Everyone Loves Boobs


Also? The new spring tanks, including the light blue Mio Mesh some of you asked about.

Also also, you guys are boob-crazy. I love it. Your comments and tweets on yesterday’s boob post kept me entertained all day. For those of you itching for some Lesko Bra insight – hear from the namesake herself, a 32-34 B/C what she thinks of it’s performance on the Oiselle blog :


And for the D+ crowd, Sally says they hear your pleas. Getting their feet wet with the A-C line and perfecting what goes into the bra-makin’ biz will lead to more complex development for the bigger sizes. We are a needy, needy bunch, us large-chested runners, and they want to make sure they get it right.


yes, I do answer to “Lime” now. when the bosslady bra-maven calls, you answer to whatever she’s yelling.

Lastly, today is the final day for the 25% RACER Wall Frame discount (code “ARTOFRACING”). For each order placed using the code you’ll be entered to win a free race registration of your choice! Badass.

Double lastly, if you’ve been eyeing a Compex (the e-stim machine that got us all through Ragnar Vegas) code “COMP20” gets you 20% off. Shop HERE.

Good luck to everyone racing and long-running this weekend! I’m trying to get into race mode and drum up some excitement for Sunday’s 5k. Time aside, I really just want to feel that fight again – where puking/painface/tripping because your legs physically can’t go as fast as you want them to is a very real but worthy risk for the strong finish we all dream of.

Yup. That place. Finding it. Somewhere.

Sarah OUaL

5 Days of Taper Giveaway – Oiselle

I can’t believe it’s the last day of taper. Or that I actually managed to get all these posts up and on time. This has been super fun and I’m sad it’s over – mostly because that means race weekend is here and I’m simultaneously scared shitless and ready to freaking run 26.2 miles.

Anyway, my newest superbly-hydrated friend is…



Congrats Jennie! I’ll email you with details on how to claim your Nuun gift set and also the details for my flight to SLC because holy crap that sounds so good. See you soon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And on the last day of taper, OUaL (with the help of some birds) put an end to poofy diaper butt.


the running shorts metamorphisis

I really didn’t expect the Rogas to have such an effect on the way I looked at running clothes. I was perfectly content with my brand medley of clearance rack finds – purchased solely on color or discount, with no thought to fit, functionality, or durability.

But then I got a peak of them at the Marathon Trials.

I knew nothing about them other than how great they looked. No idea about the fit, material, or that the woman running in them was actually the one who designed them. All I knew was they were like no other running short I’d seen, and I wanted them.

So I badgered @Oiselle pretty much daily begging to know when “the awesome pink shorts from Houston” would be available. $44 was more than I’d ever spent on non-shoe running gear, but once I got those Violet Rogas in my hands I knew the splurge was a worthy investment.



It was love at first touch, first wear, first debut run. I was a goner – officially on the Roga Revolution and never looking back.

The fit is super flattering – a slim cut that is somehow neither too-tight nor too-baggy – and the material is tissue’y soft with just the right amount of stretch. The yoga-style waistband adds detail and eases even the most paranoid of muffin-top fears.


I was a little self-conscious of the more figure-hugging cut at first – I never ran XC or track and the thought of “shorties” or “bun huggers” or spandex in general makes me a little nervous. Not that the Rogas are anywhere near that level of skimpiness, I was just “aware” of the missing extra material swishing around I was used to. (Oiselle does have a Long Roga if you prefer extra coverage)

That didn’t last long.

They come in great color combos, and I’ve got it on the inside track that Spring13 has some incredible new colors and PATTERNS in store…



from Oiselle’s FB

Plus, on top of everything else, I swear to Runner’s World these things don’t ride. No more tugging material out of your crotch mid-run!

Looks AND functionality? Major win-win.

As far as sizing/fit goes, I’m a universal Medium in pretty much all brands/styles, and the Roga is no different. (Keep in mind I’m 5’9”, so everything gets a little extra leg and seems a little shorter than normal.)


In medium Nike Tempos for size comparison

Every one I’ve seen in them (and after Totally Trials, I’ve seen a lot of roga’d booties) looks incredible. Regardless of how firm or flat, how Shakira hip’y, or how much space there is (or isn’t) between your thighs. Whether your main race concern is chub rub or catching the lead pack, you’ll love these shorts.

They’re magic. I want you to see for yourself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yup, up for grabs for the final 5 Days of Taper is a pair of Oiselle Roga Shorts. AND, because Oiselle is awesome and always looking out for their fellow runners, they’re going to throw in a matching tee to go with them!


Here’s how to enter :

  • I want to hear your MOST EMBARASSING run story. Wardrobe malfunction? Portapotty faux pas? Snot Rocket gone awry? Spill it. (if you’ve got too much good juju to have a story, just make one up)

I had a portapotty opened on me at HTC, have let out seemingly-silent farts on the gym treadmill, and took a tree branch to the face while turning to wave to a friend. But popping a pull-the-spandex-to-the-side squat at Eugene (so ladylike) and being “congratulated” at the finish by two dudes that passed me during it takes the cake. Not that I had any energy to care or be embarrassed at the time.

