5 Days of Taper Giveaway – Oiselle

I can’t believe it’s the last day of taper. Or that I actually managed to get all these posts up and on time. This has been super fun and I’m sad it’s over – mostly because that means race weekend is here and I’m simultaneously scared shitless and ready to freaking run 26.2 miles.

Anyway, my newest superbly-hydrated friend is…



Congrats Jennie! I’ll email you with details on how to claim your Nuun gift set and also the details for my flight to SLC because holy crap that sounds so good. See you soon.

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And on the last day of taper, OUaL (with the help of some birds) put an end to poofy diaper butt.


the running shorts metamorphisis

I really didn’t expect the Rogas to have such an effect on the way I looked at running clothes. I was perfectly content with my brand medley of clearance rack finds – purchased solely on color or discount, with no thought to fit, functionality, or durability.

But then I got a peak of them at the Marathon Trials.

I knew nothing about them other than how great they looked. No idea about the fit, material, or that the woman running in them was actually the one who designed them. All I knew was they were like no other running short I’d seen, and I wanted them.

So I badgered @Oiselle pretty much daily begging to know when “the awesome pink shorts from Houston” would be available. $44 was more than I’d ever spent on non-shoe running gear, but once I got those Violet Rogas in my hands I knew the splurge was a worthy investment.



It was love at first touch, first wear, first debut run. I was a goner – officially on the Roga Revolution and never looking back.

The fit is super flattering – a slim cut that is somehow neither too-tight nor too-baggy – and the material is tissue’y soft with just the right amount of stretch. The yoga-style waistband adds detail and eases even the most paranoid of muffin-top fears.


I was a little self-conscious of the more figure-hugging cut at first – I never ran XC or track and the thought of “shorties” or “bun huggers” or spandex in general makes me a little nervous. Not that the Rogas are anywhere near that level of skimpiness, I was just “aware” of the missing extra material swishing around I was used to. (Oiselle does have a Long Roga if you prefer extra coverage)

That didn’t last long.

They come in great color combos, and I’ve got it on the inside track that Spring13 has some incredible new colors and PATTERNS in store…



from Oiselle’s FB

Plus, on top of everything else, I swear to Runner’s World these things don’t ride. No more tugging material out of your crotch mid-run!

Looks AND functionality? Major win-win.

As far as sizing/fit goes, I’m a universal Medium in pretty much all brands/styles, and the Roga is no different. (Keep in mind I’m 5’9”, so everything gets a little extra leg and seems a little shorter than normal.)


In medium Nike Tempos for size comparison

Every one I’ve seen in them (and after Totally Trials, I’ve seen a lot of roga’d booties) looks incredible. Regardless of how firm or flat, how Shakira hip’y, or how much space there is (or isn’t) between your thighs. Whether your main race concern is chub rub or catching the lead pack, you’ll love these shorts.

They’re magic. I want you to see for yourself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yup, up for grabs for the final 5 Days of Taper is a pair of Oiselle Roga Shorts. AND, because Oiselle is awesome and always looking out for their fellow runners, they’re going to throw in a matching tee to go with them!


Here’s how to enter :

  • I want to hear your MOST EMBARASSING run story. Wardrobe malfunction? Portapotty faux pas? Snot Rocket gone awry? Spill it. (if you’ve got too much good juju to have a story, just make one up)

I had a portapotty opened on me at HTC, have let out seemingly-silent farts on the gym treadmill, and took a tree branch to the face while turning to wave to a friend. But popping a pull-the-spandex-to-the-side squat at Eugene (so ladylike) and being “congratulated” at the finish by two dudes that passed me during it takes the cake. Not that I had any energy to care or be embarrassed at the time.

*** Update *** Now everyone can be saved from the diaper butt! Oiselle is offering 15% off any Roga (long or short) order with code “ROGAREV” now through Race Day (12/2). Booyah, saggy ass.

Sarah OUaL