and then realized 100m later that I should really go back and fix the cone… so then I’m trying to run against the crowd. Basically running the wrong way. I’m awesome.

  103. Ooo I’d have to say my best story is the time I biffed it while doing a night run with my run club. LUCKILY only my one friend was around, as people had kind of paired off and were in various places along the run. We didn’t have great light, so the change from gravel to pavement and the fraction of elevation difference was enough to cause me to skim my foot and throw me off balance. Fortunately it was one of those moments where you almost catch yourself, you reel for a moment, and then realize that you’re going down in slow motion formation. Upon this realization I aimed for a grassy patch to the side, got my hands in place and managed to do a graceful (i’m sure) slide onto my stomach while creating a pleasant soundtrack of the most attractive grunt I’ve heard myself mutter for the duration of the fall. :) My partner? He didn’t actually laugh because he had almost biffed it at the same time. Hahaha. Thinking back now and replaying the grunt in my mind, all I do is giggle at myself. I wasn’t hurt at all, thanks to the slow-mo factor.

  104. During HS indoor track I must have eaten something not ideal. During my 300m race I felt some bad rumblings, and by the end I literally had to sprint directly to the bathroom. I barely made it, and had to sprint in front of large line of women. It was pretty mortifying. Thankfully now I eat smarter before running.

  105. BEST. GIVEAWAY. EVER. Seriously. Pick me. Please?

    I have dropped my shorts behind more buildings, trees, ditches than anyone would ever believe. Totally normal. Most embarrassing run related story: I was in Chicago for a wedding a couple of years ago and ran 16 miles in the pouring rain the morning of. My right inner thigh chaffed SO BAD that I sent Brad to the store to buy a big gauze patch and Neosporin because I couldn’t be in my dress all day without something covering it. During the wedding, we were dancing and Brad dipped me and I fell (drink much?), flowy dress flying up for the whole dance floor to see a big white gauze patch on my inner thigh. Try to explain that one…

  106. I was waving to say thank you to a car who gave me a little extra room on a narrow road. I was so cool and fly running by like a swift gazelle, stepped into a pile of leaves that were hiding a pothole underneath, and totally fell flat on my face while waving like a loser. I was so embarrassed, and the lady asked me if she could drive me home. I said no, felt sorry for myself, but then ran 5 miles that are still some of my fastest to date.

  107. I had just moved to a new city and I’m not normally a “group” runner but I met two nice people who wanted to run with me so I said why not. First run together in the first mile I feel something heavy fall on me but wasn’t sure what it was and one of my new running buddies laughed because there was bird crap on my head and shirt and shorts. What was funny was that I was running in between the two new running buddies pretty much elbow-to-elbow and both of them escaped crap-free. Of course when we stopped at a bathroom there was like 2 sheets of TP left to clean up this big mess. Embarrassing but mostly disgusting. And I’m sure everyone is going to have a bird crap story.

  108. During the last half mile of an already terrible (side stitches, dehydration, sore muscles, hard breathing, slow pace) trail race this summer all of a sudden I went diving towards the ground head/hands first. Completely covered in dirt. Felt totally defeated & utterly embarrassed. Started to get up as an old man helped me up. The old man stayed with me and said something along the lines of “just because you fell doesn’t mean you can finish strong – I’m sure you can beat this old guy” and pointed to himself. It made me laugh and made the stinging on my bloody knees and hands hurt a little less. I said “thanks” and somehow was able to go faster and did beat the old man – not by much. He shook my hand after and got me a cup of water as I sat trying to wipe dirt out of my wounds.

  109. My fave running shorts are made by Oiselle–the “distance” shorts….and you’ve convinced me that the Rogas are worth a (free) try.

    So, embarrassing running story…The time I fell and got trampled within the first 10 steps (wayyyy before passing the start line) of my first marathon, the Los Angeles marathon, in 2006. Rookie mistake to not properly shuffle in that big crowded start.

  110. My dad and I usually run a few races together. I was being slow and saw him up ahead and started running to him. I started him and realize it’s not my dad, but some other guy wearing a red shirt like my dad, best part? My dad was behind me and was laughing his ass off lol.

  111. One time during a race I spit/sneezed to my left and it flew back and hit a dude in the face. He was not psyched. And just to prove that life is not a romantic comedy, we did definitely not become friends and start dating in hilarious fashion after said race. Sad.

  112. Recently I was running past a fairly busy intersection and completely wiped out when I tripped over a street sign. I had been running at a pretty solid clip before hand, so I really went flying, almost flinging myself into someone biking by in the process. It wasn’t my finest hour.

  113. While running down a perfectly flat side walk on a busy street, I face planted in front of an old guy and the rest of the world. As the talented person I am, I bounced up and continued on with out a care in the world until I face planted for a second time only 3 blocks farther down the road. I spent the next 4 miles staring at my feet.

  114. In the dark days before Googlemaps (or carrying a cell phone), we were visiting my in-laws in North Carolina and I went for a run along the lake trail near their house. “I’ll be back in half an hour or so,” I told them. I decided to go the other was around the lake from our usual route. After all, the trail would go around the lake and I’d end up back at the start, right?

    Great plan, only it turns out the lake’s probably 12 mi around. This possibility occurred to me about 2.5 mi in. By the time I turned around and was nearing the road again, husband and father-in-law (an avid runner) had come out to look for me. Oops.

  115. I fell at the corner of an intersection during morning rush hour, where a biker just watched and all the cars that were stopped at the red light watched me lay on the ground for far too long. No one asked if I was okay and I felt like entertainment. I had 3 miles to get home and a very bloody knee and broken garmin. boo.

  116. I live downtown DC.. which is great for waterfountains but not as great when those nice bathrooms are closed before 8am.. while on a longish run… while marathon training. So really, there is nothing better than trying to find a tree before 8am, in the super busy part of the nations capital. (and btw I am 5’9 and dying to find a pair of shorts that actually fit correctly!)

  117. I’m just getting into running, so I don’t have a ton of embarrassing stories (yet)… however, when I was in college, I ran in one of those Mud Run type races with one of my coworkers & some of her friends. I was playing intramural soccer twice a week & going to fitness classes fairly regularly, so I didn’t think it would be a big deal. However, I didn’t know that this girl & her friends were actually INSANELY in shape (one of them was a state championship road biker, the other a seasoned & fast triathlete… you get the idea) and that their idea of an ‘easy jog’ was pretty much running full out for me (if not sprinting).

    Anyway, about halfway through the race, on these evil mud hill obstacles that we had to run up & down, my stomach decided that was enough of that – I barfed right in front of a bunch of people, including one who apparently had “never seen anyone throw up before” – thanks dude!

  118. This isn’t the most embarrassing but at track the other night I went to high five a guy that I just met and we both turned and he totally got his entire hand around my right boob! My husband now keeps trying to give me “high 5s!”

  119. I decided to let out a scream of triumph when I beat my running goal, but was wearing my sweater around my waist, sweat down my face, running glasses on my head, and other non-flattering accessories…. And a race photgrapher captured the moment. U.G.L.Y..

  120. I got massive calf cramps right after crossing the finish line of a half marathon two years ago. My calves totally seized up and all I could do was collapse on the ground and shriek in pain. It was horribly embarrassing (and painful). After awhile I was fine and I now know the importance of extra electrolytes (yay Nuun!).

    I have been dying to try out the rogas.

  121. Oh goodness, I’ve done a lot of embarrassing things while running. But running into a stop sign and gashing open my should in front of a crash on the street was probably the best one. maybe I should have stopped? Haha!

  122. I’m sure all runners have had a gnarly spill on a sidewalk before. Unfortunately mine was in front of a high school which was just letting out for the day. I miscalculated the curb height and totally took a digger onto the sidewalk…awesomeness. In true high schooler fashion I received a nice round of applause as I quickly stood up, pretended like I was fine, and waved as I ran off…totally mortified!!!

  123. sweet jesus…i have the best (or worst) most embarrassing running story. i was running the fall 50 really up in door county wisconsin and at one of the exchanges, i had to use the bathroom (ala port o pot) and when i walked out of the bathroom, i somehow managed to have a long piece of toilet paper sticking out of the top of my capris (so long that the end was dragging on the ground) really?! how does that even happen??? luckily, some poor guy obviously felt bad for me and saved me from ultimate embarrassment and quickly pulled the piece of toilet paper from my pants a few steps from leaving the bathroom.

  124. I once was in the bathroom at the start of a small 5k. I heard the “gun” go off as I was still in the stall and when I came out everyone was gone. The race director saw me and apologized for starting it already! The only good thing was I got to pass a lot more people then I normally would :)

  125. I am a total klutz. I have fallen a number of times while running. The most embarrassing was during the last mile of a half marathon. I was approaching a stoplight intersection and the police officer was directing traffic, letting cars go through when there were no runners. I was paying attention to the car that was going to try to cross rather than paying attention to the road. I totally face-planted it in front of Everyone. One second I’m running across the street, then Boom, flat out in the middle of it. I popped up and thought, “shit, every single person just witnessed that.” I was not going to tell my family until my Hubs asked me why my white tank had dirt marks on it and my arms were all scraped up!

  126. I’ve been pooped on (By a bird not a human- phew!)
    I’ve also perfected my snot-rocketeering, so much so that as I was reveling in one particularly successful blow, I failed to notice the nice old man enjoying his morning coffee on his lawn, steps from where I snotted… oops. He took it in stride with a cheerful”Good Morning!”

