Installing a new Shower Head in your bathroom is frankly quite simple and easy to do and you don’t need a plumber to do this for you. It will barely take 30 minutes for you to install a new shower head without any tools, but I really hope you read some shower head reviews before you bought yours.

Want to learn how to install your shower head?

Then, just follow the below-mentioned instructions and you will become a pro in installing a shower head in no time at all!

LED shower head

Tools that you need to install a showerhead:

  • New Showerhead
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Plumber’s Tape or Teflon Tape
  • Plumber’s Putty or Caulk

Step 1

First, you need to decide whether you need to replace the shower arm or not. If your shower arm is corroded or doesn’t match the finish of your new shower head, then you better remove it. A shower arm is the angled pipe to which a shower head is attached.

You can simply use your hands to remove it else a pipe wrench will work wonders when trying to detach the shower arm and the shower head. One thing to remember is that a lot of shower heads don’t come with a shower arms so you would need to find one that suits your shower head.

Step 2

If you are replacing your shower arm along with the shower head, then you need to follow step 2 else you can skip this step and directly move on to the step 3. You need to wrap the shower arm’s threads, two or three times with the help of the thread seal and make sure that you stretch the tape slightly while applying it to the threads. Then turn your pipe into the wall fitting and seal its opening with the help of a little plumber putty. Now slide your shower flange over the arm and press it firmly into the putty. Make sure that you wipe off any excess material for its side.

Step 3

Once you have successfully changed the shower arm, you can install the new shower head. There are different types of shower arms which include different ways to attach. If you own a shower head which can be directly attached to the shower arm, then just wrap the threads of the shower arm together with the help of a thread seal tape. Then turn your shower head into position and make sure that you don’t over tighten it. If you are using a plier or a wrench, use a cloth or plastic tape to protect the finish.

If you are installing a handheld showerhead, then you might not need to use a thread seal tape but be sure to check with your instruction manual before you proceed with the installation. For the installation of a handheld showerhead, you just need to thread the handheld onto the shower arm before you thread the handheld shower head’s flexible hose into the bracket.

Wasn’t this simple and easy now? Go and try it for yourself now!