*** Update *** Now everyone can be saved from the diaper butt! Oiselle is offering 15% off any Roga (long or short) order with code “ROGAREV” now through Race Day (12/2). Booyah, saggy ass.

Sarah OUaL

5 Days of Taper Giveaway – Nuun

Still waiting to hear back on the Magic Runner Genie granting everyone’s “NO MORE INJURIES EVERRRRR” wish, but in the meantime Erin A how about a $50 RRS gift card?

Congrats! Watch your inbox!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The second-to-last 5 Days of Taper giveaway is another product you’ve probably seen a lot around the endurance world and blogland. At OUaL you’ve heard about the magical Hood to Coast weekend, electrolyte-infused cocktails, and its monopoly on the inside of my handheld.

NUUN. (like “noon”)

And maybe you’ve heard about it curing hydration nightmares for athletes with sugar issues. Maybe you’ve seen the little tubes at your local sports store or their coolers set up at a race expo. Maybe you were lucky enough to run Nike Women’s and had the pleasure of having it served on the course.

Dear Race Directors – Feel free to follow suit. Band wagon’ing encouraged here.

Or maybe you’ve just heard people blab about it and you’re like, “WTF is this nun? noon? Whatever it is – WHAT IS IT?

(Backgrounder) : Nuun is a sugar-free electrolyte drink – they come in tubes of little tablets you just drop in your water and watch fizz up like alka seltzer. They’re slightly carbonated, low calorie, and come in a huge selection of flavors – some of which have vitamins and/or caffeine – making them great for both workouts AND all-day consumption.

Nutritionals, product comparisons, etc

Haven’t tried Nuun? I bet I know what you’re thinking…

  • I don’t give a flying F how many calories are in my drink. I’m burning like a billion on my long runs!
    • True. Calories ARE important during endurance workouts. Personally I prefer my fuel in solid form though – gels, chews, etc just work better for me. Plus keeping your hydration separate from your calories allows a more custom fueling strategy, with more options for dietary needs, flavors, caffeine, etc. But 20 milers aren’t the only time you’re hydrating. At-work water, easy cross training sesh, and the morning after a long night out will all get a boost (without the unnecessary calories) from electrolytes.
  • I have like the most sensitive stomach EVER. I’ll stick to plain water, thanks.
    • I’m not going to pretend to be an expert or even experienced w GI issues, but I can almost guarantee you won’t be any worse for the wear going sugar-free. Most sports drinks carry a boatload of calories and carbs – all from sugar. While it’s great for a boost and easy quick-burning fuel, sugar is a common culprit for sloshy stomachs. Give it a try – you need those electrolytes! – if you hate it I’ll send you a handwritten apology card.
  • “Fizz up like alka seltzer” scares me.
    • The fizziness took a little bit to get used to. I expected something smooth and syrup’y like the “__-ades”, but it didn’t take long to grow to love the lighter, crisp taste. Plus it’s great controlling how diluted the flavor is – during the day I drop a half tab of All Day in my water glass, for long runs it’s a tab and a half of Active in my handheld.
  • $6 per tube?!! You’re crazy. That’s like 1.4 lattes. Or a Powerball ticket.
    • The price tag kept me away at first, especially for something I wasn’t sure I’d like. But lets break it down : At 12 tabs per tube, that’s $.50 per 16oz drink, or $.031/oz. A single 20oz regular sports drink, “zero” drink, or coconut water will on sale will run you $1, or $.05/oz. Even by the pallet at a wholesale club, Nuun comes in under market cost (Sam’s Club Gatorade $.033/oz). PLUS if you live in CA you save that $.05 CRV tax, and HELLO YOU’RE SO GREEN avoiding all that bottle waste. There is no price tag on environmental consciousness.
  • Fine! I’m over your spiel. What flavors should I try?
    • Lemon Lime and Strawberry Lemonade are my go-tos and big crowd pleasers (not to mention terrific cocktail mixers). Kona Cola, Lemon Tea, and Banana require a certain palate I think, although I’ve learned those are by far the most diehard flavor fans. (I’m Team Banana and have been known to shove some under noses with an adamant “just try it!”)
  • Where?

OR – you could just win some. Here’s how :

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What’s up for grabs? The perfect gift set for either a Nuun Virgin or an Established Nuun’er – a mixed 4 pack of Active, a mixed 4 pack of the new All Day line (vitamin packed, half the electrolytes, perfect for day drinking), and a Nuun pint glass.

(I’ve been affirmed this is a non-exclusive beverage vehicle.)

How do you win? Just tell me…

  • You get to make ANY FOOD/FLAVOR into the perfect on-the-go fuel. Gel, chew, drink, Willy Wonka three-course-meal chewing gum, whatever you want. What is it?

Margarita shot bloks are a good stand-in until Nuun makes me my IPA flavor, but I’d love a squeezable PBJ. Crunch peanut butter. Starwberry preserves. Toasted wheat bread. If we’re getting specific (which we are, bc it’s my game and my rules)

Sarah OUaL

* Comments close 11/29 at Midnight PST. Winner will be randomly chosen and another new giveaway posted tomorrow. THE LAST ONE. *