  127. In college I thought I was badass enough to go running during a hurricane. (I at least waited until the worst was over.) It was kind of dark and still a little rainy/windy so it was hard to see where I was going. I was running by a group of people I knew from the dorm (who were also stupid enough to be outside) when suddenly I fell flat on my face. Not only had I tripped over a fallen tree, but I had broken my nose. Yep. Badass! :)

  128. After having 3 kids I have too many pee accident stories to tell. Each one equally embarrassing – visibly wet shorts, time when the pad I was wearing fell out because it was filled with pee…. I could go on for hours. :(

  129. shorts sound amazing!

    my story… my friend and I were so excited after our first trail race that we were jumping around at the finish line – went for the jumping hi five – silly me misjudged the distance (or the amount of spring left in my legs) and managed to miss her outstretched hand and crash sideways into the ground…

  130. While having my timing chip removed from my shoe at the finish of a half marathon last year, I totally fell on the guy! I couldn’t/didn’t lift my foot high enough to clear the curb, so I tripped and landed right on top of him. And of course, about a hundred spectators, volunteers, and other finishers saw!!

  131. I ran the mile and 2 mile in HS in indoor track. We had these skimpy little uniforms that were LIGHT BLUE. Not cute when you pee your pants half way through a 2 mile race and still have 12 laps on the tiny track to go. Lots of people got a good view of my wet bum, 12 times. As you can imagine, as a high schooler, this was mortifying. Now I have no issues with popping a squat wherever it’s needed!

  132. During my first marathon, I was sweating so much (and it rained) and I was wearing a thin white shirt, that in every single marathon photo you could see right through my shirt and sports bra. Not the most photogenic!

  133. About 50yd from the finish of a 12k I wasn’t in shape for, a course medic tried to pull me because I was pale and puking. I demanded he let me finish for my damn tshirt. He walked me in then hauled me to the medical tent. Because I was suck a hot mess, they had to take my temperature. in these overheated circumstances, the only accurate way is… rectal. In a very populated tent. Never. Again.

  134. Treadmill mortification. I was on a treadmill, had just turned it on and started walking. It was maybe at a 3.0, 3.5. I was having trouble untangling my headphones, so I figured I would step onto the siderails of the treadmill to sort this out while the belt kept running. So I stepped my right foot to the rail and my left foot went baaaaaacck. It all happened in slow motion – my left leg going backwards, falling forward, trying to reach the emergency stop but realizing it was too late, the crumpling into a heap at the back of the treadmill. Runners around me stopped to ask if I was okay. I was. I could only laugh and shrug it off. I got up and ran two and a half miles before I realized my knee was badly scraped and I was bleeding. Moral: Always hop off a moving belt. Which should be obvious to everyone except me…

  135. Oh, I have had a number of the face plants, pooping/peeing issues, but my most embarrassing story is not really running related. I was just getting used to my new road bike and got some clip in shoes. My roommate at the time took me on a ride around his old neighborhood (which included some busy streets). I had not mastered clipping in and out yet and as we had almost made it across a busy street, I could not get my foot unclipped and ate it! Traffic had to stop and I litterally could not get up becasue my foot was still stuck, twisted at a weird angle, with my bike on top of me. Good thing my friend was there to help me get up!

  136. Just a casual run through the biggest park in the city on a busy Saturday afternoon. Get cut off by a 5 year old jumping onto the boardwalk I was running along, jump onto the grass, back to the boardwalk and do a graceful swan dive meets faceplant right onto the wood. Needless to say there was a hole in my tights, a scrape on my knee, cuts on my hands and a bruise on my ego!

  137. I used to wear silky-esh underwear when I ran. One day when running down a hill towards the high school bus stop, my pants started to fall down. My hands were full with my cell/GPS/music & my water (before I bought a Nathan ) & I didn’t want to stop directly in front of the bus stop to hike up my yoga pants (learned yoga pants aren’t the best to run in) so I tried to quickly get past them before it got too bad. *sigh* I’m sure I gave them something to laugh about on their way to school…

  138. While running with a friend I accidentally trip on who knows what and on my way down I grabbed at her pants… Maybe this story is more her embarrassment haha I felt so bad since their were fellow runners out:/

  139. First, I am totally enjoying reading everyone’s stories! Luckily, I haven’t had anything crazy happen to me, all I can think of is maybe letting out a few farts on the treadmill thinking nobody could hear them since I couldn’t hear them since I have my music blasting.

    I’m sure my time will come…

  140. I have a 9 month old baby, and my first race back after having her was the most hilarious/embarrassing moment(s) of my life. I ran in the stroller division with my little one tucked safely away in her BOB. About 2 miles into the 10K, my bladder couldn’t take it anymore, and my legs were covered in fluid that was NOT sweat. About another mile later, little baby starts crying hysterically. I pull over to see what is going on and see that she had had a total diaper blowout and was sitting in a ocean of poo. When I picked her up to try and solve the problem, she spit up all down the front of my shirt. Haha – being a momma runner has its moments!

  141. I was running on a road in the country and moved off the road into the shoulder as a car came by…except instead of moving to the shoulder I fell into a ditch. Ouch.

  142. I’ve been pretty lucky thus far — a couple of accidental farts, tripping — but I would probably say the time I punched myself in the mouth while taking off compression sleeves was the most embarrassing.

  143. I ran track in Middle School, when pretty much everything is embarrassing! One of my events was the 100 meter hurdles. As with all things running, hurdles are mental. I totally psyched myself out right before the final district wide event, and begged my coach to take me out of the heat. He refused. I proceeded to trip over the first hurdle, screwing up my rhythm. I then took out every. single. remaining. hurdle. I crossed the finish line with bleeding palms and knees, and sorely bruised pride. No shock that I never ran track again.

  144. Um, my entire life is an embarrassing story. I’d have to say totally eating and skidding over pavement at the RNR New Orleans this year was pretty special. I was just chuggin’ along and the next thing I knew I was rolling on the ground. Whoopsies.

  145. Several years ago, pre-kids and when I still lived in CA, I was out for a run and had to go to the bathroom. I knew where a park was along my route that had a real bathroom so when I got to it, I made a stop at the bathroom. However, when I walked in, there was this lady popping a squat on top of one of the toilets, literally, her feet were up on the toilet seat and she was squatting over the toilet that way, and she didn’t have her stall door closed! I turned and ran back out and needless to say, I held it til I got home!

  146. I face planted at the finish line of a trail race I did awhile ago. The best part of all is that there’s a picture of me falling forward!

  147. My most embarrassing running experience involves a closed bathroom on a busy trail several miles from my home. Good thing the trees were all leafed out!

  148. At the beginning of a trail race when everyone was still running really close together, I tripped and fell and someone almost tripped over me! So embarrassing. And then I fell again later in the race! Some of the same people saw me and commented on my “gracefulness”.

  149. The runs during my very first half marathon. It’s kind of a miracle I kept running for years after, since at the time I was new to all those #runnersissues and was horrified to be taking a dump essentially on someone’s front lawn. (oh yea this course went through a lot of residential areas so there was no avoiding it!)

  150. Busted by security at a local college trying to sneak into the library to fill up my handheld during a long, humid run this summer. Then kept insisting I just “forgot my ID” rather than just explaining the situation. Apparently I don’t look 18 anymore?

  151. Most embarrassing run story involves my husband, but at this point my new-ish boyfriend, sugary running fuel for the first time, mixed in with Gatorade and water and my first 20 mile run…
    Apparently, my stomach does not like any of the above combinations while running distance and as we were at mile 18.5 I projectile vomited in a pretty house’s bushes with no warning. I didn’t know it was coming and neither did the bf…surprise! Guess it could have been worse though…

  152. During my long runs, I typically carry a few dollars in a pocket, and in the winter, it’s my back pocket of my running tights. A few times when I’ve stopped to buy water, I’ve always been embarrassed to hand the cashier a wet and sweaty dollar bill.

  153. I was on a run with some running buddies. We were going down a hill and my foot slipped off the sidewalk and I tripped and fell. I fell on my side and I slid down the hill a few feet. I had a grass stain on my shoulder! Except for a sore shoulder for a few days, I was ok. Just embarrassed.

  154. Mine is probably the time I was running before work on a summer morning and lo and behold, my just recent ex was a few blocks ahead walking towards me. I tried to speed up and look not-completely-out-of-breath and dying from running up hill at a faster pace to try to impress him. As I passed him I waved all confident-like and noticed him looking at me kinda weird. I finished my run not long after and, looking down, realized that the blue compression shorts I was wearing showed sweat marks BAD. So bad that I looked like I had peed myself A LOT. So bad that other people around me were looking at my crotch strangely and I still had a few blocks to walk home for my cool down. I spent that cool down speed walking and holing my ipod in front of my crotch. ugh.

  155. I suppose the fact that I pack TP with me for every run “just in case”…..and really, I use it often. My husband thinks I am crazy but hey, when you gotta go you gotta go. I guess I should be embarrassed that I don’t care about taking a #2 in the desert…

  156. Most embarrassing….ummm…crying when I fell and skinned both knees on a run back in February…wait.. it gets better…I pulled out my cellphone to call my husband to let him know I was limping bath home, only to find that my phone had already started to dial my parents (in JAPAN) and now I couldn’t hang up because they’d wonder why I was calling them at a weird time ….and having to explain that I was dragging my lame, bleeding self back home…

  157. My story will only have a beginning. I was running a hard tempo at 5 a.m. and needed to make a pit stop. I ran to the park but found they didn’t open the restrooms until dawn. And, from here, I’ll just be thankful for the dark and a pair of grannies that could be tossed.

  158. I was running with my long time boyfriend when I really needed a bathroom. Unfortunately we were on a bathroom less road and no real place to stop. Needless to say, I ended up tossing my run shorts and underwear after that run.

