After getting engaged in December ’09, moving from Ohio to California in April ’10, and planning a wedding from 2000+ miles away, we finally said “I Do” on July 3rd, 2011!  In our home state of Ohio, in front of our families and dearest friends we don’t get to see near often enough…
It was one HELL of a party (as if you expected anything less?)
Read about all the details/planning/disasters here :)  (images below will take you to a new page full of coordinating goodies)
Sarah (formerly) Soon-To-Be




4 thoughts on “Wedding!

  1. Great page…I’m planning my wedding too, it will be on 5/30/2011. I’m doing destination wedding so it has been easy so far since the hardest part of picking the hotel/venue/travel agency/wedding coordinator/photographer has been done :) I feel accomplished but I know I still have a lot to do.

    I love the STD cards and also the picture on it. So romantic.


  2. I also got my bridesmaids’ dresses at Target, but they cost $60 each. I thought I was the Bride of the Year!! You got me beat! Everything looks beautiful for your wedding, and I’m currently obsessed with your blog! :)


  3. Your wedding looked beautiful! I love every picture you’ve posted- you guys are adorable! I just got married in June, and I’m still trying to post all of my big day stories. Isn’t it fun thinking back to such an amazing day? :) Looking forward to seeing more!



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