Before anything else, I suppose I should explain the name. OUaL is an acronym – you know, Once Upon a Lime, not MY name. I do answer to phonetic attempts (“owl”, “ooo-all”, etc) and get a kick out of heritage/etymology inquiries, though.

That said, “Once Upon a Lime” doesn’t really have anything to do with anything. In college I swore I was going to write a book about the year I lived with four girls ***rest of details omitted for privacy/dignity reasons***. As most classic stories begin “Once upon a time…”, ours all began with a bottle and sliced fruit chaser and so the world’s most creative play on words was created.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for those involved), I never got around to writing it and have since booze-amnesia’d most of the stories from memory. Blame the cheap tequila.

Anyway it worked out fine because that left OUaL free to use for this blog, where it has little relevance and continues to make people think I’m from some strange land with unpronounceable surnames.

Back in January 2010 I wrote the first entry in my ‘wedding planning blog’ – a blogspot terror even more random and less proofread than what you see here today. It then morphed into a ‘keep in touch with the family blog’ when we moved to California, and then somewhere I became a little obsessed with running and that was pretty much all I wrote about for like five years.

Running hasn’t always been a part of my life – I grew up playing ball sports (volleyball, basketball, softball) and after hanging up my cleats after a sub-par college career on the diamond, I craved an outlet for my natural competitiveness and love for sweat.

I’m an Ohio transplant living in Bend Oregon after a (too long, in hindsight) stint in Southern California. Bend has the neighborly’ness of the Midwest without the extreme seasons, and the SoCal active lifestyle without the blatantly absent seasons. Plus flannel and hiking boots suit my style much better than designer beachwear did. Picked and choosed the best parts and left the worst behind. Jackpot!