  159. I was running on the treadmill at the gym with my headphones in and let out what I thought were some silent farts… until I realized that I really couldn’t tell whether they were silent or not! No wonder I was getting some strange looks from those around me.

  160. So…I accidentally bought a pair of Nike bunhuggers (didn’t seem that short when I tried them on?). Went for a run and within half a mile my whole butt was hanging out. Like…not just the bottom. EVERYTHING. I kept trying to pull them down to finish my run, but I could seriously hear people laughing on the trail behind me (jackasses). I finally just stopped running after 3 miles and very carefully and very sloooowly walked back to my car.

  161. I have had numerous “accidents” in my shorts while running but the most memorable one was when I was a freshman in high school running cross country during our league meet I peed my pants during the race. When u got to go you got to go!

  162. I was doing a trail run and feeling kinda sassy from losing the last 10 lbs, but didn’t stop to think that maybe my running tights would not be so tight anymore. About half way through it felt like something was wrong, like my shirt was ridding up in back or something. My cloths were just bugging me, so I reached back to pull my shirt down only to find that not only was my shirt ridding up, but my pants were slipping down and my butt was hanging out for all behind me to see. Thankfully this trail run was mostly single track so only the first few people behind me saw my ass hanging out.

  163. There’s two that stand out, but they’re not all THAT embarrassing. First was when I first started running. I was still figuring out the right pre-run fuel. Everyone always talked about bagels with PB and banana, so I figured that would work. One morning it did not. I ended vomiting on the side of the street…in front of a lady walking her dog…on a high traffic street during traffic hour. Not my finest moment. Other time was when I was running in the dark one morning (stupid daylight savings) and didn’t have a head lamp. I tripped over a crack in the side walk and completely ate it, right as a group of guys came running by. Still got back up and finished my run though!

  164. This is funny now, but embarrassing at the time. On a trail run, I slipped and fell down a steep downhill, and slid down most of the hill, screaming and cursing as I was falling. I looked up to find two hikers staring down at me, completely shocked at the words coming out of my mouth. Of course I then burst into tears.

  165. My story isn’t about me, but running behind someone who clearly had to poop and didn’t make it to the bathroom. Honestly, I can’t fathom shitting myself and that I would continue with a half marathon #quitternotashitter

  166. Once in a race a tripped on the person in front of me and totally biffed it. I was so embaressed and everyone kept tripping over me it was horrible! Plus i then had bloody knees for the rest of the race.

  167. That world be when my I tripped and fell flat on my face 500 ft from the finish line of a local 5k. I tripped over the hem of my pants that were way to long, needless to say they have been retired and new fitting pants have been bought!

  168. I’m all over this. I totally want those shorts! My embarrassing story isn’t too bad–for some reason, I think that one is in the future. BUT. During a 15k, I felt really good – I was running at a good pace and feeling strong as I went through the second water station – I grabbed a cub, pinched it as usual, took a gulp, a choked. I had to stop and catch my breath with several onlookers. Not too bad, but I definitely haven’t mastered the art of running through water stops.

  169. Some of the stories are amazing. Mine are not as fun, but tripping over my dog in our neighborhood and maybe just knowing that I have peed in at least 5 bushes in a 5 mile radius from my home….I live in a very dense area so these are all bushes at someone’s houses. I am now running pregnant so I don’t see that stopping and am just waiting for my indecent exposure ticket.

  170. Well, the best I can think of is an almost horrifying story. Hopefully that counts. I used to live in NYC and decided to go for a run along the East River after work one day. It’s a popular place to run, and about ten minutes in, I got hit with THE WORST feeling ever. I had to find a bathroom IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of exit points along the East River, and certainly no bathrooms, and given the severity of the situation, I couldn’t really think straight. I started sprinting back to work, didn’t think I was going to make it so had started to squat behind this column thing but then of course, someone came running by and I realized there were way too many people out (not to mention EVERYONE DRIVING BY on the FDR) so it wasn’t going to work. I mustered all my remaining strength and will power to sprint back to work, sprinted through the gate and past the guard, into the main lobby and past some coworkers, and made it with seconds to spare. The end.

  171. When I was training for my first marathon, my group did long runs from the Maryland ‘burbs along bike trails into Washington, DC. A couple of miles after we literally crossed paths with then-President Clinton, who was running with his Secret Service detail, my lack of proper nutrition/hydration caught up with me & I puked on the front lawn of the National Museum of Natural History in front of tourists, food vendors, God & everybody. I was grateful that I didn’t hork on the leader of the free world and the people with weapons who protect him.

  172. Haha, yeah I ran into metal fence post that was crotch high while talking and running with my husband (then new boyfriend). I bruised my pubic bone and it ached for a while. Luckily not many other people saw, but a fairly embarassing reason to stop a run when your relationship is still new.

  173. I haven’t been running very long and I haven’t done any races (yet…) so luckily my story only involved one witness and minor discomfort. I went out for a run with my boyfriend one early morning last year, and about a mile in I realized my leggings were on backwards. The entire time I was running I was tugging and rearranging and trying to get them to sit right, all the while looking for a well-placed shrub to duck behind and turn them around. No such luck…

  174. I’ve considered myself pretty lucky so far (knock on wood!) and haven’t had any super embarrassing running moments. I have taken a few spills though….one of which almost landed me in the Tidal Basin in DC!

  175. I’ve only been running for 8 months and have only run a few 5Ks and one 10K, so nothing embarrassing has happened YET. But, I live in fear of GI distress on a run or at a race. I did have a scare on a 6 mile run last weekend but, luckily, just major upset stomach with no need to pop a squat on the side of the road! Also, please save me from diaper butt!

  176. When training for my first half marathon this summer it was ridiculously hot, so staying hydrated was always on my mind, but I thought I had an iron stomach. I ended up taking a gel halfway through my run (I had taken them before) and I immediately had to go to the bathroom. I ran fast all the way to our meet up spot, a church, by passed my coaches and teammates and proceeded to the bathroom. Oh and there was a church function going on….

  177. New-ish runner here: During my first month of trying to learn how to run again I was out running before work when I suddenly slammed full-force into the ground. My three primary points of initial impact were (somehow) my left palm, my right shoulder, and my chin….the subsequent skidding then road-rashed off the dorsal surface of my right arm and forearm, my right cheek (face), both knees, both thighs, and a bit of stomach. Both boobs were bruised by the impact. Of course I was wearing a white shirt which was then covered in dirt and green goose poop. While limping the couple of miles home my white shirt was increasingly soaked with blood from my dripping gashed-up face….after the initial shock wore off I couldn’t stop laughing and crying simultaneously: It hurt so much but must have been absolutely ridiculous to see. I will never forget the look on my husband’s face when I arrived back home! I still have a bony lump in my chin….and this happened back in July! The best part (possibly): So many folks assumed that I crashed while riding a bike and asked me if I had at least been wearing a helmet. I just answered ‘no’ (and experienced their tsskking me for not protecting my noggin) rather than explaining that I managed to do all the damage while running…..

  178. I dropped my iPod and then myself on a treadmill once. Yep. Totally bit it and fell off the SIDE of the treadmill (who does that? how is that even possible??). It was a very triumphant gym moment.

  179. Once I face planted on the sidewalk, right in front of a bus stop filled with elementary school kids! They sure got a good laugh

  180. I’ve had more than my fair share of butt clenching moments a few blocks from home, bad for me, they always happen when I am running with someone else! Oh well, I guess that’s the gift that keeps on giving after having twins!

  181. Several years ago, I was doing a warm-up jog on a local high school’s track. I was also deciding how to break up with a boyfriend. So I rehearsed what I wanted to say to said boy… out loud… while running. I was just really in the zone and working through things. Unfortunately, the cute guy running behind me heard everything.

  182. I took a dive on a TM at my gym. My initial reaction was to grab the side bars, not the stop switch. The TM kept rolling, I kept holding on for some unknown reason, while taking off the skin on my knees. I literally held on until someone smarter than me finally hit the kill switch. To this day I have no idea why I didn’t let go and save my knees. I had to sign an accident report, go to work in a skirted suit (that’s all I had), and answer questions about what happened to my bloody knees.

  183. during college, in the varsity athlete’s gym, i tripped over my feet during sprints and flew off the back of it. the basketball team just happened to be lifting that day and saw the whole thing! they never let me me live it down.

  184. High school. I kept asking my xc coach if we could do a downhill practice one day. He agreed. Whole team goes to nearby park where we find a big hill to run down. Coach announces the workout and mentions that it is at my request. Everyone takes off, except for me. I took two steps and wiped out, face-first, Superman-style. It’s been nearly 15 years so I’ve pretty much recovered from this one, but it’s still one of my favorite embarassing run moments (we can have those, right?).

  185. Hmmm… I’m sure I’ve had tons but the one that sticks in my mind the most was the day I put on a tight tank and some older running shorts. It was horrible. The tank (prbly a bit snug since the last time I wore it was the summer before) rode UP on my stomach. The shorts were old and completely rode up between my thighs. It was horrible. I was tugging and and pulling every which way… and I live/work on a college campus. People were just staring at this mess that was ME! As a former chubby girl it brought up horrible memories! I threw the shorts away and put the tank in the back of my closet for a “maybe someday”.

  186. A few months ago I was running on the treadmill at my gym and saw someone that I knew across the way so I turned to yell “hi” and ate s#!t!! Total faceplant with bloody knees and a red face to boot!

