Sophomore Track Session


In college it was Thirsty Thursday. 

In the beach cities it’s Sunday Funday.

In OUaL-land, it’s Tuesday Track Party.

You’d be hard-pressed to find something I liked more than weeknight and/or day drinking in my early 20’s, but Speedwork on the track in the early AM with Margot has done it. 

(OMG, who am I???)

Instant cure for all that nonsense I was talking about “hating running”.  Guaranteed #runboner and track high for the rest of the day.  And going to work with a sweaty ponytail.


We set out with what smart running people call a “long ladder” workout on schedule.  It was pretty cold pre-dawn, so I sported my nasty old Cleveland Marathon race gloves for a bit of finger protection and hometown nostalgia.

Sweet, sweet, terribly miserable first marathon


Maybe you’re askingWhat the F is a “long ladder” you lunatic track-loving fool?”

… that’s what I asked Margot, afterall.  I’m still all new and green on this fast-running business, and suspect a few of you might be too.

So essentially we ran fast, recovered, ran fast a little longer, recovered, ran fast a liiiiiittle longer, recovered, and so forth the way back down.  Great for testing your short race pace, running on tired legs, and pushing (/holding on for dear life) at the end when you’re not sure you’ve got anything left in the tank.

At least that’s what the wise ones tell me.

In case you want to play along, this is what we did :

(:90 recovery between each set)

  • Warm Up 1 mi – 8:54
  • 1200 m (.75 mi/3 laps) – 5:20 (7:08 pace)
  • 1600 m (1 mi/4 laps) – 7:07
  • 2000 m (1/25 mi/5 laps) – 9:00 (7:12 pace)
  • 1600 m (1 mi/4 laps) – 7:08
  • 800 m (.5 mi/2 laps) – 3:15 (6:30 pace)
  • Cool Down .5 mi – 3:58 (7:56 pace)


That’s me with my heart on my sleeve.  With Coach Margot’s name in it.  My name is not Coach Margot.  I just love how fast she makes me.

* Coach Margot’s not technically a coach, if we’re being full-disclosure. She’s just fast and more awesome than me.

And in case you’re in OC and want to play along IRL, Tuesday Track Party is here to stay.  Email me if you want to tag along – we’re friendly and are doing a 2-mile test run next week.  And other fun stuff, obvs.


Sarah OUaL