What is teething?

Teething is the process where your baby grows his first set of primary teeth also known as the baby teeth which he/she can now use to chew on food stuff and can learn to bite and chew their food themselves. Teething is an important process and parents should take care of their infants at this time as they would become quite irritable due to the teething pain.

When does your Baby start Teething?

Has your baby been biting you recently? Or has he/she been chewing on every furniture or toy item recently? Then it is safe to say that your baby has started teething. Typically, a baby can start teething after 6 months of being born but there is no hard or fast rule for this. Some babies start teething sooner and some babies take a little longer. In fact, teething symptoms appear before the tooth does. You can never predict when your baby will start teething really, some baby’s start as soon as 3 months and some take more than a year.

What are the signs and symptoms?

So how do you determine whether your baby has started teething or not? It is very easy to recognize the teething signs really. Here are a few symptoms to recognize whether your baby has started teething or not:

  • Biting

One of the most common symptoms of the teething process is the constant biting which helps babies in relieving their pain. A pressure to their gums helps them relax and so they would end up biting everything from their toys to your hands.

  • Drooling

It is found that teething tends to produce more mouth fluids and your baby tends to drool more than usual, make sure you always have a clean cloth ready to wipe away the drool to prevent any kind of chapping.

  • Teething Rash

Due to constant drooling, your baby might develop a teething rash around their mouth or their chin and this should be a sign to you that your baby has finally started teething. Use a tender moisturizer on your baby’s affected area to reduce any kind of inflammation.

  • Irritability

Due to the constant pain and itch, your baby will be more irritable and throw tantrums every now and then. This should be a loud signal to you that there is something wrong and you might need to get your baby checked.

  • Crying

As the gum pain haunts your baby, they tend to cry more due to discomfort and it is known that the first teeth always pain a lot. So if your baby is constantly crying then check what the problem is, mostly it might be that they have started teething.

How to help your teething baby?

Teething can sometimes be a painful process and causes a lot of itch to your baby’s gum. You can ease their suffering by providing them with hard, cold stuff to chew upon or provide them with a gentle gum massage once in a while. I think this is a symptom that you need to buy some baby essentials for your baby. The must-have things are a high chair, make sure you are buying a best high chair from the market as your kid is going to eat in that soon. Another one is car seat for an infant which will help your family in traveling.You could also use teething gel to provide relief to their gums and can just make sure that they get teething toys to bite on to comfort them from all that pain.