  187. Well, my most embarrassing run story is indicative of me in a nutshell: I was jogging with my bf, who only runs maybe 2-3 times per year (so of course I think I’m the expert), and we were in a neighborhood with uneven sidewalks. Halfway through three miles I said something like “hey watch out for all these bumps in the ground,” and then half a mile later I totally bit it, skinned my knee, and had to limp the rest of the way home. Bruised ego for sure.

  188. I guess my story isn’t that bad…but I used to be very bad at running on a treadmill. I guess I didn’t pick my feet up enough so I would keep scuffing my feet on the belt and I would have to catch myself. One summer in college I went to the absolutely deserted gym. There were two people using the treadmills, and 3 rows of them, but I chose the treadmill between the two people because it was the only one with a cupholder. I’m sure they were already thinking “why the eff is she running here when there’s all these treadmills available?” What made things worse is I kept tripping on the treadmill and had to catch myself several times. I could feel the two people’s eyes on me every time I did it…but I refused to get off and finished 3 trippy miles. I still hate the treadmill.

  189. That would have to be one of the two times I tripped on NOTHING while running, and slid across pavement. I still have scars from each time. One on my palm, one on my elbow.

  190. While I was running on the treadmill, I clipped the cord to my headphones with my hand and my ipod went flying. Normally it just ends up on the floor (I’ve obviously done this a few times) but this time it somehow gets wedged under the front of the belt. I had to stop the treadmill and find a maintenance person to completely take apart the treadmill so I could retrieve my ipod. I felt like a complete idiot. Maybe if I had been wearing some Rogas, I would have at least looked cute while feeling like a moron :)

  191. I’d have to go with having a middle aged man open the porta potty door on me during the Chicago Marathon. I think I screamed…that poor guy. Haha! Here’s to history not repeating itself!

  192. During marathon #3 it was quite warm out so I was taking water at every aid station and dumping it over my head…well, as I approached a delirious state, maybe mile 18 or so I dumped a FULL cup of orange Gatorade on my head instead of water. Running 8.2ish miles with sticky orange crap all over you is NOT fun. Luckily I was wearing a dark colored tank top so I least didn’t have to announce to the world that I was wearing Gatorade =).

  193. Last January at my first half I rudely received my first chaffing incident. At mile 11, I simply couldn’t handle it and kept putting my hands down my pants to get some vaseline on it. Oh right, cameras…so pretty to have your hand down your pants while running through Epcot.

  194. I had a spectacular fall while out running one morning. I was running pretty fast at the time, tripped on an uneven sidewalk, and just went flying. I was totally out of it after falling and was laying on my back on the sidewalk, bleeding, when an off-duty fireman pulled up next to me in his car. He drove me to the nearby station house and cleaned me up. So even though it was embarrassing, it had a happy ending.

  195. oh, just your typical fart story — farting my way around the park, past all the other moms/walkers/runners/fellow students… not that bad, but still embarassing.

  196. I feel like I should have more by now than I do. I run into portapotties all the time on construction sites but I’m more proud of that than embarrassed. I’ve pulled over to the side of the trail to poop in the woods before, but no one caught me, so that can’t count. I’ve tripped on concrete in front of several people…

  197. It has to be the time I went for a run over lunch break and tripped on a peice of uneven sidewalk infront of the building while sprinting back to the driveway and ended up doing a somersault infront of 4 of our backhoe operators that were out in the equipment yard. Came back into the office with a bloody lip and elbow :(

  198. I fell off the treadmill in front of a full class at Barry’s Bootcamp. We were supposed to start walking backwards and my treadmill hadn’t slowed down enough and when I turned around, I flew off! I got back on the treadmill and finished the class!

  199. Cross country in high school, forgot I had a meet and went out with my friend and did the Friday night party thing. Woke up late and hung over at my friends house to find I didn’t have my uniform with me. No problem, she used to be on the team so I could just borrow hers (she had quite running). Only problem was I was a size 8/10 and she was more like a 2. Had to run the race in tiny shorts feeling like I was about to puke. Funny thing is I actually PRd that day cause I just wanted it to be over so I could puke and change. Good times.

  200. My most embarrassing running story has to be from high school xc, freshman year. In our first really big/crowded meet, I freaked out, started hyperventilating, and pretty much just gave up on the race. When I passed where my teammates were cheering, I pulled to the side, flopped to the ground, and really made a small theatrical display out of my “breathing problem.” I swear at the time I didn’t know what else to do!

  201. I was so exhausted and hurting during the first 10K I’ve ever run, that at the 2nd water stop I took the cup, threw it back, and the threw it to the ground. Except I wasn’t really paying attention and threw the cup right at one of the volunteers. Oops. Sorry dude!

  202. I don’t have any truly embarassing running stories (fingers crossed it stays this way), but I’ve had many on my mt bike! The worst is when I fall off my bike in slow motion and typically sideways for NO reason. This happens more often then it should and almost always with people around (on single track trails if that makes it sound less embarassing). Needless to say, I am more of a runner than a mt biker!

  203. I was running down the street, tripped on an uneven part of the sidewalk, and would have face-planted if I had not caught myself with my hands, which were then a bloody mess. Since I live in NY, there was no shortage of witnesses. People were nice and asked if I was ok, but I just wanted to run away as fast as I could.

  204. My stomach started rumbling once while I was running after work and all the downtown offices were closed with nary a gas station or grocery store in sight. I finally found an auditorium whose box office was open, but the ticket lady wouldn’t let me in to use the bathroom, even though I pleaded with her. I ran back outside trying to find some greenery to hide while doing my business, but there were no trees or shrubs anywhere, so finally I just let it all go. While walking back to my office and trying to hold my shorts against my legs, two guys said, “Hey, how you doin’?” in a creepy flirty way. I wanted to say, “I just crapped myself, thanks for asking,” but I just nodded and hurried off to find clean clothes.

  205. Mine would have to be trying to hide my vomiting from Marines during the Marine Corps Marathon so that they would not feel compelled to pull me off the course.

  206. Treadmill run at the gym, totally thinking I was a bad ass because I was running faster than the dudes on either side of me. I looked down to up the speed a little more, and as I glanced at the ‘mill, I saw my untied shoelace (always double knot) get sucked under the moving band… The next thing I knew, I was being sent flying off the back of the treadmill, and into an innocent bystander behind me. Ooof.

  207. My lady friend has unexpectedly visited me during several races. I should probably get better at planning! During my last incident, a freak thunderstorm and hail caused the race to be called off mid way through. That saved me from a lot of embarrassment at the finish line!

  208. I tripped and fell forward into a superman pose and slid on my stomach at least 10 feet. I had sidewalk burns from my chin to my knees. It was not only embarassing but painful so I got up and ran home as fast as I could!

  209. Hmm I haven’t had many embarrassing running moments (I should probably run more to have more embarrassing stories) but once after a particularly sweaty run, I was stretching on the mats and when I got up, my butt/thigh sweat left marks on the mat that looked like male private parts …

  210. Definitely feeling like I was going to “ahem” lose it during a marathon only to arrive at the POP to a ridiculous line and I had to squat in the bushes, not really undercover and do the deed. SO embarassing.

  211. Actually, this was pre run. It’s getting chilly in So Cal so I was putting on my new arm warmers when I punched myself in the nose! Ouch! To make matters worse, as I tried to pull them up more, I did it again! They were on good enough by then.

  212. Most embarrassing run story was when I had to pee so bad, that I tried to discretely go into the woods along the trail. It was dark so I wouldn’t think anyone would know. When I emerged, I was covered in burrs and didn’t realize it until I got back to the start and my fellow running group members were like… “Whaatttt happened??” When you gotta go, you gotta go!

  213. I think my only truly embarrassing stories come from my face-plants, mid-run. One more than one occasion a good old sidewalk heave has led me to meet the ground with my face/hands/knees at full speed. The last time, my hands and knees were all bloody and my friend just said, “walk it off, let’s go” – not time to cry!

  214. Most embarassing story: feelign like a bad @ss during the final mile of my long run while training for my first half, taking a quick stride through the grass to offer relief to my achy knees and just as I was getting my rhythm BOOM! I tripped over a rock and busted my butt. Coolness factor: gone

  215. The second to last obstacle in this year’s New England Tough Mudder race was a half pipe which you have to run up and jump on top. People will lay on the top and help pull you up. When it was my turn I slipped from a guys hand and ended up sliding down the half pipe. No big deal, most people don’t get it on their first try. Welp, I hit a screw or nail on my way down which ripped my pants and completely exposed my right butt check and a huge scratch.

    Good luck this weekend!

  216. I farted during my marketing class in college. But I didn’t really. I had puffed my cheeks full of air (I don’t know why. Probably because I am a weirdo) and then I leaned (heavily) on my hand. By doing so it released the air and made a fart noise. My friend next to me cracked up and said “OMG someone farted”. I responded “no, no that was me”. He laughed even harder then because “girls don’t fart” and I laughed because I didn’t really fart but couldn’t explain it to him without laughing.

  217. Probably unintentionally performing the “marathon pee” during the Tacoma Marathon this spring. Surprise! You’re hydrated!

  218. I don’t own a single pair of running shorts, and East Coast summers are pretty brutal. This review might be the thing that gets me giant thighs to try a pair… I was once running with my husband and I thought I’d ducked under what appeared to be a relatively minor tree branch, but instead turned out to be a pretty substantial limb that left a giant lump on my forehead for a week (easily covered by running hats, not so much at work). And on my second ever group marathon training run I tripped over absolutely nothing and landed on my face. The coach’s only words of wisdom were “if you fall during a race, get up faster.”

