Fasting on Green Juices is a great way to detox your body, mind, and spirit while providing your body with the essential nutrients too. We often fill up our body with fats and junk food which can slow down our body functions and can affect our overall health and well-being.

This is why it is important that you fast to heal your body and mind and recover from the damage that junk and packaged foods have done.

Most people who fast drink only water but this can withhold the essential nutrients from your body and can actually be detrimental for your overall well-being.

A better approach would be to fast on green juices which will be easy to digest and will provide your body with the necessary nutritional value.

To know more about the usefulness of fasting on green juices, check out these 7 top benefits of green juice fasts.

It Helps in Detoxification of the Body

One of the top benefits of using green juices for fasting is that it can help in the cleansing and the detoxification of your body. As mentioned earlier, your body can get overloaded with junk and fatty foods due to the modern lifestyle which doesn’t fare well with your body functions.

A green juice fast can help you in getting your body a chance to relax from this lifestyle and provides it with more oxygen for carrying out the various functions.

It gets rid of the toxins which get stored in your body cells which will make you feel rejuvenated and healthy again.

It Provides your Body with the Micro Nutrition

Fasting on green juices can also help you in getting the nutrition that it requires in order to function well.

This includes all the important nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. from different vegetables and fruits which will help in regulating the blood through your body and will keep a check on your body. Organifi and Athletic Greens are our two go-to options for maximizing our micronutrient intake.

So, you can detoxify your body without letting your body suffer from a lack of nutrition, a complete win-win situation.

It helps with Fat Loss

If you are looking to lose some weight then green juice fast can help you in accomplishing your goal. You might find many diets and meal plans online which will boast of weight loss but none will be as efficient as a green juice.

This is because green juice contains a lot of vegetables and fruits which help you in controlling your hunger pangs and is easier to digest too.

Drinking green juice with fruits can add a few calories but you can still ensure weight loss while getting all the essential nutrients. For this, you will need to evenly distribute your green juice intake for the entire day.

This will ensure that you don’t get too many calories in a few servings, which is often the cause of weight gain.

It Improves your Body’s Immunity

Most of the green juices consist of kale, spinach, broccoli, etc. which are found to be helpful in improving your body’s immunity.

So, green juice fasting can help you protect your body cells from contracting any illness or diseases and will make your immune function much more efficient than before.

If you continue with green juice fasting then your physical body benefits from it too, this will result in better functioning of your body.

As a result, your body will be more effective in protecting you from various diseases.

Allows you to Focus on Important Things

One of the most amazing benefits of fasting on green juices is that it empties up a lot of time in your daily schedule which you can use constructively for important matters. Since you save at least a few hours in cooking and eating, you have more time to focus on crucial matters which you otherwise ignore or skip.

You can focus on your work matters or you can spend time with your family or you can just relax. Also, green juices can also help in your cognitive ability and can make it easier for you to remember and concentrate on your work.

Gives you Healthy Skin

Green juices usually contain ingredients which have antioxidants like Vitamin C and E that can help in giving you healthy and glowing skin. The antioxidants present in these green juices help in the elimination of the toxins in your skin which can often cause sun damage or acne. So, you are left with a clear and smooth skin.

Also, green juices provide your skin with sufficient hydration which helps in retaining a soft and supple feel to your skin. So, fasting on green juices is a great way to make your skin glow, get rid of the under-eye bags and make your hair look shiny and lustrous again.

Provides you with Energy

Another great benefit of green juice fasting is that it helps in overcoming the lazy and sluggish feeling without having to take a serving of a caffeinated beverage. This is because green juices contain vegetables and fruits which contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, etc. which are sometimes equal to a single day’s serving of vegetables.

When you take a dose of these juices, you will get a burst of energy which will help you in staying active through the entire day. So, you can say goodbye to insomnia and tiredness with the help of green juice fasting.


So, what are you waiting for? Go and try green juice fasting now and see the advantages for yourself. Trust me, once you are done with the green juice fast, you will feel and look much better than now.