  219. I was on a 3 mi recovery run, only about a mile from my house when I had to go to the bathroom. RIGHT AWAY. One side of the road was apartment complexes. The other was a cattle field. The only choice was to hop the fence, duck behind a fence post, do my business, and wipe with a clump of grass. Classy. So classy.

  220. My most embarassing moment was last summer at the Dexter – Ann Arbor Half where I was on my way to a new PR. Well OF COURSE I had to pee but didn’t want to stop. As I crossed the finish line I made a mad dash to the closest porta potty and (after having 2 kids the ole bladder isn’t as iron clad as it once was) didn’t quite make it completely in time. It was a bit of a damp ride home ;) Oh well….at least I PR’d. All shorts ALWAYS ride up on me so I am dying to try them out :-)

  221. My first squatting experience happened in Savannah on the full marathon course. I had to go and the line was too long for the portapottys. There was a junk yard near by so I ran over in between 2 cars. A couple (guy and girl) ran up with the same idea. Let’s just say that got a show before I could yank my shorts up. I was so embrassed.

  222. I fell on a run this summer. It was 5:15 am and they had a road closed so traffic was coming through our normally traffic free road that we usually run on. We were running on the left (correct) side of the street because of said traffic and when we were crossing back over to make a right turn I caught my foot on a TINY lip in the middle of the road. It was like sliding into first on a hard slightly gravelly road. I still have a scar on my left knee and I was completely bloody and beat up and we had to turn around and head back to our cars. We had only gone about half a mile. My pride took a huge beating even though my friend was the only one that saw me. I sure hate screwing up someone elses morning run!

  223. It’s a rollerblading story… and you were there. Bladed a half, was trying to lap you to say hi and smack your ass or something while I bladed by and then you were like “WTF are you doing?! The finish line is way back there!” Totally missed the finish line and bladed an extra mile or two. Oops!

  224. This is both embarrassing and disgusting: I was on a 18 mile run with my 55 year old (male – never married) group lead (it was just us) and I got my period. I thought maybe it wouldn’t be a big thing since it was dark and it was day #1 – but no. At mile 5, I realized there was blood dripping down my leg (and mixing with sweat – totally awesome). I then proceeded to make like 5 porta potty stops. At mile 12 the guy finally asked me what the hell was going on. I have never been more horrified in my life! He was actually really cool about it though and just said, “Oh, well it happens.” Somehow I finished that run. It’s the tough runs that make you stronger, right?

  225. So initially I thought about one of my many “that time I tripped and fell while running” stories but decided on a slightly different but equally embarassing story. When I was training for my first half marathon (Nike Women’s 2011 — but I also ran this past year and definitely took advantage of the Nuun along the course), my boyfriend was very supportive and ended up doing a lot of my training runs with me. For him, running comes naturally — me, not so much. We were running down by the water in SF (where EVERYONE runs because it’s actually flat unlike everywhere else), just getting started on our run and I was complaining about how hard it felt already (about .5 miles in) and that I just wasn’t in the mood to run, etc. He meant to say something encouraging but instead came up with “WORK HARDER” to which I stopped dead in my tracks and screamed “Seriously?! Work harder?! I’m working as hard as I effing can!” Right in the middle of the sidewalk with probably 20ish runners nearby….including one of my friends who later told me that she saw us from a distance and anticipated stopping to say hello and chat but when she saw what was happening/how infuriated I was, she just quickly waved hello and kept going. My boyfriend is in fact still around…and now my fiance and continues to be my #1 fan and race sherpa…and we pretty much constantly tell each other to “WORK HARDER.” He will never live that down, hahaha :)

  226. O well I didn’t do this but I was with my friend running the RR San Diego Marathon and she had to poop really bad. We we’re at a section that you had to loop around. She saw a big tree, she decided to go behind the tree not realizing people could see her coming from the other direction. She was like crap “literally” and jumped out, she thought she could hold it, so we shuffled along a little further.. she couldn’t hold it.. she found another big section of bushes and decided it was safe… she had to use her “throw away” shirt as toilet paper. I really hope the race people didn’t find it on the course and think it could be donated. LOL

  227. Tripped in a giant pothole at mile 3 of the Oakland half this year while trying to wave at some friends who were spectating. But I finished the race!

  228. Most embarassing for a fellow runner was at the starting line of a marathon. The lady behind me had a dog (yes he got a medal too for finishing) that was nipping at my heels like crazy just as the gun went off. I assume he was excited to run and not trying to eat me. As the starting line approached the lady stepped in a hole and fell face first on the pavement and the dog took off in the middle a couple hundred runners. The best part was that my brother-in-law was videoing me at the start and got the whole thing on film. (She wasn’t hurt and a spectator scooped her up and off she went).

  229. During a “hash” race I had to drink two beers while I was out on the course. I had to stop to be behind some shrubs. I thought no one could see me. But, several runners got a good view of my rear end and under carriage…

  230. The time I almost missed the start of a trail marathon because I was stuck inside a pit toilet at a desolate trailhead – not the actual pit part, but the door lock jammed and there was no one around to help me! My phone was in my car, and all I could do was hit the panic button on my keys. After 15-20 minutes of ninja-kicking the door, it finally un-jammed. I barely made it down the road and to the start of the race in time!

  231. I made the mistake of wearing new running tights before a 10k in Central Park. Well, those tights ended up being too big and I almost lost my drawers going up Cat Hill. I had to hold them up the entire race but I still managed to finish strong. yay!

  232. on a trail run a few months ago, i was a mile from the bathroom and my stomach let me know i was NOT going to make it. the trees were not particularly lush that day, making coverage sparse and i was wearing a neon yellow shirt and hot pink shorts. aaaand this was a very popular trail. a runner’s gotta do what a runner’s gotta do.

  233. I took my brothers dog for a run with me…I don’t know why I didn’t think to bring any bags with me. Needless to say, the dog started pooping while running. Normally I wouldn’t care, but we were across the street from a church and a bunch of kids were waiting outside to load the bus for some retreat. They witnessed the dog pooping and proceeded to yell at me to pick up the dogs poop. No can do my friends, no can do. Just tried to pull the dog faster and away from the church. She continued to spread her “love” for a few more seconds.

  234. I was running an 18 mile race. The first time I had ever taken those Gu’s. Life was moving rather nicely till around mile 7ish…there was a rumble in the tummy. Then it went away. I ran past the potties feeling fine and sure I was ok. Of course, a good mile after the potties…the tummy rumble returned and with avenge!!! I tried to ignore it but soon i knew my body was not letting me ignore such things. Finally, I had to run off the road…far into the woods…and just let my body be one with nature. My running mate threw me a sheet paper that was a map of the race course aka toilet paper. We still laugh to this day. I tried so hard not to have to hit the woods. Lesson learned. Stay away from GU and never try something new like that on race day.

  235. I was running a race that I didn’t know would be part trail. I’d just finished the treacherous (probably not treacherous, but it felt that way to me!) downhill section — having several loud, attention-getting mini panic attacks en route — and come back out onto the road, where all the volunteers were cheering and clapping that there was only one more flat mile to go. At which point I promptly stepped on a patch of mud and either slipped or got stuck and went flying on my stomach, slip-and-slide style, down the road. It was cute.

  236. My most recent embarrassing run moment happened about two weeks ago. I was running with some friends, in the evening (so because its fall and daylight saving time it was pitch black). I was covered in glow/reflective gear and wearing a head lamp. We got .1 mile in to the run (meaning around the corner from where we started) and there was an uneven edge of sidewalk and splat I went down, HARD. Seriously it was ridiculous, you have to work to fall that hard. So, there I am, sitting on the sidewalk, my knee gushing blood (maybe I’m being a tad dramatic, but it was bleeding a lot), with my four friends staring down at me, their headlamps illuminating my total clumsiness. I almost started crying. I just wanted them to leave me, which, of course, they didn’t because they are good friends, finally one took me back to his car to give me the first aid kit to get cleaned up and only left to run after I insisted I was a grown up and patch myself up. It was bad enough that I couldn’t run that night even after cleaning it up and I had seriously bad road rash on my knee (like a 5 year old with a skinned knee) and its finally almost totally healed. (Better that it was me who fell than my friend right behind me as he was racing IMAZ that weekend, although I was still totally mortified.)

  237. I think my most embarrassing moment (although its not as bad as others i have heard about) was having my bib fall off and trying to duck tape it back to my shirt because none of the medical tents had extra safety pins! eventually i took it off and ran 10 miles with it wadded up in my hand :)

  238. Ran straight into a parked car when trying to look for oncoming traffic with of course multiple witnesses – city running at its finest

  239. This is the most embarrassing story every, but super embarrassing for me. I went to the gym, hopped on the treadmill and started running. I felt something weird on my butt, but the gym was full of people (including the machines behind me) so I didn’t want to be digging around in my butt. When I got to my car, I dug around a bit, only to realize that it was the drawstrings from my pants…the drawstrings that should have been in the front.

  240. i actually don’t have any crazy embarrassing stories. i can’t help but mouth the words to the songs on my ipod. thats kind of embarrassing when i’m blatantly caught doing that. one morning i was out for a super early run and my garmin kept beeping at me…as the only person out at 6am i thought it would be ok to yell at it to shut the eff up….oops, sorry to the man trying to have a nice leisure walk with his dog! awkward.

  241. I don’t have really anything truly embarrassing. Sure I bit it on a 20 miler once, but everyone falls. I wasn’t really even hurt, nor did anyone see it but my running partners. I also have nearly shat myself on more than one occasion, but luckily I have a strict rule that I’d rather walk than shit my pants. So I guess the only time I’ve felt a twinge embarrassed was the night I went running with some friends, and between my reflective clothing, headlamp, and ugly reflective vest, I looked like I just walked out of the movie Tron. My friends kept telling me I looked like Tron the entire run, which made me realize that while I wasn’t overly embarrassed, they were clearly embarrassed to be running with me. Win.

  242. No one witnessed it, but I have popped a squat *for #2* during a regular old run. It was shame-inducing! Even better, I was not out in the middle of nowhere on the trails … this was behind a middle school at 8:30 in the morning (thank GOD on a weekend). Ughhhhh just thinking about that …

  243. during a track workout once, the soccer players in the middle of the field kicked a ball out of bounds to the track… I tried to gracefully kick it back in, and completely whiffed!!! D’OH!

  244. My most embarrasing running moment was during my first 10K. I’m not a very fast runner (10 min. mile), but I was really excited so I pushed myself pretty hard. I ran past two women, on the shoulder of the road who were talking to each other and in a formation that made it impossible for me to pass them any other way. As I passed, they started yelling that I couldn’t cut into the grass, I was cheating, etc… I had never run a race before so I didn’t know this “etiquette” and was already really embarrased. I tried to keep the pace to stay away from these women, but about a mile later, the fast (for me!) pace caught up to me suddenly and I had to throw up on the side of the road. As I was vomitting, the ladies ran past laughing at me and saying, “That’s what you get.” I continued to be near them for the next ten minutes of the race and It was really embarrasing and horrible!

  245. While running the Race for the Cure in DC in high school, my stepdad accidentally tripped me really near to the start. In the middle of 65,000 people. I nearly got trampled to death trying to get back up. More recently I got caught in a downpour while running along a busy street…in white shorts.

  246. I stopped for a pee in the woods off of a seemingly empty trail when an unsuspecting bird-watcher walks by sees me and says “Oh, ma’am I’m so sorry” then ran away as if he had literally walked into my bathroom.

  247. Most awful moment is waking early for a race and put my race clothes on in the dark. Made it to the start line just in time, ran a great race but feeling self concious by the end due to the odd looks I was getting. My sister is at the finish line and she asks “Do you know your running capris are on inside out?”. I look down and to my horror you see the white liner near the nether region peaking out between my legs.

  248. I was running a 100 mile relay in the Florida Keys when I went to take a pre-run-segment pee near some mangroves. I heard a weird noise and thought it was a dry leaf or a little lizard running past only to discover it was a coiled up rattle snake just a few feet away from me. Of course my mid-stream freak out brought the men in our group running my direction to catch a glimpse of the snake and thus…me.

  249. Ok, possibly the most embarrassing thing happened in the physical therapist’s office, which is also a gym for people that choose a membership. It was my first time on the treadmill….ever. I was terribly nervous. I figured that surely with my lack of coordination I would slip and fall and go flying back. Seriously, I had it all pictured in my head. I very quietly murmured to the PT that I had no idea how to work the treadmill and that I was *pause* scared. I had my daughter along with me that night…she, very loudly, stood behind the treadmill and shouted, yes shouted, with arms outstretched: “Don’t worry Mom! I’ll catch you if you fall!” To which the well shaped, young guy on the treadmill about 3 down that had to be sprinting at like 9 or 10 mph starting busting up. Seriously…I had to then actually run with that whole place watching to see if I face planted. I was sooo embarrassed.

    Oh…and then there’s the time that I spit, forgetting about the wind and it totally came back and hit me in the face…ewww..

  250. Would love them! Embarrassing story-half marathon training on a treadmill at work with too short of shorts (accidentally packed the wrong ones in the morning)…..

    Chaffing you could call it-and somehow I didnt notice?? Semi-bloody shorts were the outcome and I didnt realize this happened until after i made it back to the locker room. Yish.

  251. Nothing embarrassing happened to me yet. Super glad about it, but I guess this happens when you mostly run alone- in a forest- with not alot of people around. However, I just heared of a very embarrassing story: my fathers girlfriend got him a 1 month gym membership last Christmas. I am sure she hoped to convince him that a few exercises can be fun, however, she didn’t. On his first day at the gym, he felt of the Stairmaster and the treadmill. He was so bad at the treadmill, that he fell of three times in ten minutes. At the gym, you can see the treadmill from every corner. That was the only time he actually went to the gym that much.

  252. Most my embarrassing running involves telling a women during a race that the mens bathrooms were on the other side. She was not male.

  253. My very first race was through a theme park and spectators were only able to watch the very end. There were TONS of families, and lots with little kids. I could hear the finish line and started to run really hard which almost immediately made me feel like I was absolutley about to puke. Not wanting to traumatize the children, I slowed to a walk, but couldnt suppress the awful about-to-barf-cough/barfs. I’m sure I looked (and sounded) like an awful mess as I hobbled past them.

  254. I haven’t had any super embarrassing stories but the only one that comes to mind is this one that happened when I was running I attempted to jump over a curb it ended in an embarrassing fall and scraped up my knee. To make matters a little worse it was by a redlight where there were a few cars. LOL

    BTW…I LOVE the Rogas…they are so flattering :)

  255. My most embarrassing run story happened during the Diamond Valley Lake Marathon. We were only 2 miles in and I tripped, fell and skinned up BOTH knees. I had to run the remaining 24.2 miles with bloody knees that looked like I got in a fight with an angry badger and everyone asking if I was ok…

  256. I ran in a completely see-through sports bra for over an hour through the populated streets in my conservative small town. Everyone I passed got a show!

  257. My most embarrassing moment was on a run in Paris last April when my husband and I were running around a park at the base of the Eiffel Tower at night. I tripped, tried to save myself but realized all I could do was slide on the gravel path. So I hit the gravel hard with my hands first and had so many people watch it. I bounced back up as fast as I could, and then had a good laugh when a few people started applauding!

  258. On more than one occasion I’ve tried to spit and ended up with it down the front of me. Super cute. I’ve also gone out running with my pants inside out. I still don’t know how I didn’t realize that until I got home…

  259. True story – I fell flat on my face across the finish line during my first 200m sprint in high school track. I was also 2nd to last place (making it even more embarrassing). I saw everyone else pull ahead of me and I wanted to go so much faster, but my feet couldn’t keep up with my mind. I wasn’t injured, but I laid face-down on the track for a while hoping I’d just disappear.

  260. My most embarrassing running moment happened years ago when I was running track in high school. It was winter and we were in the practice gym rotating between wind sprints, box jumps and other stuff. It was my turn for the box jumps. My guts weren’t feeling up to par that day and thanks to the perfect acoustics in the gym, everyone heard as I let out a huge fart during my first jump. Fantastic. Luckily I wasn’t the only one that day to have that problem during practice. Must have been something in the school lunch!

  261. My boyfriend at the time, stepped on my big toe while we were out on a training run together and BROKE it. We were running trails as I was training for my first marathon, and he was coming along for a 5 mile mid week training run. Jumped a puddle and landed on my toe. Needless to say, the incident was embarrassing for both of us.

  262. Probably the most embarrassing incident I’ve experienced was the time I flew off a treadmill. I had just finished my warm-up and was beginning to jack up the speed, when suddenly the speedometer went out of control and started moving on its own – way faster than I was used to. I tripped, landed on my right arm (and scraped it up pretty badly), bounced over and slammed onto my butt, then finally fell off the machine for good. The woman on the treadmill next to me immediately stopped running to see if I was okay, and the bro jocks in the background stopped too – to laugh their asses off. When she asked me if anything was injured, my answer was “only my pride.” To my credit, I did get back on the treadmill and finish my intervals, but I was not a happy camper.

  263. Nothing too drastic. Last week before a run I was strapping on my armband–with very firm grip because I didn’t want my phone to fall–my fingers slipped on the strap and I punched myself in the face. I knuckled my lip good! Stunned, I looked around to make sure no one saw while saying loudly ‘effing strap!’ (because it’s always the strap, sidewalk, some thing eles’s fault when we look stupid, right?) luckily no one witnessed this stupid moment and I contined on my run with a blooming, fat lip.

  264. I flashed a group of incoming freshman some MAJOR headlights once while running in a tank top with just the built in bra. Now I always wear a couple layers on top.

  265. I ate it HARD on a long run right in front of some dude’s driveway as he was getting in his car. I was carrying a handheld and it went flying and so did I. And since it was in the first mile of my long run, I spent the next 2:30+ hours running with bloody knees. Hawt.

  266. I desperately needed a porta potty in a race a few years ago– I was on a really good pace and was mad I had to stop to pee. Rushing, I managed to pee all over my leg- and then noticed there was no TP. I had to run another 8 miles smelling like pee.

  267. I “wet my pants” running sprints on the treadmill. I told my sister via text. Little did I know her boss was using her phone and he happened to read the text. I don’t know what is more embarrassing!!

  268. here’s the one where I knew I was a real runner-last year, when i was training for my first 1/2, I did a 10 mile run. about 7 miles in, I had a bathroom emergency-that ended with me relieving myself (and NOT number 1) in someone’s rhododendrons-that were NOT hidden from the road-at all.

  269. i got my period unexpectedly during my first half marathon AND had chafing bad enough to make my legs bleed! Thankfully I don’t think anyone noticed but that is why I always stick to dark colors for my bottoms!

  270. I had to pee so badly before running a 30km race that I went into an alley were all these guys were peeing and had to find a little corner to squat.

  271. At one of my first races (in the middle of summer) I got more tired than I realized during the race and when I finally crossed the finish line I was so tired I didn’t have the strength to control my bladder, and the bathrooms were like 200 yards away. I walked as quickly as I could but basically peed on myself the whole walk there. to make it worse the race was over an hour from my home and I had no change of clothes. Not one of my finer moments.

  272. Most embarrassing….falling off a treadmill sophomore year of college in the campus gym, during prime huge-guy-lifting-weights time. The best part was that it happened almost in slow motion – I made several grabs at the handrails and almost saved myself on the way down, but finally fell off the back. Womp womp….

  273. I don’t even own a pair of shorts but you are tempting me with these! I have IBS so an embarASSing moment is just a step away. I’ve even poo’d in my neighbors yard. How’s that for embarASSing. So glad I shared that. Awesome. Okay, I made it up…..no, actually I didn’t.

  274. I think my worst moment would be when I snuck away from my running group to hit the bathroom in response to my very angry stomach. I was in there way too long and was way too loud, and when I finally walked out, half of my running group was standing RIGHT outside the door. They were being “nice” and didn’t want to leave me. Ugh. I cringe just thinking about the show I put on for them.

  275. While running on the treadmill at the gym, I was admiring myself and my great stride in the mirror (who doesn’t do that?!) and must have forgotten that I was supposed to keep moving my feet and ended up falling off the treadmill. A lot of people got a good laugh during their workout that day!

  276. i once spend 45 minutes in a bathroom on a half marathon…at one time. i literally could not get up without having to go again. it was horrible i still finished the half marathon in 2:18…which meant i was probably on pace to run a 1:35 half marathon…something i have never been able to even come close to since. #fail

  277. I think it would be easier to tell you about the days I didnt do anything embarassing. Im a hot mess. Recently while running, something did not agree with my distended gluttonus belly. I thought I might have an issue so I went to a bathroom right where my husband works. As soon as I sat down I had gas lound enough to wake the dead. Scared that someone would say the boss’s wife was tearing up the john, I yanked up my capris and just ran, gurgly stomach and all. I made like Jackie Joyner Kersey. Probably broke some kind of record. Then I died inside.

  278. Once on a training run a friend and I decided to climb a fence since the gate was locked. My friend made it over fine, I on the other hand did not. I got hung on the fence. i mean literally hung, like dangling. I had to be helped down. Then when I got down I had to finish the run with a giant hole in my shirt and shorts.

  279. It wasn’t during a race but I had to pee during a long run and there were no bathrooms around so I popped a squat in the woods.. On the other side of the woods though was a park and family BBQ going on who all saw my naked butt

  280. This is definitely going to yield a few hours of entertainment for you with 300+ embarrassing stories! I read a few. I have two = This awesome loogie story – http://www.rebeccaroams.com/2012/04/loogies-are-gross.html

    or the time I was on a cruise, and like most of us addicted runners, I got up each morning to get my miles in running around the cruise ship decks. I of course had to run around lots of people, darting and weaving, running past dining table/restaurant windows, people everywhere. I was pushing for a little speed and go figure, I slipped in water of all things and bust my ass and went rolling across the deck like a ragdoll. Right in front of the amzing hot Italian ship captain/cocaptains.

  281. The worst and most embarrassing run story I have is at mile 15 of the RnR San Diego marathon this year. I grabbed a pretzel from a spectator and the next thing I know… I trip on a light reflector in the road and completely chin- and knee-plant into the ground. The rest of the race, I was bloodied and swollen, but kept trucking through. So, embarrassing but also badass!

  282. At a race this summer I let fly a fart that I thought was going to be much quieter than it turned out to be. I also didn’t realize that there was a couple right behind me. They shortly ran ahead of me and I heard them mutter something about it. I wanted to say something back “like you’ve never done it” but was slightly mortified that I had been heard.

  283. Rogas are my favorite! I’m sure I will add at least 1 more embarrassing story after my first half this weekend.
    My inability to do a consistently good snot rocket is pretty embarrassing (even more embarrassing than snot rocketing itself). One long run, it just ended up on the side of my face and sleeve. Cute!

  284. My most embarrassing running moment was when I ran a 5k ten weeks after having a baby. I had no idea pregnancy and labor would screw up my bladder. I didn’t have time to use the porta potty before the race started, ran the race and finished. As I’m running toward the finish line I notice some kids pointing at me. I thought it was because I was awesome. Then I felt something on my calves. I had peed myself and didn’t even know it!!! It was so embarrassing. I just had my second baby 4 weeks ago, if I win these I know my bladder will behave itself when I run in them in just a few weeks!!!

  285. Remember that one time when I went to the gym super early and I was half asleep? Oh wait. That is EVERY morning. But one time some idiot left the treadmill running and I was still asleep and I didn’t noticed. I hopped right on that sucker and proceeded to face plant it and fly off the end of the deck. Good times. Good times. I had some pretty nice burns as a result. I just put some anti bac on them and hopped on and made sure I ran father and faster than anyone who saw me bif it. #pridefulandembarassed #Ijusthashtaggedacommentonablog

  286. I am so clumsy so I’m surprised that I don’t have an embarrassing story about falling in public or off a treadmill but I think the most embarrassing thing I can think of happened to me recently. While running down a sidewalk in my neighborhood I had this feeling that someone was coming up beside me but it turned out to be the shadow of a van that scared the bejesus out of me, making me jump like 10 feet and spaz out. Unfortunately, my neighbor happened to be driving there too and doesn’t let me forget about the van that scared me. Ugh.

  287. Once I had to pee really bad and was desperately looking for a place to go. Before i found a spot I tripped, stumbled and peed myself! I was running on the trails and left a puddle!!!

  288. Went for a run while visiting the boyfriend’s parents in Vermont and had a major major upset stomach about half way through. Where they live is pretty rural, and I didn’t have cell service to get someone to come and get me. I had a pop a squat and drop a number 2 on the side of the road. And then I had to walk all the way back to their house. It was rough to say the least.

  289. Nothing real embarrassing has happened to me. But there was this one half marathon (my 2nd one) where it was colder than I thought it would be and my finisher photo had THO (if u get what that means). So I had basically run the whole race like that. Some runners probably aren’t embarrassed by things like that but I was! I now buy sports bras that have some padding so that never happens again. haha

  290. My most embarrassing moment was not known to many, but captured on film by my husband. It was during the run portion of a half ironman, not a port o potty in sight, and I was well hydrated. The conversation with my husband after the race was awesome ~ “Why did you start walking when I was taking your picture?” Me — “You might not want to hug me….and I need new shoes”

  291. hmm…passing out cold 3 feet after crossing the finish line at my last marathon. taken on a stretcher thru the finishing chute. hey, at least i had a huge PR! :)

  292. Fortunately nothing too embarrassing has happened to me during a training run or race, but I am sure something will happen:) Back in my soccer playing days, I was leading my team on a warm-up jog around the field. Out of no where, my ankle locked and I completely face-planted.

  293. When I first started running I had a new running skirt and took it for an out of town half marathon. There was a seam bothering me so I decided to wear cotton thong underwear (thats all i had with me)Worst rookie running mistake ever that I learned when I got in the shower. Ouch! — can’t believe I just shared this on the web!

  294. I’ve got 3 main categories of recurring embarrassments:
    (1) Loud farts right as I pass another runner.
    (2) Loogies that end up all over my legs due to sudden winds and /or poor technique.
    (3) Accidentally repeating mantras out loud during long runs within earshot of others: ‘Good girl!’ ‘You can do it!’

    Plenty of close calls with the GI issues but thankfully no major embarrassments in that arena (yet!).

    The shorts look fabulous!

  295. I have the worst time trying to get gels down during a race. I had chocolate GU dripped down my face during the Philly half and was so focused on making it not look like I rolled in dog poo that I discarded my equally drippy GU packet onto another dude’s shin. He was not pleased. I guess on the positive side, it motivated me to haul ass to get away from him/my embarrassment.

  296. Oooooh I would LOVE to win a pair of those shorts! :)

    Embarrassing running story (on repeat): my body likes to get it’s period while I’m running. I never have any idea that it is going to happen and so I am completely unprepared for said event. Because I’m busy running, I am totally oblivious until someone says, “there is blood on your shorts…” AHHH! Sometimes I LOVE being a girl!! ;)

  297. I had sworn off running shorts until I bought a pair of Rogas! They are AMAZING!

    I’ve never done anything too embarrassing while running, but once I was running on a popular running trail and thought I saw my friend and her bf running. I smiled and waved a lot at them, but once I got closer I realized they were total strangers. They looked at me like I was crazy, so I tried to run as fast as I could to pass them.

  298. I was pooped on by a bird…twice! One time it was on my leg, but another time it was on my head. Thankfully, the time I was pooped on my head, I was on my way home anyway so I was able to clean up right away.

  299. I was late arriving to a race, and in an attempt to take a short cut, I hoped a fence and ripped a gigantic hole in my shorts. Thankfully some other runners gave me extra safety pins from their bibs so I was able to pin my shorts together before the race.

  300. I just ran my first marathon this past Sunday and as I was doing my race ritual of going to the bathroom before it started I thought I locked the door. Well, you guessed it I didn’t and a young man opened the door on me pants down mid stream and he yelled oh Sh*t, I am so sorry and slammed the door.. I was mortified and then laughed because I think he was more than me.

  301. Just the other day I came home from class to go on a quick run. When I got back I realized I had not put on a sports bra but was running in a regular bra. Just a little sleep deprived to say the least haha!

  302. Way too many things have gone wrong while on a run…

    This summer, during a 30 km trail race, I had to pee, and while looking for a place to go, I realized that I might’ve already gone. The big problem, I was wearing gray shorts. I used my camelbak to spray the rest of my shorts with water, so that in case someone saw me, I could claim I fell in a puddle (it was dry out), or maybe someone sprayed me with a sprinkler? (we only ran through a few deserted residential streets.

    Anyways, no one was around, or seemed to notice, I basically dried off before the next aid station! (phew!)

  303. Within my first year as a runner, I decided to sign up for a 7 mile race. I had done a 10k successfully so I figured why not a 7 miler? But it wasn’t just any race, it was a trail race. Still being a pretty new runner, I thought trail just meant a non-paved path. I had no idea that trail races are more technically challenging, although I should have had a clue since I had to drive an hour outside of the city to the mountains. Anyway, somehow I managed to make it through all of the major hills and was celebrating that I only had one mile left to go when all of a sudden I found myself lying on the ground. The course at this point was flat and there weren’t any rocks or other debris in the path. I had clumsily just tripped over my own feet. I still managed to walk/jog my way to the finish with blood streaming from my knee down my leg. Then I got patched up by a really cute medic and had to embarassingly admit my clumsiness again. My knee never healed properly so I still have a scar. I don’t mind the scar so much because it marks my growth as a runner, but it would be much more hardcore if I had gotten it from sprinting down the side of a mountain rather than falling on level ground.

  304. I was running a race this summer and was doing the whole “I-can’t-stop-while-drinking-Powerade-must-continue-running-and-chuck-papercup-when-through” thing (I’m not that fast or worried about my pace or even kind of cool enough to do that). Anyways, as I swigged a bit of Powerade, I flung my paper cup with quite a bit of Powerade still in it right in an innocent cheering bystander’s face. I felt like a huge ass, but that got me to stop and apologize at least. :) She was super cool about it.

  305. I luckily haven’t had too many embarrassing things happen during my runs. The too often falls, but more recently I was running on the side of the road on my way to a nearby greenbelt and a car decided it didn’t have to move over which sent me running way to far into the gravel off the road, I fell completely sideways into the dirt and bushes on the side of the road while the driver just honked and waved.

  306. Those shorts are adorable. I want them. I haven’t had a lot of embarrassing stuff happen to me during runs, except once during a long trail run, I just couldn’t hold it any longer. I hid behind some bushes to take care of the situation. I was so nervous that someone was going to see me. Luckily the trail was pretty dead that morning. Whenever I run by that spot, I feel embarrassed by it.

  307. I fell SO hard during a trail race. Made it through all the difficult, rocky downhill and then ate it on a rather smooth gravel part of the trail.

  308. Hmm, I don’t have any major ones, but I have definitely had some… um… close calls getting home running to the toilet. I had a port-a-potty door open on me at a tri, and I’ve tripped and fell twice but my ninja skills let me just roll over my shoulder and get back up (thanks gymnastics!).

  309. Are you picking based on story or by random selection? Not sure I want to spill my worst if I don’t have to :P LOL

    Maybe there’s the time I decided to take a crap behind a bush on a trail run only to discover that I was essentially ON a seemingly-abandoned helipad that was being about to be used for training purposes. Right at that moment.

  310. My most embarrassing running story was when I was running along the east river path (which is usually full of runners) and I caught my foot on an uneven curb…& I face planted. What was worse was that not a single person stopped or asked if I was okay. While I didn’t physically hurt myself, I definitely bruised my ego quite a bit. But I ran a little faster than normal away from the scene of the crime :)

  311. So I’ve been wanting to try these shorts, so here goes:
    At my second half marathon (pre-non-undies days), I started the race with a definite PR in mind. Less than 1 mile in my undies started to ride down under my capris and soon they were bunched up as low as they can go. As the course wound around back to the start (and by all the supporters) I had to reach down and pull them back up. Yeah, great way to show your onlooking parents you are now a “runner”.

  312. I loved reading all the stories before me. It makes my embarrassing moment seem less embarrassing. LOL.
    I just started running with my running group about a year ago. One long run Saturday I ran with 2 women who I had just met. They were a few years older than me. Almost the entire run they were talking about liposuction, botox, and all kinds of other “cosmetic” things. I didn’t participate in the conversation much because that stuff has never really crossed my mind. After the run we said our goodbyes and I went to my car. I check myself out in the mirror and I have the crustiest/nastiest nose complete with a string of snot starting to crust on my cheek. Niiiiice. Who knows how long I was running along side these barbie dolls with my crusty nose and snotty face.
    Thanks for all the great giveaways this week. Good luck this weekend!!

  313. I’ve fallen many times but I’m most embarrassed about the time that I ran to a park about 2 miles from my house and realized I had to go, bad! All the bathrooms were locked because it was winter so I started frantically calling my husband who didn’t answer. So I walked home (I didn’t think I could run without being really embarrassed) he finally called me back about a mile from home and I started sobbing. So lame, but I hate having to involve him in my bodily functions.

  314. I was on the treadmill at the gym once, just people watching through the mirror in front of me. I spotted a cute guy from the corner of my eye. Of course, I want to look impressive, athletic, and show my best running form – I crank up the speed and incline. While forcing my legs at this increased intensity, i tried sneaking glimpses of Cute Guy from across the gym, in hopes of catching his eye. Unfortunately, my hand-eye coordination is terrible, and i rarely use the treadmill so the motion is not something I immediately adapt to. I veered close to my right side, with my right foot landing on 50% moving belt, 50% stationary platform. Of course, I tripped and fell off the treadmill. Yep, I certainly got Cute Guy’s attention alright…

  315. I can’t decide if this is just gross, or a legitimate embarrassing story. Oh well, here goes. So, I was running the Baltimore marathon last October. Besides having to wait in the porta potty line at mile TWO, around mile 18ish when I was already fairly miserable, I also had a… um… string malfunction. It was “that time of the month,” and somehow that damn string started pulling and making things all kinds of uncomfortable. I eventually had to run off the course into a parking lot, hide behind a car, and readjust things to be more comfortable. I’m pretty sure that several runners saw me adjusting things. Not cool. Sorry for this Seventeen Magazine-worthy post. I hope I win!

  316. My race day disaster came during my first half marathon. The whole race was basically a trek from porta potty to porta potty, adding minutes and ultimate embarrassment to my day. Though all things considered and after reading several of the other comments, I am feeling pretty fortunate!

  317. well i always fart on the TM, im way over that one. but in an attempt to make by BQ time i def peed my pants some during my first marathon

  318. Although I have had more than one incident of completely biting it while running on a busy road (always fun), my most embarrassing exercise moment has to be tipping over on my road bike (i was just learning to use my clip in pedals) into a puddle right in front of a school bus full of children! I could not get up fast enough, and that wasn’t easy all tangled up in my bike!

  319. You have a LOT of women confessing some embarrassing stories here… serious power.

    I once finished a race completely all out. I had nothing left and lost all apparent control of my muscles. I really had to pee… And almost threw up on a nice older woman volunteer. Oh racing.

  320. Running home from the gym with my roommate…decide to sprint the last 1/2 mile through downtown. Sweaty, red faced, breathing heavy, hear someone call my name…my ex and all of his friends watching us and looking disgusted. Ugh!!!

  321. Not overly embarrassing, but I got home from a 5 mile run to find I’d run it in two different shoes–purple Mizuno on the left foot, orange Asics on the right…

  322. I love rogas and Oiselle! So excited about this giveaway! A funny embarrassing run story: During college, I was bringing soup to the guy I was dating. He was in his office at school and it seemed like running the soup to him would be the best way to get to campus (3 miles from home). I put the soup and bread in a bag, held it in 1 hand and ran to campus. The next day, a friend comes up to me and says, “I saw the funniest thing yesterday. I was driving down University ave with a friend and we saw this girl running down the street carrying a bag of food. We were laughing at her and then I realized it was you Julie and started laughing even harder. Only you.” Now, she always brings up remember the time I saw you running with soup.

  323. okay, apologies in advance if TMI but my most heinously embarrassing moment came when i was running on this really long country road, the houses were spaced really far apart and set really far back from their driveways. there were tons of trees and bushes and i was doing the pinched cheek shuffle for quite some time before i knew i couldn’t hold it any longer. so i bush dove and then suddenly this man appears out of NO WHERE dragging a trash can and says, “are you okay?!” he thought i was hurt or something and was a little slow on realizing wat was going on…i got up and took off so fast and just yelled back, “i’m sorry!!”

  324. Most of my embarrassing running stories seem to center around tripping and falling. In high school track practice we always had to run backwards for two laps (on the straightaways). One day I ran square into a soccer bench that happened to be sitting on the track, tripped, and hit the ground hard. Also, in my debut track meet in 7th grade I hit a hurdle and face planted on a cinder track. Yeah, hurdles didn’t last long for me!

  325. I fell once in the Vienna (Austria) woods and hit my face. Stupid point was, I jumped over a log just fine but then tripped on my own feet. I was in the middle of a marathon training run so I still had to run 75min back to my apartment looking like I’d been in a bar fight.

  326. One night I stepped on the gym in the treadmill….and was so zoned out I didn’t realize someone had left it on. Luckily I wasn’t hurt, but boy was that embarrassing.

  327. Is it too late to get in on this?? If not, my most embarrassing was for sure a leak issue. I just poured water all down my front. Thank goodness it was hot!

  328. I am thinking I am too late but my most embarrassing story was when I fell on my treadmill and had burns from the top of shoe to my knee. I couldn’t wear long pants for weeks so everyone wanted to know what happened. The really embarressing part was the treadmill was going slow and I was at the START of my run. I couldn’t even say I was so tired I fell. I just stepped on a moving treadmill and stood there. Brillant!

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